I’ve been waiting for this time on Earth, when our planet is being bombarded with the highest frequencies of light and we are all being pushed to rise, each in our own way.  And so, now, it is time for me to support much larger numbers of people all over the world than I have already done in the last quarter of a century. Especially now, when we are faced with a variety of existential threats, the greatest of which being climate change and now, the coronavirus crisis as well!


We are moving into an era where we badly need Spiritual Intelligence and not only EQ and IQ. This infinitely Higher Intelligence is the foundation for the other two, which are simply insufficient. Come join a Conscious Community I have been called to create and build with you now, one that will help transform our world, firstly through our own evolvement, and then, through whatever we are prompted to do, both individually and collectively!  It will greatly support you to be in your True Power, to naturally and spontaneously be the highest aspects of yourself, to be your Greatest Self!


The world needs you to be your Greatest Self right now or at least, to move steadily and powerfully towards being that. And your flourishing in all areas of your life  in the midst of these challenging times means a great deal to me.  And, so, I am here to serve you, with all my many years and lifetimes of experience and expertise.  With all the soul gifts I have garnered and the skills I have honed, coaching thousands of people of all ages, from all walks of life, all over the world…. I am an Invincibility Catalyst and will facilitate the awakening of YOUR own powerful soul gifts and help expand the Invincibility within you, the Invincible Love present in all of us. It is the essence and True Greatness and True Power in everyone!


A Lee Heiss Coaching Global Membership Program

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Monthly Written Guidance & Group Coaching Sessions

  • To Walk You Home
  • To Your Hearts & Souls
  • To Being Your True Selves
  • To Waking Up & Being The Masters That You Already Are & Have Always Been
  • Supporting You To Best Navigate The Incoming High Frequencies Of Light, & These Amazing Albeit Challenging Times
  • Making Maximum Use of Them, to Rise & Thrive
  • And In Turn, Making A Difference
  • And Contributing Towards Collectively Transforming Our World

At the beginning of every month, you will receive a detailed guidance from me that gives you the practical, uplifting and encouraging support that will be most useful to you, during these exciting times that challenge us at all levels – physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and oftentimes, financially as well. It will give you a good idea as to what’s really going on and how to make the maximum of the circumstances and energies, and to more than survive, moving towards true thriving and true abundance.

Practical, Uplifting & Encouraging Support

Ignite or/& Expand the Light in You

I write from my Soul and Vastness or Consciousness itself, and it will give you the comfort and the courage you/we all need to travel through these times, the wisdom to rise and be all that you are and that you are here to do. It will ignite or/and greatly expand the Light in you; and pave the way for your own Soul to FULLY lead you and your life. Each week’s written guidance remains online for that whole week or longer, until replaced by the new one.

In addition, I will conduct a 90min group coaching session every month to support you through whatever challenges you are experiencing. I will speak, answer questions and work with one or more persons per session, and the whole group will benefit as well.  Members who cannot attend, will be able to access the recording on my website, for an entire month.

Online Group Coaching Sessions To Help You Thrive

Time to Rise & Lead!

To Be The True Greatness You Are & Consciously Create & Enjoy The Life You Want...

To be part of a lovingly powerful Conscious Community that will make a massive difference!

It’s time for all of us to step up to another level altogether and lead, and so, I am both thrilled and honoured to offer you this membership program of Weekly Written Guidance and Monthly Online Group Coaching Sessions, which will expand your Light and support you to be your True Greatness, and consciously create and enjoy the life you want.

You will also be able to enjoy being part of a lovingly powerful Conscious Community that will make a massive difference in helping transform our world together, as you rise individually and we grow collectively! It would be both comforting and encouraging for all of us to walk each other Home.  We will be able to connect, both in our Online Monthly Group Sessions and on “Transforming People Worldwide”, our Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/transformingpeopleworldwide/ .

I very much look forward to welcoming you to your being part of our Conscious Community and “The Journey Home”, our Lee Heiss Coaching Membership Program , which you can join on a quarterly or yearly basis.

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  • Christina Chan, Singapore
    THE GOLDEN GLOBE: A POWERFUL KEY TO MASTERY "The Golden Globe is magical and has been an awesome tool. I have been using it daily and it has helped in all aspects of my life. Firstly, I met with my Soul, using the Globe and the experience was simply beautiful. I felt so still and calm and no words can describe how wonderful the feeling was. You will know what I mean when you experience it yourself. I also always use the Globe to step into Vastness itself, as it makes me feel so good. And I bring the Divinity of my Soul and Vastness into my life, supporting myself to fearlessly make the shifts I’ve longed to make but couldn’t before. Also, 3 years ago, my mum who was then 79 years old, was suffering from dizzy spells almost daily and she could not leave the house because of it. She was feeling very depressed, lost her confidence and even felt that her time was up. I used the many healing tools I had at the time but they only provided her temporary relief. Last year, when I started practising the Golden Globe on my mum, i witnessed the transformation. After a couple of sessions, she felt better and healthier, and the dizziness became less frequent. Today, she does not have any dizzy spells anymore and she can confidently leave the house to run errands and do things that she enjoys. As for my own health, a few weeks ago, I checked my blood pressure and it was at 199. I immediately used the Golden Globe for 15 mins and when I checked again, it had gone down to 156. I am simply amazed and grateful. Helen, I can’t thank you enough for the Golden Globe and the amazing experiences i have encountered with it. I had previously learnt and used several different types of meditation techniques for healing, ascension, liberation, etc but the Globe is, by far, my favourite. It is a very effective tool for both physical healing and at the soul level. I have greatly progressed at both levels, with it, and most importantly, it is such an easy-to-use and flexible tool. I dutifully use it daily and the results have been simply amazing and powerful."
    Christina Chan, Singapore
  • Nandani Persaud, Florida, U.S.A.
    AMAZING CALL "That was an amazing call last night Helen, I learnt so much, and was able to release so much. Very grateful… much love…"
    Nandani Persaud, Florida, U.S.A.
  • Anne McGovern Connelli, U.S.A.
    WONDERFULLY LIFE CHANGING "My experience in Helen’s program has been wonderfully life changing. Through her guidance, I’ve been able to move forward in areas of my life that have always felt blocked. A sense of peace, joy and understanding now flows more freely. Really feels like a gift. Thank YOU Helen!!!"
    Anne McGovern Connelli, U.S.A.
  • Kirsten Korchinsky, Alberta, Canada
    YOU ARE A MIRACLE … WHAT EVERY SOUL LONGS FOR… "Yes very grateful here also! Smiling and buzzing today! You are a miracle." (During the call, Kirsten also said "This is what every soul longs for," having been very deeply touched by the process.)
    Kirsten Korchinsky, Alberta, Canada
  • Allison Rogiani, Singapore
    AMAZING BENEFITS... MANIFESTING IS SUPER SIMPLE WITH HELEN’S GUIDANCE "I have shared with lots of family and friends, the amazing benefits I have enjoyed from my sessions with Helen Lee. Manifesting what I truly need and want is super simple with her guidance…you can gain too."
    Allison Rogiani, Singapore
  • Pauline Crespin, Colorado, U.S.A.
    FELT SO LIGHT & SO CALM "I attended Helen’s program last Thursday and when it was over I felt so light and so calm. Slept like a baby that night. The next day my mind was flooded with past memories, emotions and situations for me to release. Helen is powerful and amazing. I am so grateful to her…."
    Pauline Crespin, Colorado, U.S.A.
  • Expressed and written by Sheila Ulrich, U.S.A.who attended the first preview and then embarked on the program, on a one-on-one basis right away
    FELT LOVE I HAVE NEVER FELT BEFORE "Thank you so much, it was soooooo beautiful. I felt things that I have never felt before. I felt love that I have never felt before. I felt darkness I have never felt before, even though I lived with it for so long. And now, I feel SO joyful and SO peaceful, and also SO relieved. It’s amazing!" And the next day, she reiterated all of the above regarding the love and the joy, in a message which also informed me: "I couldn’t believe how much lighter I felt, walking down the street. In 56 years, I have never felt like that! My inner child is very happy!!"
    Expressed and written by Sheila Ulrich, U.S.A.who attended the first preview and then embarked on the program, on a one-on-one basis right away
  • Lim Cheong Che, Singapore
    IT WAS A MIRACLE TO ME "Thank you Helen, I am grateful to learn from you yesterday. It was a miracle to me as releasing of the fear of the unknown and rejection allows me to feel great joy and love from my Soul Self and Vastness."
    Lim Cheong Che, Singapore
  • Charlotte, New York, New York, U.S.A.
    YOU ARE SO AMAZING… GOD WALKED BY & OFFERED ME A GIFT OF GOLD & I ACCEPTED "Helen, you are so amazing. The shifts have been enormous. I woke up early because of more releasing and that which I am releasing, after only one session in a group, would have taken months with another healer. I was given an enormous gift – your work – and your wisdom, which is off the charts. I am in awe of your ability. I look forward to the time when I can commit to working with you fully and then whew, beyond my dreams! Love, love, love, and enormous gratitude to you… God just walked by and offered me a gift of gold and I accepted. I also now see that I can enjoy my life…do you know what a gift that is?! Thank you, Helen!"
    Charlotte, New York, New York, U.S.A.
  • Gail Dodd, Virginia, U.S.A.
    VERY POWERFUL CALLS "Thank you Helen for the call last night. Very powerful. One of the many things that came up last night was the place of being nice to people and stuffing my feelings and there was some very good feedback to this. I see clearly a situation this morning and I have been the polite person I was conditioned to be. It is time for me to stand up, be centred and in love to address this. Thank you. The calls have been very powerful and I appreciate you Helen who has believed in me and loved me when I could not do that for myself. Love to you and to everyone!"
    Gail Dodd, Virginia, U.S.A.
  • Awilda Jusino, Puerto Rico
    SO INSPIRING & REMARKABLE "OMG, it was so inspiring and remarkable!! Much love dear Helen, amazing info should’ve taken notes!! Very grateful!!"
    Awilda Jusino, Puerto Rico
  • Caroline Cheng, Bali, Indonesia
    FOCUSED ON GIVING BACK NOW "Thank you for inviting me to participate in your preview yesterday. I still remember attending a workshop in 2005, when we were taught to use the Golden Globe, and I think I even gave a testimonial during one of your free talks after that. Everything is working so well in my life now and I am currently focused on giving back."
    Caroline Cheng, Bali, Indonesia

Helen Lee coaches Chairmen, Presidents, CEOs and other C-Suite Executives of multinational companies at $1,000 an hour but in answer to a deep calling to bring her methodology to a much larger number of people all over the world, she has created this new membership program The Journey Home.

She is thrilled to be able to support many of you to rise up even further than you have already done, to be the spiritual leaders and Masters you really are, to thrive in your own lives and help transform our world together, each in your own special way.

So, for as little as 6 cents a day, you can be part of a Conscious Community she is excited to create and build with you, as she uses her innovative and powerful coaching expertise and skills honed over a quarter of a century, and her soul gifts and talents garnered from eons ago.

Come join us now and we can joyously walk each other home! As Helen puts it, “I assist clients all over the world to come into this amazingly beautiful state of Invincible Love and Immense Peace, having found my way there on my own journey home to my heart and to letting my Soul lead – many times over.”

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