INVINCIBLE YOU! ~ The Hero's Journey

Meet and experience first hand your Inner Hero or Heroine, your Avatar Self…

Helen Lee created this global group online version of The Path of The Invincible™️, which is meant for one-on-one clients. She wanted to offer her two decades of work that went into the making of this phenomenal program that has the capacity to meet the needs and opportunities of these times, to assist everyone to rise and thrive, individually, collectively and immeasurably, if we would fully collaborate with the profound process of transformation that it can bring.  


We can create a world of endless possibilities and abundance of all kind, for ourselves and all of humanity, if we know how to access and fully utilise the True Greatness that is already there within all of us, no matter the external circumstances.

Within all of us is our own Inner Hero or Heroine, someone invincible who is both wise and powerful beyond measure. It is our Inner Self, our Greatest Self or to some, our Soul. Many of us have heard this Self that expresses its Inner Voice, telling us what to do, guiding us.

But most do not systematically access this Inner Power that seems to know better than our human self. And the good news is that we can! We all need to both systematically access and expand this Inner Greatness that we actually all have; and optimise it during these challenging times and always.

Your Hero’s Journey!

Allow me to facilitate for you to access and EXPERIENCE the Inner Hero or Heroine that you have within you and BE your Greatest Self now! We are all called to step up, reinvent ourselves and our lives in a way that is practical and innovative, such that we can thrive both individually and collectively, no matter the challenges.

Allow Helen Lee, the Invincibility Catalyst extraordinaire to expertly support you on your Hero’s Journey! She has spent the last eight years now, facilitating for clients to experience first hand, this Inner Hero or Heroine of theirs who is like your Avatar Self, a great Being who is magnificent in every way, the personification of immense peace and great wisdom, incredible power and equanimity, who can effortlessly and fearlessly lead you in all situations so that you’d always emerge victorious and unscathed, having grown substantially in the process.

We are all called!

She has been through her own Hero’s Journey, not once but several times in her 68 years and was on her fifth, two years ago, along with everyone else during the global pandemic and has emerged triumphant from it, steadily building a global team to assist her in supporting the flowering of human consciousness worldwide. Yes, we are all called to dig deep into our own inner resources, integrate all our gifts and talents, our creativity and ability to adapt and innovate, and reinvent both ourselves, and our lives.

We are all called to rise together and create a whole new world that is very different from the current one, which is fast falling apart in so many ways. But first, we must transform our own lives and to do so, we need to transform ourselves. Not in a way where we make wrong and attempt to fix the old self or the outer human self that we have presented to the world all this while.

Communing or becoming One with your Inner Hero or Heroine, your Avatar Self or Soul

Instead, we reach inwards and access what is already there, lying in wait for us to wake up sufficiently to not only notice our Greatest Self, our Inner Hero or Heroine but to actually experience and commune with her/him, in a way that is practical and makes our daily lives not only so much better but even incredible!

She has taken thousands on this journey in the last two decades or more, but even more profoundly so, in the last eight years, having herself emerged from what she refers to as a year’s gruelling training by Life or Spirit, firsthand.

Invincibility Catalyst Extraordinaire & Invincible You!

As an Invincibility Catalyst extraordinaire, having emerged from at least five Hero’s Journeys of her own and coached thousands through their Hero’s Journeys, Helen Lee can, most certainly, easily and expertly support you through yours, to emerge victoriousTo go from strength to strength, able to create a life of your choosing that your own Inner Hero or Heroine will guide you through as well. You will love the Self you will become, the Self that is waiting to emerge from you.

Half way through the journey, the word “Invincible” emerged from within her, reminding her of the Invincibility we all carry within ourselves. Just as the American author Joseph Campbell points out in his teachings about the Hero’s Journey, there are, indeed, “tests, allies and enemies” along the way and we go through an ordeal, from which we can emerge, if we know how to “seize the sword” and be rewarded as a result.

Co-create A World of Peace & Plenty: Utopia, not dystopia!

But unlike his idea of the Hero’s Journey, where the hero or heroine returns to the so-called “ordinary world” from which s/ he came, we are now called to CO-CREATE A WHOLE NEW WORLD, as one global community or several communities worldwide, after we have done so or at least, begun to do so for our own personal world.

And this is what Helen has prepared her entire life to do: to support as many in the world as she can, to rise, to personally thrive in all areas of their lives, and to contribute towards co- creating an entirely new world, one where there is Abundance For All; and all living things can harmoniously flourish, side by side.

It is either we create a utopia together or we will have a dystopia on our hands. And many of us will not let that happen. So, a utopia it is!

A mentor, veteran coach, spiritual guide to expertly support YOU

You’re likely to have embarked on this journey already! And you may as well have a mentor, veteran coach and spiritual guide all rolled into one, to support you on this journey that will have many twists and turns.

Helen can expertly help you see the wood from the trees and have the greatest clarity, where you focus on what’s important rather than suffer or feel stuck because you’re totally caught up in the challenges presented to you. And you find it difficult to get out of the never-ending cycle of frustration or despair on your own, perhaps becoming increasingly unmotivated or even depressed.

OR, you could be doing well but you still want much more, of yourself and life. You want to really excel and thrive immeasurably, in spite of the seeming external odds. You also have a deep desire to contribute greatly and make a difference to the world around you. You feel you have so much to give and you have some good ideas but you could do with a helping hand to be significantly shifted so that you are your expanded and optimal Self. You want to really rise up, maximising all your God-given gifts and talents.

Whatever your personal circumstances may be, this is where Helen’s expertise lies. She has been preparing her whole life to be able to assist in this way. She will help you access all your inner treasures that have yet to fully flower. These would be your soul gifts meant for you to increasingly uncover, utilise and optimise now, such that your own life can blossom and you can help others flourish as well.

Helen will assist you to turn everything around, bit by bit, or as quickly as you are willing and able, or to soar, right away. She will show you how you can be your Greatest Self, your Avatar Self, your Inner Hero or Heroine, your very Soul, and have the amazing life you dream of, one of joy and freedom, peace and plenty, for yourself, those around you, and possibly, the larger community or the world!

Course Dates & Early Bird Fee Due Date for 2022 TBA!!!

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S$ 808

Regular Fee


S$ 888

Payment: Via bank transfer, Wise ( – formerly Transferwise) or Paypal (with surcharge for bank or Paypal fees, where applicable). Details will be provided upon registration. Write to us at if you are interested in signing up for the next course!

THE PROGRAM: Specially re-created for these awesome times!

You will learn to access the Invincibility within you and to BE more and more of this Self, that is or will be the Hero or Heroine of this amazing Journey you are embarking on. You begin to turn your life around, as quickly as you are capable of doing or are meant to do or to simply rise or step up – powerfully and phenomenally.

Invincible You! is our foundational Program The Path of The Invincible™️ re-created specially for these awesome albeit challenging times and as a global group online program. With your full participation and collaboration, you can reap the following REWARDS from this powerful program:

  1. Meet your Inner Hero or Heroine, your Avatar or Soul Self, your Greatest Self!
  2. Commune with and increasingly be One with this Self, your True Self
  3. Have this Invincible Self lead your daily life, steadily transforming it for the better
  4. As you yourself steadily transform and rise up, being more and more of your Greatest Self
  5. You learn to access the Invincibility within you and to become, or more accurately, to be more and more of this Self, that is or will be the Hero or Heroine of this amazing Journey you are embarking on
  6. You begin to turn your life around, as quickly as you are capable of doing or are meant to do; OR to simply rise or step up – powerfully and phenomenally
  7. You claim more and more of your true power, which is power over your own fear and ego-based mind (we all have one)
  8. You start to carve out a clear direction and your own special path, and you begin to forge ahead with ease and grace, where courage is a spontaneous outcome of the new power you increasingly hold
  9. You begin to naturally create a world of endless possibilities, where synchronicity and miracles abound
  10. Consciously creating what your Heart and Soul desire starts to become the norm for you, as you become the Hero or Heroine of your own life, where you begin to flourish and begin thinking of, or actively, helping others do so as Invincible You!
  11. You will be given a powerful Key to Mastery The Golden Globe that Helen Lee created back in 2001/2 and perfected over the years, with the many mystical experiences that were part of the various Hero’s Journeys she was on, and the new wisdom they gave her, each time. And you can use this awesome tool, on your own, to help you rise and thrive on your Hero’s Journey!
  12. You can repeat this Program, if you like, to go deeper each time, depending on what you are ready for and you will progress further each time. It is very comprehensive, very thorough and as powerful as you allow it to be. The more open you are to uncovering the treasures you hold within you, the more rewards you will enjoy from this Program/process and Journey, and the more immediately and constantly too.

Course Dates & Early Bird Fee Due Date for 2022 TBA!

Early Bird Fee


S$ 808

Regular Fee


S$ 888

Payment: Via bank transfer, Wise ( – formerly Transferwise) or Paypal (with surcharge for bank or Paypal fees, where applicable). Details will be provided upon registration. Write to us at if you are interested in signing up for the next course!


The terms used in inverted commas in the segment below, for the Program for Sessions 1 to 4 are from the American mythological researcher and author Joseph Campbell’s The Hero’s Journey. When writing his book The Hero with A Thousand Faces, Campbell discovered that there were many common patterns running through hero myths and stories from around the world.

His years of research lead him to recognise the same basic stages that almost every heroic quest goes through, no matter the culture the myth stems from. He calls this common structure “the monomyth”, which is usually referred to as The Hero’s Journey.

Based on the two to three decades of coaching Helen Lee conducted, she, herself, recognises the very same stages as well, all of which are very evident today, in the challenging times we find ourselves in and are all compelled to face, in one way or another.

She declares, “With all the experience and expertise I have garnered over the many years, it is an honour for me to powerfully support you to access your Greatest Self and all the gifts and talents, the treasures and powers you hold within (we all do!), step up to be the Hero or Heroine of your own life, your own special Journey, to either conquer current challenges or new heights.

To review, reinvent and recreate your life, perhaps doing things you have never done before, courageously attempting new ventures and learning to thrive in new, freer and far more powerful and fulfilling ways than you had ever thought possible before!”

Program for Sessions 1 to 4

Sessions 1 & 2

• “Your Ordinary World”: Where are you at right now?

• “Call To Adventure”: Where would you like to be?

• “Crossing The Threshold”: What matters greatly to you?

• “Crossing The Threshold”: What do you really want?

• “Refusal of The Call”: Resistance and going beyond

• “Tests, Allies, Enemies”: What is in the way?

• Approach to Inmost Cave”: Introduction to The Golden Globe, our powerful Key to Mastery

• “Approach to Inmost Cave”: Introduction to your Inner Hero or Heroine, your Avatar Self or Soul

• “The Ordeal”: Clearing the path & paving the way forward

• “The Ordeal”: Letting go of the Old – Old habits, belief systems, patterns of behaviour & responses, old programs & neural pathways that keep creating the same type of experiences throughout your life

• “Reward – Seizing The Sword”: Accessing Higher Intelligence

• “Reward – Seizing The Sword”: Becoming or being your Inner Hero or Heroine, your Avatar Self or Soul

Sessions 3 & 4

• “The Road Back”: Daring to let your own Inner Hero or Heroine, your Avatar Self or Soul lead

• “Resurrection”: Dropping from head to heart, heart to Inner Self or Soul

• “Resurrection”: Daring to go from victim to Victor, powerlessness or mediocrity to Mastery, scarcity, lack and limitation to prosperity and Abundance of all kind

• “Resurrection”: Are you ready and willing? Responsibility comes with true freedom and true power!

• “Resurrection”: Are you ready for real success, real joy from within, real strength, for Invincibility, no less?!

• “Resurrection”: Are you committed to real changes? Within yourself and in your life.

• “Return With The Elixir”: You are your Invincible Self right now! The Hero or Heroine is leading your wondrous new life.

Note: The “resurrection” referred to, above, is about the climax in which the Hero or Heroine has his/her final and most dangerous encounter with “death”. The only death, in this Program would be the end of the old, of what no longer serves you; as well as the letting go of all internal programs of lack and limitation which you/ we all have carried in our human lives.

All the false ideas that we are not abundant in any way. And the great reward would be our being our truly free and empowered Greatest Self that is genuinely happy and knows s/he can create the life s/he wants and most of all, be the person s/he is meant to be in the first place! The “elixir” s/he has found is her/his own Creative Power, his/her own Invincibility, her/his true freedom and joy that stems from deep within.

Campbell also understood the heroic myth’s central plot in Jungian terms. The Hero’s Journey is thought of as symbolising the rediscovery of the unconscious. And Carl Jung, of course, taught us that, “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

A great deal of making the unconscious conscious has been a huge part of Helen Lee’s ontological coaching methodology, in any case. She explains, “My work has been about supporting people to increasingly raise their level of consciousness and arrive at wholeness, which is precisely what my special brand of ontological coaching is all about. As it says at the bottom of our Home page, under the section, Our Very Own Brand of Ontological Coaching,

‘We believe in the inherent invincibility or greatness that lies in everyone and we expertly draw it out of our clients, with their collaboration.’

And we are also very proud of the fact that what we share with the world is very high-level, masterful coaching. As the founder and principal coach, I create all our programs and over the years have worked at taking masterful coaching to a whole new level altogether, in many ways.”

Course Dates & Early Bird Fee Due Date for 2022 TBA!

Early Bird Fee


S$ 808

Regular Fee


S$ 888

Payment: Via bank transfer, Wise ( – formerly Transferwise) or Paypal (with surcharge for bank or Paypal fees, where applicable). Details will be provided upon registration. Write to us at if you are interested in signing up for the next course!

Praises for All Our Programs

  • Yeo Wee Khin, Million Dollar Round Table Qualifier, Prudential, Singapore
    Helen has a passion to help and coach others to attain their dreams and goals. Her ideas are practical. Her love is real. I have benefited greatly through the sessions, which have empowered and helped me to achieve my goals. I started hitting and then exceeding sales targets after the first two sessions!"
    Yeo Wee Khin, Million Dollar Round Table Qualifier, Prudential, Singapore
  • Maile Dooley, Consultant, Jacksonville, Florida, USA
    I got more than I ever imagined possible from attending Helen’s Abundance Mastery and the results in my professional life and personal relationships have been instant, measurable, and deeply inspiring. ANYONE who is ready to fully realise and claim their full potential should attend.
    Maile Dooley, Consultant, Jacksonville, Florida, USA
  • G Wagner, Consultant, West Palm Beach, Florida, USA
    The last few weeks have been a wonderful experience. With your caring and life-­‐affirming spirit I have finally broken out of my prison of low self-­‐esteem and deep sense of failure. I tried for so many years to break out or have the breakthrough but couldn’t do it. With your help and your skills I did it in record time! I cannot thank you enough for your calm, your caring and nurturing, your joy of life and your total conviction that I would be alright. Actually, I am more than alright! I feel like I have found a very important part of myself again that had gotten buried under the mountain of all those bad feelings a long time ago.
    G Wagner, Consultant, West Palm Beach, Florida, USA
  • Feryl Chong, Business Development Manager (Asia), A US Bank, Singapore
    The primary technique taught at Helen Lee’s Abundance Mastery™ program is easy and works very fast. Her workshops are very different from other workshops I have attended and are, in fact, much better than I expected. Even though they touch on similar topics, the work is very much deeper. I’m comparing Helen’s program with seminars conducted by world-famous motivational speakers and coaches, such as Tony Robbins. I had initially thought that since I had so much going for me in my life that there might not be much to gain from this program. Boy was I wrong! The returns are tremendous and based on whatever you’re looking for, it can be material as well as intangible gains or inner wealth. Now I have the clarity I wanted and can feel a deeper sense of connection with myself and God. I am no longer in a hurry to prove anything to anyone. And yet things have come more easily to me, both in terms of work and personal relationships. Large million-dollar accounts miraculously dropped into my lap, so to speak. And best of all, my relationship with my then fiancé improved enormously and we got married soon after that! Now, we have a beautiful baby we love very much!! This Success Coaching Program has truly changed my life, and helps me to achieve my destiny much more easily and effortlessly.
    Feryl Chong, Business Development Manager (Asia), A US Bank, Singapore
  • Beatrice Kerrelle, A French Bank, Paris, France
    After attending Helen Lee’s Mastery Weekend, I found the deepest changes in my life, both on personal and professional levels. These changes helped me tremendously while dealing with people and problems. I feel much more secure and I find the right words at the right time! I have a much clearer sense of direction and purpose. Within a few months from having done the program and using all of Helen’s tools and techniques, I materialised a wonderful new job, going from being Communications and PR Director of one chamber of commerce to being Executive Director of another. Yes, Helen knows very quickly who you are, what you want to be and how to lead you towards a better future, regardless of whether you do her coaching program on a one-on-one basis or in a workshop situation! Without doubt, she’s an extraordinary coach. And now, years later, I’m still using her techniques and have materialized a full time job with a French bank, which pays me 30% more than my previous job and gives me a bonus and many other advantages. Through continuous practice of these techniques, I have found the strength and energy to keep my faith about the future.
    Beatrice Kerrelle, A French Bank, Paris, France
  • Marina Paganucci, Business Owner – 360digitaltalent, Los Angeles
    I have known Helen for 12 years and she originally coached me in 2001 in Singapore when my business had fallen apart. Within a few years, I had built my life back up to one where not only was I successful in my job and financially, I changed my life to one that was more balanced, loving and fulfilling. I am now living permanently in Los Angeles with a new husband, my daughter who is doing incredibly well, and have a wonderful world of new friends and loving my life! To get here took perseverance and ensuring that I kept up with the tools Helen had imparted to me, and which I still practice daily. Helen is an amazing coach – her style is relaxed, although firm, and she always guides you to what you already know but have not accessed. I did Helen’s Coach Training and now am one of her Associate Coaches. Her coach training is more about how being a coach is living it daily and not just teaching it. One of the most significant impacts Helen has had on my life is how my coaching and training with her has affected not just my own life, but helped me to bring my daughter up to be a totally balanced, loving and successful young lady. When I started coaching with Helen, my daughter was 6 and I taught her everything that I learnt with Helen. What has resulted over the last 10 years of my daughter living these practices daily is that she has turned out to be an incredibly balanced teenager, with amazing grades and one that knows what she wants in life and does not let peer pressure impact her at all - and all served with a loving and warm personality that knows that her life is abundant and full. That to me, is the greatest gift that Helen has given me and for that, I am eternally grateful.”
    Marina Paganucci, Business Owner – 360digitaltalent, Los Angeles
  • Stewart Hoe, Managing Director, Mediatech Digitronics Pte Ltd, Singapore
    No words can describe how much I really appreciate Helen for the amazing coaching she provided me. Her special technique will bring to many people, great realizations and truths about life. If you follow what she shares with you, with your complete focus, you can be assured of significant changes towards what you want in life. Helen has helped me to overcome my strong negativities and untie the knots, which have been inside me for many years. It was a great breakthrough for me to attain peace and calmness, from within. Only when this happens, would one be able to see all things with a clear vision. And abundant success will be imminent. It is really my great life experience to have had Helen as my valuable coach. I will remember all that she has taught me and all that I have discovered for myself during the process with her; and I will do her proud!
    Stewart Hoe, Managing Director, Mediatech Digitronics Pte Ltd, Singapore
  • Mark Allison, Coach and Human Rights Consultant, Pai, Thailand & Ibiza, Spain
    I was at a turning point in my life and soon decided to enroll on Helen's personal coaching program. This proved to be highly transformative as I began to release the tension acquired through working as a human rights researcher and campaigner for many years. Helen's warm, sympathetic, but challenging approach helped me explore my value system and begin to set clear goals in my life that resonated with my deepest desires. Helen also taught me powerful techniques to release negativity and set clear intentions by using the power of the heart as well as the brain. I soon realized that I also had a passion to train and work as a coach and proceeded to enroll on her Coach Training program. This really helped me build the belief, trust and confidence to set up my own coaching practice. I am now proud and pleased to be appointed as one of Helen's Associate Coaches."
    Mark Allison, Coach and Human Rights Consultant, Pai, Thailand & Ibiza, Spain
  • Tham Fun Yuen, Director, Xuan Learning, Asia
    Helen is an amazing coach and facilitator. She seems to know exactly what is blocking us from tapping into our inner power, which is the real power within us. Helen integrated and transformed my heavy load of intellectual knowledge accumulated in the last 20 years (from books and many seminars) into several simple and powerful realizations within hours. She gets right to the core, is highly effective and results-oriented. What I picked up from her four workshops are things that I can apply on a daily basis. One of the main reasons that I would highly recommend her Mastery workshops to all my friends is that they allow us to be our own masters, to be in charge, and life will just never be the same again. Thank you, Helen. You’ve made self-mastery a whole lot easier and much more fun as it brings so many wonderful things into our lives that we never thought possible before. And we begin to love and appreciate ourselves, and others more and more as we keep growing! I’ve also done Helen’s Coach Training program and am making a difference myself as a coach and trainer of my own company.
    Tham Fun Yuen, Director, Xuan Learning, Asia
  • Yuen Ling Laurence, Customer Service Manager, German Dairy Asia, Singapore
    I have known Helen Lee for five years. I applied her methodology to two major issues in my life. The first worked like a dream and created results that made me very happy and much more secure within myself and in my personal life! The second made me very excited. I am an expatriate wife living in Singapore and have not had a corporate job for more than ten years because of expatriation. Recently, I decided to find a job; and job search would normally be a big challenge in my case because of the great gap between jobs and working in a corporate environment. However, I kept using the techniques learnt from Helen. I did not lose faith, hope and love for myself. I kept my mind clear and my focus set on a well-defined goal. I wanted to have a job that corresponded with my education, experience and personality, and most important of all, it had to give me the recognition I had long missed. I did not even need to conduct an extensive job search before I succeeded in landing an interview, which promptly led to my getting a managerial job even though the position was originally set at a junior level. I also had a very positive experience throughout my job search: I met a lot of people who were all kind and helpful, and expressed enormous appreciation of my background. This really boosted my self-confidence and self-esteem. And I was rewarded with this great job, after only three months of a very relaxed job search (I was busy other activities at the time). I know I can become what I want to be. It feels absolutely wonderful to have the power to create what I want in my life and to be true to myself.
    Yuen Ling Laurence, Customer Service Manager, German Dairy Asia, Singapore
  • Pauline Tee, Global Operations Consolidation & Acquisition Manager, An International Bank, Singapore
    Being coached by Helen at her Mastery Workshop is one of the best things to happen to me. Helen’s program started me on a journey of self-discovery and self-mastery. With great eagerness, I consistently applied Helen’s powerful techniques to all areas of my life. I began to experience wonderful changes and little miracles both at work and on a personal basis. Just two months after the workshop, I manifested a promotion with a 20% pay rise, immediately followed by a new job, which gave me an additional 18% salary increase. Now, two years after the workshop, I have manifested yet another big jump in my career. All in all, I have almost doubled my income in just two years, and I went from having regional jobs to a fabulous global one! On a personal level, I feel that I am growing everyday. Best of all, I have a wonderful partner and a loving relationship and I have found great joy and purpose in supporting children hands-on, in orphanages in Cambodia. I love life, embrace it fully, and am grateful for all its ups and downs that bring me endless opportunities to grow. After experiencing many miracles from practicing being in alignment at many levels, I do not feel any need whatsoever to seek out other similar teachings or workshops. There is only one truth, and all I have needed to do is embrace it and diligently incorporate it into my daily life. I continued with Helen’s other coaching programs, including her Coach Training program and every single experience has brought me to a higher level of self-mastery, many rewards and great fulfillment.
    Pauline Tee, Global Operations Consolidation & Acquisition Manager, An International Bank, Singapore
  • KeePing Lau, Lecturer at Acadia University, Nova Scotia, Canada
    Helen’s work is about manifesting who you are…and helping meta-cognitively to create your best life NOW. Her work reaches beyond corporate strategizing, beyond inner voyages, and definitely beyond self-help. Open and embrace what Helen has to share and be prepared to live a life beyond your wildest imaginings… I went to Helen because I was looking for a career coach and I got more than great results. She is an expert in her field and highly creative too. I have benefited tremendously from my time with you, Helen!
    KeePing Lau, Lecturer at Acadia University, Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Dr Tang Seok-Yee, Telecommunications Consultant and Author turned Professional Trader
    I first met Helen in 2011 at her workshop on "Creating Real Success". I then followed up with one-on-one sessions with her, to embark on her Mastery program. Helen is a highly professional coach. She has great integrity and a wide spectrum of in-depth knowledge. Looking back at my life, I am surprised at how far I have grown, in terms of having the clarity and wisdom to live a happier life. I used to be stressed and burned out over my pursuit of happiness and success but now I feel so much more at peace as I still take on different challenges in life. This is definitely a breakthrough for me! I owe much to Helen's patience, her knowledge and deep caring. I compare the person I am today with who and where I was two years ago when I reviewed my mind set and life goals with Helen; and I consider the money well invested. She always took the extra time and patience to get the message across, as she worked through again and again with me on my problems. Helen shares a concept, knowledge and friendship with me that has made a profound impact in my life.”
    Dr Tang Seok-Yee, Telecommunications Consultant and Author turned Professional Trader
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