Our Approach

We are ALL exceptional, or can be, if we allow ourselves to be. And we know how to place you on the Path of The Invincible™ and lead you towards your own brilliance and mastery!” – Helen Lee

What we do is connect people of all ages, from 5 to 65 (or younger/older), with their own innate wisdom, their own inherent power. There is a part in all of us that knows better, that does not need to figure things out. But how many of us can hear this inner voice? How many of us make a habit of communing with it and consistently listen to our own Inner Coach?

We are so busy running around, proving ourselves and filling our lives with all kinds of seemingly important things. We hope that somehow by doing so, we will emerge happy, fulfilled, rich and receive the recognition and respect of all those around us. It’s like exploring the world for treasure when it’s buried beneath your home. It’s such a roundabout and often futile way to be happy, to feel great about ourselves no matter what.

Helen Lee has coached multi-millionaires and CEOs who confess to having a low self esteem or are quite unhappy with themselves in spite of their seeming success. She has also coached someone who had lost his millions and was bent on becoming a billionaire so that he would feel better about himself again.

Your Own Inner Coach

Helen says, “The irony is that when we stop chasing the external and commit to being in alignment with our very own inner wisdom, we become increasingly powerful beyond measure and capable of creating everything that we desire to have in our lives!

“Being in alignment means being at one with, which means you are your own inner wisdom, your own inner power and strength, your own inner coach, teacher or master.

“Being powerful beyond measure means you have power over your own fears and the capacity to influence others . It does NOT mean power over others, which is weakness dressed up as strength. It also doesn’t mean that you don’t have any fears.

Going Beyond Your Fears:
The Path of The Invincible™

“In fact, whenever you raise the bar for yourself, the fears may come. But you are not these fears. You are much more than that. And we have processes, powerful advanced coaching technology that will help you recognize these fears, where they come from and clear them, putting you firmly on The Path of The Invincible™.

“The bigger the challenge you have created for yourself, the bigger the fear. Sometimes, people just fear their own Greatness, the magnitude of their own power. They may also fear success. People find the idea of their greatness difficult to believe in, as many simply fear failure.

“But, if you dig deep enough, you might realize that you are so comfortable with making do, with your place of compromise and discomfort that you don’t want to shift, to move out of it into the unknown. Many are also afraid to become different from others around them, afraid to be isolated and no longer belong.

“Would you rather remain small, limited and fearful, and be part of a flock of sheep (no matter how seemingly successful you have become i.e. you’ve managed to gather all the trappings of material success, with a faint or gigantic fear that you might lose it all)?

Consciously Choose

“Or would you consciously choose to claim your inheritance, infinite power and wisdom? Your ability to love unconditionally and be a lion, a leader who brings limitless abundance to his or her own life and the lives of as many people as you wish to touch?

“This means you can be wealthy beyond your wildest dreams (why limit yourself to making a million a year if that’s what you really want?), but in a much more powerful way. It means you are garnering wealth, not to complete yourself or make you a worthier and more lovable person, deserving respect and recognition from others.

Expressing Who You Really Are:
The Law of Emergence

“It means that you are doing so because you can. Because you are expressing Who You Really Are. And the enthusiasm, passion, creativity, innovation and confidence you will display in the course of doing what you love will be obvious to everyone!

“You will be able to have true and sustainable success. And you would not worry or fear that you might lose it all because you know that you can create the same measure of success or more, anytime you choose to do so!! It would be a natural process for you, not a do or die effort that your very identity and raison d’être (reason for living) is wrapped around. It is not about making money or attaining a high position in order to feel good about yourself and have others respect you.

We put you on The Path of The Invincible™ or fast track you on it, if you’re already en route. We work with you, using The Law of Emergence where your Greatest Self, the natural leader, spontaneously emerges and takes charge. This Self of yours is very comfortable with real success, and would instantly drop the human addiction to pain and struggle.

Making Miracles A Lifestyle

“THE IDEA IS FOR ALL OF US TO GET FAMILIAR WITH EASE AND EFFORTLESSNESS, WITH MIRACLES AND MAGIC. To make it a way of life for the whole world. To make it the norm rather than a phenomenon for the exceptional. We are ALL exceptional, or can be, if we allow ourselves to be. And we know how to place you on the Path and lead you towards your own brilliance and mastery!”

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