Case Studies

Objective: To help the company’s Asia Pacific senior managers be able to add value and make a difference each time they interact internally and externally

Situation: Lack of communication and coordination amongst the managers as they were based in different countries and had hectic travel schedules, etc.

Solution: Strategic Executive Coaching I –

  1. One-on-one sessions for COO/Team Leader
  2. Workshop for Team Leader & Members

End Results:

  1. Improved communication and cooperation within team, with headquarters and with clients
  2. Restructuring and redistribution of responsibilities
  3. Improved leadership skills
  4. Alignment between executive development and organizations’ business challenges and strategies
  5. Alignment of goals, values, vision & mission

Objective:To help a Senior Relationship Manager at the bank to be promoted to Director

Situation: Although recommended by his boss for promotion for two years in succession, the Senior Relationship Manager had been bypassed as a result of 360 assessments revealing that while he enjoyed excellent relations with his clients, he had a poor relationship with his colleagues

Solution: A Strategic Executive Coaching program of one-on-one sessions, uncovering the source of such behaviour. By raising his awareness, he consciously changed his behaviour to place equal importance on both clients and teammates, whose help he needed to service clients. A program was created to help him deliberately and patiently spend time with his colleagues to build up a better relationship with them, even though there was often very little time to meet deadlines and take care of his workload and various responsibilities including travel.

End Results: His behaviour changed as a result of internal shifts and newly inculcated habits, and he was promoted to Director, much to his own pleasure as well as the pleasure of his boss as he was very much valued for the quality of his work, his ability to bring in the business, his excellent client relationships, etc.

Objective & Situation: To deliver a workshop for 25 construction site supervisors, to help them remain motivated in spite of the uncertainty as to whether their contracts would be renewed by their company, and as a support to them in the event that they would not be re-hired.

Solution: “Motivation: Leading From Within” – a two-day workshop helped these supervisors aged between 30’s to 50’s, to have a greater sense of self, purpose and personal power.

End Results: The majority of the participants felt that they had greater clarity, direction and optimism at the end of the workshop. They gave Helen Lee 4 and 5 out of 5 for the various evaluation segments, as they felt empowered by the workshop and even asked for the company to offer this workshop to their colleagues and in fact to make it a three-day workshop.

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