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Our Ontological Approach For Leadership Creation, Peak Performance & Higher Profits

Studies have demonstrated the enormous economic returns obtained through the implementation of what are variously called high involvement, high performance or high commitment management practices. – Jeffrey Pfeffer, The Human Equation: Building Profits by Putting People First

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” – Steve Jobs, the late Chairman & CEO of Apple Inc

Says Helen Lee, "The Leader Prodder" who has been coaching Chairmen, Presidents, CEOs and other C-Suite executives and high potentials since 2002...

While we embrace Jeffrey Pfeffer’s approach of putting people first as our own, we also totally resonate with Steve Jobs and his phenomenally innovative approach of creating an eco-system of products that he believed is needed in the market. And the single-mindedness and daring that he colors his creativity and productivity with, accomplishing what everyone else would think is impossible and is now recognized as a mega success.

We believe that organizations are still operating in an outmoded way. This is true only because we, as a human race are functioning in a completely archaic fashion. We can all access a higher intelligence within us that we have not as yet garnered. We mostly operate from our fear and ego-based minds, rather than having the courage to follow our hearts and intuition, as Steve Jobs prescribed. We prescribe the same but in a more powerful yet relaxed way, minus the angst and strife.

We also believe that the time is ripe for us to collectively step up to higher levels of operating by individually and collectively stepping up to being far greater human beings and bringing that expanded self to the workplace. We have the coaching and leadership creation technology to help individual executives and leaders; teams and entire organizations progressively become their elevated versions.

We don’t expect everyone and all organizations to be ready for this. It requires willingness to allow unbounded potential to be unleashed into your organization to culminate in truly transforming how you run your company and the products or services you create and deliver to the market.

It takes willingness to let go of old paradigms. And courage to allow real talent to emerge and flourish in your midst, and to create completely new ways of operating and achieving bottom-line results. It might even take a different set of priorities and bottom-line results.

We therefore invite only those who already know our track record and others who are open, courageous and ready for something that resonates with their own innovative hearts. Those who are ready to be leaders of a whole new corporate world!

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