Moving towards having true happiness, true joy & strength, true abundance of all kind & true freedom from deep within you

This ground-breaking Program will take you and your life to another level altogether!! Whether you are single and would like to create a conscious relationship or marriage, or if you are a couple and would like to greatly improve or even salvage your relationship or marriage, or find the courage to walk away and create a new reality for yourself…  This Program is also for those already in a relationship or marriage, and you’d like to attend it on your own, without your partner or spouse, for whatever reasons.

Specially included in 2022 is a segment on Being Your Creator Self, to support all participants to be able to consciously create all that matters greatly to you all, from love and marriage or relationships to materialising the abundance you need. It will assist you to raise your consciousness around money and improve your relationship with it, to drop all anxiety about it altogether! This will help everyone and all relationships to flourish, as you increasingly claim and exercise your power to create and become more relaxed about being and having more than enough.

Only the Soul knows what love is. ~ Rumi

Relationships cannot be more conscious than if we learn to increasingly be and come from our Soul or Inner Self, the wisest and most powerful part of ourselves that goes largely untapped or under-utilised, for many.

Most of us relate from our human selves and, therefore, our fear and ego-based mind and “wounded-ness”.  

What Others Say

I use the wisdom of Helen’s methodology on a daily basis within my family and it creates wonders! The relationship with my husband and children became much more harmonious, loving and caring. So much grateful to Helen Lee ~ Kristina Kiseleva-Bakhtina 💖
Helen’s Program allows you to create sustainable results with ease. You’ll learn simple and effective ways that bring joy in your life so you can move forward with confidence. If you are committed to your personal growth and creating conscious relationships, don’t miss Helen’s free Masterclass and the Program itself. Join us and experience it yourself. ~ Angela Tan 💖

The returns are tremendous and based on whatever you’re looking for, it can be material as well as intangible gains or inner wealth. Now I have the clarity I wanted and can feel a deeper sense of connection with myself and God. I am no longer in a hurry to prove anything to anyone. And yet things have come more easily to me, both in terms of work and personal relationships. Large million-dollar accounts miraculously dropped into my lap, so to speak. And best of all, my relationship with my then fiancé improved enormously and we got married soon after that! Now, we have a beautiful baby we love very much!! This coaching program has truly changed my life, and helps me to achieve my destiny much more easily and effortlessly. ~ Feryl C. 💖

Helen Lee, Founder & Principal Coach of Lee Heiss Coaching who has been coaching clients all over the world on relationship, marriage and other life issues, as well as top executives from multinational companies in Asia Pacific for more than a quarter of a century in total, feels a great need to share her knowledge, wisdom and expertise on Soul Power and Intelligence. Her desire is to assist people to bring this evolved aspect of themselves into their romantic and all other relationships, marriages and life, in general.

She feels that we are barely tapping into the true greatness and power that lie within us, and that is actually readily available for us, if we know how to access and ultimately, be it. The idea is to go way beyond our “historical and hysterical human mind” that is riddled with old programs of lack and limitation, and rise up to being the infinitely higher Self that is waiting for us to make maximum use of, to bring far more maturity and light into all our relationships, beginning with the primary relationship with ourselves, God/Universe and that of our significant other.

The objective is to rise up and thrive in all areas of our life, by claiming the Soul and Spirit Selves that we are and have always been, and bring the myriad of treasures within ourselves into our relationships or marriages, and our lives. If you are single and long to have a conscious relationship or marriage, you can learn to materialise a partner who matches your raised vibration and grow together.

A Letter From A Client

Dearest Helen,

No words can express my gratitude to you for the love, help, assurance and concern extended to me when I was at the lowest point of my life.

If I had not chanced upon you, I do not know if I were able to go on with my life normally when I stumbled on the betrayal of my spouse and my marriage was about to collapse.  Life was miserable and confusing for me, it was like waking up each day not knowing what was my direction, not even sure to live or to give up.  Nobody was there for me, I was struggling with lots of “why???” and my heart was bleeding all the time.  I wanted to give up until God lead me to you. 

I was glad that I had picked up the phone and called you.  From the very first conversation that we had, you had won me over with your loving, caring and trusting personality that I was able to confide in you wholeheartedly.  Over the next few sessions with you, you had given me hope and the power to get on with life.   You taught me how to breakthrough and live life the painless way.  You got me to discover myself, the person or self I never knew I was.  Through you, I learnt that I am powerful and should embrace my own inner power to achieve lots of things in life.

Now, I am transformed.  I am happy – waking up each day looking forward to life.  I am in control of every aspect of my life.  Nobody or anything could spoil my day.  My marriage has improved and both of us are enjoying the new found life, which will definitely become more enriched and fulfilled as the years come. A million thanks to you and God bless you always. 

Lots of love, hugs & kisses


But, first, Helen Lee, will assist you to raise your own level of consciousness and either draw into your realm someone you can enjoy a conscious relationship or marriage with, or support you to vastly improve your current relationship or marriage, in a way that is aware and evolved, where you are able to love and honour yourself, and the other. Where you can return to the Wholeness that is already there within you, waiting for you to wake up to and fully claim. Which may also mean having the clarity, courage and strength to walk away from a relationship or marriage that is no longer right for you. But, she will assist you to always make sure, first, that that is your best way forward.

It is always about what is your highest truth, which she will help you access, from within yourself, and to carry out in your life. She will lead participants to what she calls the “Invincible Love” that lies within everyone and show you how to expand it, and have it available for yourself, your partner and loved ones.

Why was Helen Lee able to help massively  transform the lives of thousands all over the world in the last two  decades and even more so, in recent years?

View this Masterclass on Creating Conscious Relationships to hear live testimonials spontaneously given by her beloved clients from all over the world. She also shares valuable information about how we can all rise and thrive in the decade ahead by raising our consciousness in ALL OUR RELATIONSHIPS – with self, the Divine/Universe, spouse or partner, family, friends, colleagues, AND EVEN WITH MONEY. She talks about our being our Creator Self and consciously creating all that we need and want – easily, effortlessly, powerfully and joyously! This Masterclass was conducted on April 10, 2021 for participants in the U.S., Europe and Asia. Here is the webpage on the upcoming Program itself which comprises:

Here’s what Helen told some of her clients in early January 2019:

“I received several visions recently and one of them was about creating and launching a global online program on conscious relationships as part of my mission to impact leaders who can impact others; and vision to bring Abundance For All – a whole new world of Peace and Plenty for all human and sentient beings. 

Abundance includes both inner and material abundance, and we deserve to have it all, and be truly free and joyous, living light-filled lives of love and wealth of all kind.  And this vision can be materialised, if it starts with us rising up and thriving in all areas of our life, beginning with our relationships with ourselves, each other, and our marriages stemming from which are children we raise and family units we create. 

The idea is to end the human and family dysfunction we’ve had forever, by being our Greatest Selves, our Soul Selves; by tapping into, and being the True Power and Invincible Love that we all are, and bringing all of this Wholeness into our daily human lives and our world.  And most of all, to bring YOU true happiness, true joy and strength, true abundance of all kind and true freedom from deep within yourself and being the magnificence and greatness of the Soul that you are and that has been largely untouched.

I would help couples love each other more deeply by learning to love themselves so much more than ever before. Through their great and profound love for themselves and each other, they will, in turn, help transform our world, each in their own special way or simply with their raised vibration.

True and Pure Heart Love is complete in itself and needs no other. And yet, we can give SO much to the other and to our communities or the world even, if we are called to do so. And we will draw to us and receive SO much love in return, without seeking it.”

Join us in a 4 to 5-WEEK PROGRAM ON CREATING CONSCIOUS RELATIONSHIPS FROM SOUL & SPIRIT For both singles and couples, supporting you to flourish greatly and be truly happy and fulfilled

It includes:

Four (4) Live Master Coaching 3hr Online Sessions conducted personally by Helen Lee who has been coaching Chairmen, Presidents, CEOs and other top executives of conglomerates and multinational companies, as well as a huge variety of clients of all backgrounds, based all over the world, ranging from age 5 to 65 and beyond. Over the years, among many other achievements, Helen Lee has also helped

  1. Clients materialise the perfect spouse for them
  2. Bring married couples back together
  3. Raised the level of consciousness in relationships and marriages, by raising the level of consciousness in both parties
  4. Bring Wholeness to children of challenged marriages

*. These live sessions will cover the following:

  1. Loving and honouring yourself and others
  2. Raising your Deservability Quotient™ or DQ™, which helps you to love and honour yourself, as you greatly deserve to do so and so that you can genuinely love and honour each other. “Deservability” is a word that Helen coined to get people to review their ability to feel deserving and give themselves what they deserve to have, rather than settling.
  3. Returning to Wholeness, to your Heart and Soul, and the Truth of who you really are
  4. Being Invincible Love and in your Soul Power, giving Freedom to Love, Acceptance of and Compassion for self and each other
  5. Going Beyond Duality, Neediness and Suffering and Becoming Truly Attractive
  6. Communing with and being the Soul and Consciousness that you are
  7. Communicating and relating from the Soul and Consciousness, the highest aspects of who you are
  8. Raising your consciousness around money and your relationship with money
  9. Being your Creator Self and consciously creating all that matters greatly to you
  10. Introducing you to The Golden Globe*, the Key to Mastery that Helen Lee created and honed over two decades (see details below) and maximising the benefits of this powerful tool
  11. The Triple S Wisdom™️ created by Helen Lee, and which is the essence of her ontological coaching methodology that has been tried and tested over 20 years!

*The Golden Globe, a powerful Key to Mastery that Helen Lee created and honed over 20 years, after powerful mystical experiences that caused her to gain and integrate profound insights, firsthand, as to what’s necessary to raise human consciousness and have it flower globally. This amazing inward process systematically aligns people internally, helping them to transcend their biology and arrive at Wholeness and effortlessly access Higher Intelligence, supporting them to step into and be their Soul Selves and Consciousness itself, and flourish in all areas of their lives that matter greatly to them, including their relationships and marriages.

When and How?

Dates in Europe, South Africa, Asia & Australia

Session 1 Saturday, May 29, 2021
Session 2 Saturday, June 5, 2021
Session 3 Saturday, June 26,, 2021
Session 4 Saturday, July 3, 2021

Times for all sessions in Europe, South Africa, Asia & Australia

4pm to 7pm SGT (Singapore)

6pm to 9pm AEST (Sydney)

9am to 12noon BST (London)

10am to 1pm SAST (Johannesburg)

Dates & times in U.S.A. (To be advised)

NOTE: Dates & times stated above will be changed according to availability of participants who have signed up


Regular Fees

Single Registration


S$ 895

For Couples, Per Person


S$ 760

Payment: Via bank transfer, Wise ( – formerly Transferwise) or Paypal (with surcharge for bank or Paypal fees, where applicable). Details will be provided upon registration. Write to us at, if you have any questions and/or to sign up, right now!

Early bird fees made before May 15, 2021

Single Registration


S$ 808

Couples, Per Person


S$ 672

Payment: Via bank transfer, Wise ( – formerly Transferwise) or Paypal (with surcharge for bank or Paypal fees, where applicable). Details will be provided upon registration. Write to us at, if you have any questions and/or to sign up, right now!

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