About Us

Lee Heiss Coaching has clients all over the world and is building a global network of associate coaches and facilitators.

For more than 25 years, we have been providing corporate coaching and facilitating services to organizations in Asia Pacific; and running public self-development workshops and coach training programs in Singapore, and one-on-one coaching sessions for people based in various cities in the US, Europe, Asia and Australia.

We are highly innovative and results focused. We make sure we do everything we can to deliver the desired results to our clients, with their full collaboration and participation.

Helen Lee, our Founder and Principal Coach, created all our programs for corporate and private clients. She delivers them herself and also engages her network of well qualified and experienced Associate Coaches and Facilitators to support her in various parts of the world. She either trains or/and mentors them herself.

Helen Lee's joie de vivre is infectious! Highly innovative and forward-thinking, she is an inimitable mix of enthusiasm and groundedness.

These programs are delivered through various formats including:

  • In-person, telephone and online coaching for private and corporate clients on a:
    • One-on-one basis
    • Group or team basis
  • Public and corporate workshops
  • Speaking engagements
  • Multimedia (videos, online seminars and e-books currently being created)

Coaching is for EVERYONE

Coaching is for anyone who wants to improve in all ways or to step up to higher levels in some or all areas of their lives. It is not only for people who have severe problems or are at crossroads.

Our programs are designed to bring maximum change and benefit to everyone but clients decide for themselves just how much change and what kind of results they want or are ready for.

To date, we have coached a huge variety of people of all ages and nationalities, including:

  • Schoolchildren and homemakers
  • Men and women of all races, nationalities and professions
  • Presidents, Chairmen, Board Members, CEOs and COOs right through to country heads and regional teams, middle management and high potentials
  • Multi-millionaire entrepreneurs who are heads of conglomerates to the near-bankrupt and retrenched

Our logo is a stylised and contemporary version of the yin yang symbol which stands for balance and harmony.

Personal or Life Coaching

We coach our clients to journey through The Path of The Invincible™ – a path that we personalize for them, to lead them towards self mastery and real success in all or select areas of their lives. We help them move towards mastery at all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Our programs are designed to bring deep transformation and produce amazing results quickly, provided that our clients fully collaborate. We work closely with you to create your desired results including:

  1. Career/business success and more money/abundance including fulfilling and rewarding career changes
  2. Better relationships/marriage and love-life including fulfilling life relationship changes
  3. Better health, fitness and youthfulness
  4. Personal/spiritual growth bringing –
  • Inner coherence/alignment and heightened awareness
  • Wholeness, deep sense of peace and wellbeing
  • Greater confidence and clarity of purpose
  • Balance and fulfillment
  • Joy of life and compassion
  • Expertise in manifesting or creating consciously

Find out more about our Personal Mastery Programs and Online Programs.

Corporate & Executive Coaching

We have an extensive track record in coaching corporate leaders at all levels, from Chairmen, Presidents, CEOs and Board Members to middle management and high potentials primarily from MNCs in Asia Pacific. We also coach individual leaders globally.

Our expertise lies in coaching both leader and team to bring real transformation to the entire organization. What sets us apart is our unique approach of leadership creation and teambuilding.

Our ontological coaching technology and programs can result in the spontaneous emergence of greatness in leaders, individual executives, the whole team and the entire organization. It is designed to fire up people, bring courage, innovation and passion to the workplace, and increase productivity and profitability as a natural process of growth and transformation of the individual and the group.

Find out more about our Corporate & Executive Coaching Programs.

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