Our Mission & Vision

Helen Lee has held an unwavering vision of “Abundance For ALL” for some 40 years. She feels that the human race has matured to the point that we can now take a quantum leap.

This is a movement forward that takes us, inhabitants on this planet, to a level where we are far greater human beings who are much more intelligent (not only intellectually but emotionally and spiritually too), much more compassionate and conscious than we’ve ever been in the history of mankind. Her methodologies are designed to help people – individuals, organizations and communities – in this leap forward.

Real Transformation

We help EVERYONE who is ready for real transformation to be their best selves, to easily and effortlessly create wonders in their lives, just because they can, rather than to boost their self-esteem through recognition from others.

Our mission is:

1. To SERVE ALL who truly wish to maximize their potential, be the greatest human beings they can possibly be and enjoy real and sustainable success in all areas of their lives

2. To HELP CREATE forward-thinking, dynamic, innovative, even entrepreneurial, leaders who can powerfully and charismatically lead teams and organizations through challenging times – to excel and flourish

3. To WORK WITH teams and organizations, especially when the chief executive or team leader is a visionary and can see that our work will help their company or team/department thrive by bringing out the best in individuals and the group

Helen’s personal mission and strategy to fulfill her vision is then, obviously, to impact leaders who can impact others. Our clientele includes not only corporate leaders but leaders and potential leaders of ALL ages and walks of life. To her, even a child can influence others and help transform our world and its current systems and way of operating.


She explains, “Each of us carries the potential, the seeds of greatness, that when drawn out, embodied and expressed can create wonders for us, individually and collectively.”

Helen, her Associate Coaches and collaborative partners all over the world are committed to drawing out this unbounded excellence that lies largely dormant in the majority of usThe Path of The Invincible™ and all her other programs, her special brand of ontological coaching and leadership creation are capable of accomplishing all this, provided that we have the full collaboration and commitment of our clients to the process.

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