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We have Associate Coaches in Singapore, Europe, USA, Australia, the Middle East, China and Hong Kong.


Helen Lee, our Founder & Principal Coach has been training a select number of clients in her special brand of ontological coaching since 2004.  Because the essence of her coaching is more about being a coach than the act of coaching itself and she has always held the highest standards, looking only for true commitment and purity of intent from her trainees, it is only in late January 2020, that she has finally accredited her first two Associate Coaches – Life or Personal Coaching.

Coaching skills, based on both traditional coaching and her own cutting-edge brand of ontological coaching are also taught and meticulous practice of them is insisted upon as well. And she feels that the time is ripe to now build her global team of very select Associate Coaches whom she has personally and rigorously trained, to assist her in her own unwavering mission of helping raise mass consciousness and co-create a massively transformed world.

Helen explains, “Together, we will bring a powerful methodology and a wealth of wisdom to support people and organizations to be the Higher Intelligence that we can now access, a new model of human intelligence that will create a far more balanced, just and authentic world, with higher values and greater equality for all human beings, all sentient beings, in fact.”

She is therefore very pleased to have officially accredited Angela Tan in Singapore and Kristina Kiseleva in Holland (originally from Russia) as her Associate Coaches certified to deliver her ontological coaching methodology for personal or life coaching clients.

Before our coach trainees can be appointed our Associate Coaches, they must first demonstrate that they can be exemplary coaches by being devoted to their own transformation and evolvement as exemplary human beings and leaders themselves. Helen does not expect perfection. She always says that she herself is “work in progress” like everyone else but she also insists that the commitment to go to higher levels must be embodied by those who wish to be part of her team.

Angela Tan, Singapore & Global

Angela Tan has 22 years’ experience as a program manager in MNCs. She has a reputation for being an excellent listener and clients find it easy to confide in.her, be it in her corporate job or when she is coaching others in sessions. Highly empathetic, Angela hears every detail of what clients say, and picks up all that is also intuitively evident to her but left unexpressed. She is also gifted with the ability to recognise opportunities for change that represent desired up-levelling for them. In fact, she brings great Presence to her coaching sessions, a soothing calmness and strength that clients find most assuring.

Going through Helen’s various coaching and coach training programs since 2010 has transformed Angela’s life. It pushed her to dig deep within to discover not only her true values and strengths, but also to fulfil her life purpose to uplift and support others to shine their light and maximise their true potential.

Angela did Helen’s foundational program in 2010 and the Lee Heiss Coach Training I in 2011 and 2019/20. Today, she continues her dedication to true evolvement with one-on-one sessions, as well as being an active member of The Journey Home, where she assists Helen in coaching others, from time to time. She is therefore able to continue to uncover an increasing number of latent gifts and talents from within her, as she continues her own learning and transformation, and conscientiously uses them when she coaches others.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and a diploma in Child Psychology and Learning Disorders Management. She is also a certified Irlen screener and an Eco-Art therapy practitioner.

Kristina Kiseleva, Holland. Russia & Global

Kristina Kiseleva is deeply passionate about helping the world transform and making the world a better place, and therefore greatly resonates with Helen Lee’s philosophy, coaching approach and highly transformational methodology. As a result, she is truly devoted to her own transformation, in order to be able to help powerfully transform others. She spent close to 10 years being coached and trained by Helen since 2011.

She loves helping people shift at deep levels, find their life purpose, inner strengths, power and wisdom to create wonderful new realities and sometimes, a whole new life even. This is her life’s calling and a stark contrast to her financial background where she gained a Master in International Finance (Amsterdam, the Netherlands) and has a PhD in Economics and Finance (Moscow, Russia).  Having had 10 years of working experience in a large Russian bank, an American telecom company and a Dutch oil company, she has embarked on further training with Helen to be able to bring Helen’s special brand of ontological coaching to the corporate world as well, thus combining her previous background with her passion and calling.

Kristina also trained with The Coaching Academy in London in 2010 before she started going much deeper with Helen, in terms of her own transformation as well as helping others transform.

She currently delivers Helen’s foundational coaching program on a one-on-one basis online and occasionally assists Helen during The Journey Home sessions, when called to do so by our Founder. Born in Russia, she speaks fluent English, Russian and Dutch, lives in the Netherlands with her family: husband and three children.



Anetta Sestøl Andersen, Norway & Global

Anetta is a professional singer and actress. Originally from Norway and now living there again, Anette has spent many years in Asia, including studying at the LASALLE College of the Arts in Singapore and graduating from it with a BA (Hons) in Musical Theatre.

She has a magnificent voice that is able to touch your very soul. It is very powerful and amazingly angelic at the same time, and often brings people to tears and is naturally and powerfully healing. This talent of hers blossomed so beautifully during The Journey Home sessions conducted by Helen Lee who ignites the soul gifts of her clients during her programs. She sang a couple of times at these sessions in 2018, both invited and encouraged by Helen. At one of them, she experienced such a strong urge to use her voice to help heal a couple of participants that it would have been hard for her to hold it back!

Helen, therefore, invited Anetta to be one of her Associate Coaches and co-created a special program with her, marrying a couple of simple and powerful elements of the Lee Heiss Coaching foundational program with Anetta’s own sound or voice healing and vocal coaching programs. Helen then decided to call the two programs Return To Wholeness I & II –  Lee Heiss Coaching Programs with Anetta . They are both excited to allow even more of this tremendous soul gift to unfold and share with the world, where many would need healing and harmonizing from within, today.

In 2017 and 2018, Anetta represented Norway in The World Championship of Performing Arts in Hollywood. She won Norway the honor of being in the finals for the first time in 2018.

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PoYee Dorian
Pin Hsuan Chen
Daisy Tse
Leano Wan
Graeme Reid

All our Associate Executive Coaches and Facilitators are higly experienced and qualified. They are also personally handpicked by Helen Lee and mentored by her, as they support clients through each assignment so that high standards are always maintained and surpassed even.

As part of the Lee Heiss Coaching team, they embrace our organization’s special brand of ontological coaching and leadership development, which allows the leader in everyone to emerge “through spontaneous and intuitive natural self-expression.” In the process of helping clients to achieve both the organizations’ and their own desired results, they applyour Internal Self Management tool to get them to build a strong foundation first by addressing “Who They Are” before “What They Do”.

We have coaches and facilitators in Sydney, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Abu Dhabi and Columbus, Ohio. We provide the full spectrum of our corporate and executive coaching and facilitation services in these cities and Singapore, and anywhere else in Asia Pacific and some parts of the United States. Contact us and we will match your needs with the right coach, facilitator or presenter/public speaker.

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