Programs, Workshops & Talks

One-on-One Strategic Executive Coaching Program

We conduct one-on-one Strategic Executive Coaching sessions for leaders (at all levels) and high potentials for a minimum of 20 hours per executive. We tailor our foundational executive coaching program to each client’s needs and recommend the optimum number of coaching hours required.

Organizational or Corporate Coaching Programs

Group or Team Coaching
Often, we coach the leader of an organization and then his or her entire team, to bring transformation to the whole organization. When this is the case, the leader invariably gains a deeper bond with the team immediately, provided that both the leader and his or her team participate fully in the coaching process.

The team can be coached as a group in workshops or individually in one-on-one sessions, or a combination of the two. When we are coaching a regional team, members of the team are flown into Singapore or an agreed central location where we conduct the workshops and sessions. This is sometimes followed up by one-on-one sessions via telephone or Skype for select executives.

Sometimes we are hired simply to run workshops for various senior executives in the organization, with or without follow-on one-on-one sessions for individual executives.

8 Major Corporate Coaching Programs

We created eight different corporate coaching programs that we deliver in a workshop format to cater to the different requirements of organizations. Some of these programs are delivered in more than one workshop i.e. you can engage us for one or more levels of the program. They cover the spectrum of organizational development need from Leadership Development and Team Building to Change and Conflict Management, and we can create one especially for your requirements, based on our approach and methodology.

We make it a point to always take our coaching several steps beyond the norm. For example, rather than just aiming at conflict management as a solution, where there may still be underlying tension and grudges or ill-will beneath a forced truce, our relevant coaching program helps clients to actually transform conflict into positive synergy, going beyond conflict resolution.

It takes teams and organizations to a place that is real, where executives in conflict are taken through processes and supported by their colleagues, arriving at understanding, and being understood by, the other party involved. Often, conflicting parties are able to raise their level of awareness and consciousness in the process to the point of appreciating each other and being committed to continue to develop the new level of connection and communication. Performance and productivity levels increase spontaneously and significantly as a result.

Our most sought-after programs for teams are our innovative Leadership Creation & Development and Team Building programs. When meeting up with potential clients, we examine what the clients’ requirements and objectives are, and sometimes combine the elements of various programs into one.

For example, we may be asked to deliver Leadership and Team Building programs for an organization at several levels. And we add in segments on Conflict Transformation, Communicating Powerfully and Work-Life Balance to the programs, according to each
particular team’s needs.


We also regularly conduct talks for organizations and tailor our talks to suit the group we are addressing. Helen Lee, in particular, is a dynamic speaker, who usually conducts stimulating interactive talks where she engages the audience in a coaching conversation.

Contact Us for details of our various coaching programs and talks – write or call for a discussion over the phone, via Skype or in-person, depending on which country you are in.

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