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The different crises the world is facing demands that humanity transforms. It cries for massive change across the board, across the globe. This podcast hosted by veteran coach Helen Lee looks at the opportunities and practical solutions that can propel us into a utopia instead of the dystopia we must avert.

It offers content and interviews aimed at instigating creative thinking and inspired action. It discusses holistic tools and empowering strategies for people and organisations to transform and thrive in these times; and raises consciousness about the endless possibilities we can create for ourselves and a whole new world.

Helen Lee, Founder & Principal Coach of Lee Heiss Coaching is known as “The Leader Prodder”. She devoted the last three decades to igniting the invincibility and innate gifts in thousands of people worldwide and multinationals in Asia-Pacific. In this podcast, she shares her wisdom and that of other changemakers impacting our world.



Founder & Principal Coach of Lee Heiss Coaching, Helen Lee coached thousands of clients worldwide and multinationals in Asia-Pacific in the last three decades. She created a powerful ontological coaching methodology that ignites the true greatness or invincibility in people. Thoroughly tested and honed over 20 years, this methodology consistently and rapidly produces desired results.

Helen was also a journalist who later ran her own communications consultancies in Australia and Asia.The Business Times listed her in its “Who’s Who of Women Shaping Singapore” while The Straits Times named her “The Leader Prodder” in a feature on Singapore’s top coaches.

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