The Journey Home™ – A Lee Heiss Coaching Membership Program
Personal Mastery Coaching Agreement

  1. I agree to purchase “The Journey Home”, a Lee Heiss Coaching (LHC) Membership Program and participate as fully as I can in this program.
  2. I also agree to keep in strictest confidence any information shared by LHC or its Principal Coach Helen Lee (HL). This includes information of a personal or private nature and details of LHC’s processes, methodologies and techniques taught during any coaching sessions with LHC or shared in written messages or videos and audios by LHC/HL via email or on the Members Section of the LHC website, or through any other medium, all of which shall remain the intellectual property of LHC.
  3. I further agree that I enter into this Coaching Program, with the understanding that I am responsible for creating my own decisions and results.
  4. I also agree that LHC shall not be held liable for any undesirable consequences arising from any referral or advice given by LHC.
  5. I agree and understand that the Coaching relationship is in no way to be construed as psychological counseling or any type of psychotherapy.