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“The time has come when we can and must drop the human addiction to pain and struggle. We are moving into an era when we can truly flourish, when we can consciously create what our hearts and souls desire, discover our invincibility and be our Greatest Self…Now, life can be easy, effortless, joyous and abundant!” – Helen Lee

Dropping Addiction to Pain & Struggle

Helen Lee, our Founder & Principal Coach says: “Yes, indeed, the time has come for us to stop playing victim and move into mastery, to adopt the mission in life, as Maya Angelou puts it, of not merely surviving but thriving and to do so with some passion, compassion, humor and style.

But we do have to embrace the truth that we can now all be our expanded, invincible selves and lead the greatest lives, no holds barred. We do need to drop the outmoded belief system and programming we’ve been carrying that stops us from being everything we can be and having everything we want.

We can help everyone do this quickly and efficiently. We know exactly how to put you immediately in touch with your own inner power and wisdom. With your Greatest Self: the most lovingly powerful, clear and vibrant you who is true to yourself, courageous and strong, authentic and invincible, happy and giving.

Provided that you don’t put up too much resistance to the process. The greater the collaboration, the greater and quicker the positive results you will enjoy.

Applies to Everyone

This applies to everyone, whether you are an individual, an adult or a child, a couple or a family, a group or community. In the end, what makes our work powerful is that we work with each person’s Inner Being (the ‘being’ part of the human being) as well as his/her ‘humanness’, helping the individual move into wholeness while simultaneously considering the couple, family or group’s desired goals, where applicable.

Today, life can be easy, effortless, joyous and abundant! If you feel a resistance to this idea, if you are compromising yourself in any way, if you feel stuck or experience heaviness within and around you, we can help you work through it all and create the results you want. With YOU in charge of the depth and breadth of the journey of transformation i.e. how far we go.

Truly Meant to Thrive

We truly are meant to thrive, to engage ourselves and engage life fully and meaningfully, to enjoy and celebrate, to be our Greatest Self, to love and laugh, to spread our joy and our grace… To let the joy and the grace arise from within us in the first place!!!

If you don’t know how to get past age-old habits, find someone who can help you, NOT someone or people who will dictate to you how it should be and impose on you what works for them or others, or who might make you feel small in any way.

Go to those who have the talent, experience and great love to help you HUGELY shift in a way that respects and honors you, people who will uplift and support you to be the Best You Can Be, to be Who You Really Are, even if they apply tough love at times to stretch you beyond your current paradigm/s.

We certainly know exactly how to support you to be all that and have the Best Life, whatever best means to YOU.

It’s time to have fun, to BE YOU to the FULL! Time to love YOU and all that’s around you, and that could mean the whole world!!”

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