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To help people have the best lives and where relevant, be great leaders as well, Helen Lee, our Founder and Principal Coach created The Path of The Invincible™ to form her own special brand of ontological coaching. She explains:

To me, our methodology which takes into account the entire being/s we coach, essentially represents, a new model of human intelligence: a higher, more coherent intelligence that can be unleashed by aligning the head, heart and gut – the three networked centers of intelligence which influence each other.”

Accessing Greatness Made Easy

Our methodology allows our clients to consistently access and be the greatness that lies in every human being but often goes unutilized and never completely realized. We support them to be able to do this in a powerful yet easy and effortless way. How quickly the results are achieved depends on the individual, team or organization. It very much depends on the level of collaboration or resistance.

We call this quest for greatness, The Path of The Invincible™ because it’s a coaching journey that inevitably takes our clients to their supreme invincibility, the mastery that lies within us all.

We then draw out this greatness, maximizing on what Helen calls the Law of Emergence, which allows for the spontaneous emerging of this same greatness or invincibility. What follows is a beautiful unfolding of this magnificence that begins to take charge, creating desired results and real success effortlessly.

The magnificence that emerges from within us is our True Self or Inner Leader. And Helen created the coaching technology that helps her team of associate coaches and her to be fantastic midwives facilitating the birthing and development of this Self or Leader.

Mastery & Leadership

Our idea is to lead people, even children, to their own mastery in a way that is deeply transformational yet non-threatening. In fact, it’s much easier to work with children, only because they are already closer to mastery than adults are! In the corporate context, truly empowered and happy individuals make great teams and great teams make great organizations that fare well regardless of challenging times.

We specialize in leadership creation. Our DEFINITION OF “LEADER” is anyone who can influence others and co-create the desired results for themselves and othersThis means that anyone of any age and circumstance can rise up to higher levels, having claimed their own greatness, gifts and talents. They learn to use them for their own benefit and that of others around them, at home, in the workplace and the community.”


Our formula works across the board for everyone of every age and circumstance, for all teams and organizations (since they comprise human beings who can all step up to higher levels of being and operating).

It gets people to address Who They Are BEFORE What They Do. It systematically draws out the greatness or the “being” component out of all human beings before they focus on the “doing” or the thinking, planning and acting. It creates inner coherence and alignment, which then forms a powerful foundation upon which all desired results can be much more effortlessly and innovatively materialized.

It takes people beyond using only the left-brain or linear thinking, even the whole brain and getting them to make full use of their entire self instead.

Our whole being approach is about becoming fully engaged, where we not only focus on the analytical, logical and tangible but we also systematically tap into all our inner resources and a far higher intelligence that exists in all of us and is mostly under-utilized.

The prerequisite for this formula to work 100% is our clients’ full participation and collaboration. The greater the participation and collaboration, the greater and faster the results!

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Please first check out our interactive section on what REAL SUCCESS is before you explore this second interactive section.

    1. Here’s a simple exercise to start helping you consciously shift from a less coherent state, where your respiration, heart rate variability and blood pressure rhythm are more erratic to a more coherent state, where there is greater stability. First, take a look at the charts from HeartMath Institute.
      • Sit comfortably in a straight-backed chair, with your hands by your side and your eyes closed.
      • Take long deep breaths into your abdominal area, until you feel more relaxed.
      • Then, start thinking of situations or someone you appreciate very much. Think of how that makes you feel. Magnify the feelings of appreciation and wellbeing.
      • Simultaneously, breathe deeply into your chest area and consciously breathe out from your physical heart area, as if your heart is a breathing instrument.
      • Do this for as long as you can, until you notice a difference in your respiratory and heart rate, when you feel like you’ve slowed down and become calmer and much more relaxed.
      • Congratulate yourself for arriving at a more coherent internal state! It is in this state that you would be able to easily and powerfully create the results you want, to enjoy greater clarity and find solutions that eluded you before.
      • For more information, check out Our Methodologies, our Blog for articles and videos, and our Personal Mastery Programs and Strategic Executive Programs.

      The above exercise was created by Helen Lee, Lee Heiss Coaching and inspired by the HeartMath Institute (www.heartmath.com). She has also created deep, powerful and innovative processes based on 25 years of direct experience and her own research and development, the primary process being “The Golden Globe” which she considers a Key to Mastery and shares with her clients.

    2. To take you further along the Path to Greatness, The Path of The Invincible™, check out the following processes featured in our free e-books, which you can sign up for:

      A TO THE POWER OF 8™

      Blueprint for real & lasting success in all areas of your life!

      • Introduction
      • Self Knowledge is Immense Power
      • Creating A Future World
      • Masters of Our Internal States & Lives
      • The Golden Globe: Key to Mastery, Path of Personal or Self Mastery, Awareness – Step 1, Internal State
      • Acceptance & Allowing, Steps 2 & 3, Internal States
      • Alignment – Step 4, Internal State
      • Abundance (Inner) – Step 5, Internal State
      • Achievement & Abundance (Material) – Steps 6 & 7, External States
      • Abundance for ALL – Step 8, External State
      • The Way Forward

      Blueprint for real transformation and success for individual employees/executives, teams and organizations

      • Introduction, Evolved Leaders & Organizations
      • Creating Endless Possibilities in the Corporate World, Our 7 Steps & 12 P’s
      • Putting People First Brings Profit!
      • Practical Way Forward
      • Step 1: Permission, The First P
      • Step 2: Purpose, The Second P
      • Step 3: Power & Passion, The Third & Fourth P’s
      • Step 4: Planning & Possibilities, The Fifth & Sixth P’s
      • Step 5: Perception & Perspective, The Seventh & Eighth P’s
      • Step 6: Participation & Peak Performance, The Ninth & Tenth P’s
      • Step 7: Productivity & Profit, The Eleventh & Twelfth P’s
      • Conclusion, Real Empowerment, Exceptional Leader

For more information, check out Our Philosophy, our Blog for articles and videos, and our Personal Mastery Programs and Strategic Executive Coaching Programs

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