The different crises the world is facing demands that humanity transforms. It cries for massive change across the board, across the globe. Founder & Principal Coach Helen Lee has created both The Transform & Thrive Show and The Transform & Thrive Membership Club to support both individuals and organizations worldwide to deeply transform and thrive as immeasurably as they will allow themselves to do so!

The Transform & Thrive Show is both a podcast and a vodcast.  The podcast was launched on January 10, 2022 to 5-star ratings and reviews raving that it is FANTASTIC, AMAZING AND WILL TRANSFORM LIVES!!  Check out these reviews and read more about The Transform & Thrive Show. Just click the button below and you will see the links to the various platforms this incredible podcast is on as well. Note that the vodcast and membership club will be launched soon after, and to find out more on the Club, scroll down.

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We are now about to celebrate our upcoming 100th podcast episode in February, and the second anniversary of The Transform & Thrive Show and Membership Club!

The Transform & Thrive Membership Club

In order to serve the world better at this time, veteran coach Helen Lee has created a new membership club that goes hand in hand with The Transform & Thrive Show, where you can benefit from monthly live sessions with the Master Coach herself as well as video, audio and written coaching by her and Masterclasses conducted by her and other changemakers impacting our world.


“Ontology” comes from the word, “ontologia” and means the “science of being” in Greek and New Latin. Our ontological coaching and leadership creation approach therefore engages the entire being of those we coach, individually or collectively, and facilitates deep and real transformation. We call this special methodology, The Path of The Invincibleand base all our programs and products on it.

For some 30 years, Helen Lee has painstakingly worked on researching, developing and honing it to perfection, and used it to assist our private and corporate clients to embark on or fast track the path that leads them to their own greatness, optimal living or working and success. We believe in the inherent invincibility or greatness that lies in everyone and we expertly draw it out of our clients, with their collaboration.

We also believe in people and families, organizations and communities, nations and the whole world flourishing and are passionately contributing towards this end, with our coaching and facilitating!

We coach everyone, from 5 to 65 (or older), corporate leaders and their teams or organizations, people from all walks of life and beliefs, worldwide. We define “leaders” as anyone who can influence others, be it a family unit or a much larger entity, even the whole world.

Check out what this means for you and both the science and philosophy behind our powerful, results-focused coaching, leadership development and facilitation: Our Methodology


Be your Invincible Self – your own Hero or Heroine and move towards thriving immeasurably this year and beyond! Come attend our free Masterclass to learn more about how you can rise and thrive in these times.

    Here’s more information about Invincible You! ~ The Hero’s Journey which is the online group version of our foundational program “The Path of The Invincible™️.

    Towards Ultimate Mastery

    Helen Lee, our Founder and Principal Coach, created our methodology and all our programs for both individual and corporate clients. She delivers them herself and also engages her network of well qualified and experienced Associate Coaches and Facilitators to support her in various parts of the world. She rigorously trains or/and mentors them herself.

    Her powerful 9-month Lee Heiss Coach Training Program is of great depth and is aimed at taking Coach Trainees towards what she calls “Ultimate Mastery”. And Coach Trainees often do the Program more than once, in order to be part of the Lee Heiss Coaching team, to serve our clients worldwide.

    Personal or Life Coaching

    In these times of tremendous and rapid change, this is not only of great value to everyone  -whether you are an individual, an adult or a child, a couple or a family, a group or community – but even of absolute necessity to some. We all need to step up and create real transformation and true thriving for ourselves and the people around us.

    What makes our coaching methodology and approach powerful and well capable of providing great shifts – with the client/s’ collaboration – is that we work with the entire person, his or her entire Being and not just the personality self. With our powerful methodology created by Helen Lee, we support our clients to move into their own wholeness and power, always with his/her own goals and desires leading the way and also taking into consideration  the couple, family or group’s desired goals, and objectives, where applicable.

    Corporate or Executive Coaching

    It is time for the world to profoundly transform in order to not only survive but thrive immeasurably. Organizations are communities of people going through these challenging times and likewise, need to step out of outmoded ways of thinking, interacting and operating.

    We speak of empowerment, better communication and far greater creativity and innovation. But we haven’t as yet dug deep enough into ourselves and allowed people to do the same, to find much, much more of our authentic selves, our Greatest Selves, beyond our personalities and egos. Organizational leaders and their teams need to lead the way for the world in terms of accessing so much more of their True Selves and the incredible gifts and talents within them, that will help them thrive personally and organisationally.

    Tools for Transformation

    • The Path of The Invincible™ is a 16hr program of one-on-one sessions for individuals of all ages (including children), based all over the world
    • Invincible You!™ – The Hero’s Journey is a 12hr global group online program comprising four 3hr live sessions based on our foundational program The Path of The Invincible™
    • Transform & Thrive Membership Club offers powerful Monthly Group Live Sessions on Zoom video calls conducted by Helen Lee herself and occasionally assisted by her global team. Members can join on a monthly basis and will also be provided with video, audio or written coaching once a month – either by Helen Lee or other changemakers impacting our world at this time. They will also be invited to Masterclasses conducted by Helen and/or her special guests.
    • Strategic Executive Coaching Programs & Workshops for organizations worldwide – for both leaders and their teams on a one-on-one and/or group basis. We will tailor our programs and workshops, according to each organization and executive’s needs and objectives
    • Lee Heiss Coach Training Program/s for participants who have already done our program/s and have successfully applied
    • Abundance Mastery – a 12hr global group online program comprising four 3hr sessions to support all who wish to move towards becoming Master Creators, able to create desired results in all areas of their lives and powerfully shift towards being their most powerful and wisest Selves in the process
    • Creating Conscious Relationships is a 12hr global group online program comprising four 3hr live sessions to support all who wish to improve a whole variety of relationships, ranging from the relationship with themselves, God/Universe/Creator, spouse/partner, family members, friends, colleagues, others, money, planet, all sentient beings, etc – and lead deeply fulfilled and joyous lives of abundance of all kind.
    • The Triple S Wisdom™ is an integral part of our methodology and all our coaching programs, and reveals the truth of who we all are and the true purpose of our lives on Earth.
    • The Golden Globe, our Key to Mastery is the most valuable and powerful part of our methodology and all our programs. It will catapult people into the desired changes they genuinely want to create for themselves and/or their communities or organizations, if used consistently and as prescribed.

    Helen Lee's Blog


    • Helen’s coaching programs fall into another category altogether, which I would call ‘PROFOUNDLY TRANSFORMATIONAL’. The insights and lessons offered are applicable to almost any organizational development need from Leadership Development, Executive and High Potential Coaching, and Work-Life Balance to Communication Skills, Conflict Resolution, or large motivational speaking engagements. I got more than I ever imagined possible from attending several of her workshops and sessions; and the results in my professional life and personal relationships have been instant, measurable, and deeply inspiring. I would rate Helen Lee, the Founder & Principal Coach of Lee Heiss Coaching as one of the top three coaches I have ever worked with, the other two are from the US, during my time with Pfizer.
      Maile Dooley, Principal Consultant, MDK Consulting, New York, USA
    • THE GOLDEN GLOBE: A POWERFUL KEY TO MASTERY "The Golden Globe is magical and has been an awesome tool. I have been using it daily and it has helped in all aspects of my life. Firstly, I met with my Soul, using the Globe and the experience was simply beautiful. I felt so still and calm and no words can describe how wonderful the feeling was. You will know what I mean when you experience it yourself. I also always use the Globe to step into Vastness itself, as it makes me feel so good. And I bring the Divinity of my Soul and Vastness into my life, supporting myself to fearlessly make the shifts I’ve longed to make but couldn’t before. Also, 3 years ago, my mum who was then 79 years old, was suffering from dizzy spells almost daily and she could not leave the house because of it. She was feeling very depressed, lost her confidence and even felt that her time was up. I used the many healing tools I had at the time but they only provided her temporary relief. Last year, when I started practising the Golden Globe on my mum, i witnessed the transformation. After a couple of sessions, she felt better and healthier, and the dizziness became less frequent. Today, she does not have any dizzy spells anymore and she can confidently leave the house to run errands and do things that she enjoys. As for my own health, a few weeks ago, I checked my blood pressure and it was at 199. I immediately used the Golden Globe for 15 mins and when I checked again, it had gone down to 156. I am simply amazed and grateful. Helen, I can’t thank you enough for the Golden Globe and the amazing experiences i have encountered with it. I had previously learnt and used several different types of meditation techniques for healing, ascension, liberation, etc but the Globe is, by far, my favourite. It is a very effective tool for both physical healing and at the soul level. I have greatly progressed at both levels, with it, and most importantly, it is such an easy-to-use and flexible tool. I dutifully use it daily and the results have been simply amazing and powerful."
      Christina Chan, Singapore
    • I have known Helen for the last eight years. She is a unique coach in that her techniques bring forward results that are both measurable and life changing! She is a warm and open person who genuinely cares about her clients and brings out the best in each individual. She has a magic that is totally her own and understands how to tap into the important issues that make the necessary attitude shifts in an amazingly short period of time. Her coaching has shifted old belief patterns and paradigms that had been inbred for as long as I can remember and immediately after her program, I felt completely re-invented as an individual with a capacity to achieve the greatest heights in both my career and personal life. The wonderful thing is that I continued to feel that way many years after the program, and have continued to grow and succeed in all areas of my life! Yes, I can truly attest to the fact that all successes happened after the completion of my coaching sessions with Helen and are still happening, and indeed I wish I had done this a long time ago!!
      Marina Paganucci
      ex-Hudson Global Resource, Los Angeles, USA
    • No words can describe how much I really appreciate Helen for the amazing coaching she provided me. Her special technique will bring to many people, great realizations and truths about life. If you follow what she shares with you, with your complete focus, you can be assured of significant changes towards what you want in life. Helen has helped me to overcome my strong negativities and untie the knots, which have been inside me for many years. It was a great breakthrough for me to attain peace and calmness, from within. Only when this happens, would one be able to see all things with a clear vision. And abundant success will be imminent. It is really my great life experience to have had Helen as my valuable coach. I will remember all that she has taught me and all that I have discovered for myself during the process with her; and I will do her proud!
      Stewart Hoe
      Managing Director, Mediatech Digitronics Pte Ltd, Singapore
    • After attending Helen Lee’s Mastery Weekend, I found the deepest changes in my life, both on personal and professional levels. These changes helped me tremendously while dealing with people and problems. I feel much more secure and I find the right words at the right time! I have a much clearer sense of direction and purpose. Within a few months from having done the program and using all of Helen’s tools and techniques, I materialized a wonderful new job, going from being Communications and PR Director of one chamber of commerce to being Executive Director of another. Yes, Helen knows very quickly who you are, what you want to be and how to lead you towards a better future, regardless of whether you do her coaching program on a one-on-one basis or in a workshop situation! Without doubt, she’s an extraordinary coach. And now, years later, I’m still using her techniques and have materialized a full time job with a French bank, which pays me 30% more than my previous job and gives me a bonus and many other advantages. Through continuous practice of these techniques, I have found the strength and energy to keep my faith about the future.
      Beatrice Kerrelle
      A French Bank, Paris, France
    • I have known Helen since 2009. I was at a turning point in my life and soon decided to enroll on Helen's personal coaching program. This proved to be highly transformative as I began to release the tension acquired through working as a human rights researcher and campaigner for many years. Helen's warm, sympathetic, but challenging approach helped me explore my value system and begin to set clear goals in my life that resonated with my deepest desires. Helen also taught me powerful techniques to release negativity and set clear intentions by using the power of the heart as well as the brain. I soon realized that I also had a passion to train and work as a coach and proceeded to enroll on her Coach Training program. This really helped me build the belief, trust and confidence to set up my own coaching practice. I am now proud and pleased to be appointed as one of Helen's Associate Coaches.
      Mark Allison
      Coach and Human Rights Consultant, Pai, Thailand & Ibiza, Spain
    • I have known Helen Lee for five years. I applied her methodology to two major issues in my life. The first worked like a dream and created results that made me very happy and much more secure within myself and in my personal life! The second made me very excited. I am an expatriate wife living in Singapore and have not had a corporate job for more than ten years because of expatriation. Recently, I decided to find a job; and job search would normally be a big challenge in my case because of the great gap between jobs and working in a corporate environment. However, I kept using the techniques learnt from Helen. I did not lose faith, hope and love for myself. I kept my mind clear and my focus set on a well-defined goal. I wanted to have a job that corresponded with my education, experience and personality, and most important of all, it had to give me the recognition I had long missed. I did not even need to conduct an extensive job search before I succeeded in landing an interview, which promptly led to my getting a managerial job even though the position was originally set at a junior level. I also had a very positive experience throughout my job search: I met a lot of people who were all kind and helpful, and expressed enormous appreciation of my background. This really boosted my self-confidence and self-esteem. And I was rewarded with this great job, after only three months of a very relaxed job search (I was busy with other activities at the time). I know I can become what I want to be. It feels absolutely wonderful to have the power to create what I want in my life and to be true to myself.
      Yuen Ling Laurence
      Customer Service Manager, German Dairy Asia, Singapore
    • I had a wonderful experience working with Helen Lee and understanding the universal laws and how they govern us all in every aspect of our lives. I had been attending lots of self-improvement courses and seminars but could never really feel the real benefit of any or all of them until I had the opportunity to work with Helen. Her ability to get down to the core of what I am and who I am, was the key in transforming myself and breaking through the barriers of my life that have been holding me back all these years. Her warmth and caring nature as well as her ability to make me see things almost instantly and clearly are traits I rarely see in other coaches and trainers. She is unique, patient and understanding. I have found clarity and know more about myself than I have ever before in my life. Using Helen’s techniques, I have been able to look deep within myself and learned to create what I truly want for myself and in life. Within a month of her program, I closed a significant business deal and landed a new job at the same time! And now my family and I have moved to Australia and are enjoying life here. I am now in better control of my life and have the mastery of what I want and how to get it. I owe Helen my deepest gratitude for being instrumental in my life-changing experiences and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who is looking to live a better life and achieve what they want in his or her personal and professional or business life.
      Woon Yow Neng
      Business Consultant, Melbourne, Australia
    • Going through Helen’s coaching has been a life-changing experience. Honestly, I started coaching with Helen a little skeptical of the results because I was already satisfied with what life had to offer me at that time. However, Helen showed me how much more there was to life and more importantly, how to harness the endless power within oneself. In the process, I started to understand and accept myself more through her help; I began to see incredible improvements in ALL aspects of my life immediately. My life is now filled with love and joy every single day and I embrace life wholly, with its ups and downs. With her many years of experience in helping others from all walks of life, she made me comfortable from the moment I sat down with her. I love that she is straightforward, earnest, sincere and extremely caring. I found it extremely easy to talk to her – I believe anyone would. And perhaps the best thing about Helen’s techniques for me is that the improvements are ongoing, since I was first taught to implement the techniques. In fact, I started to notice that recently the improvements started to take on an even greater scale, half a year after my last session with her! Taking on coaching sessions with Helen was definitely one of the best things that has happened to me and I can’t wait to experience more of the greater potential she has taught me to unleash!
      Yeap Si Min
      Studying for Masters in Management at European Business School, Germany
    • Helen is an amazing coach and facilitator. She seems to know exactly what is blocking us from tapping into our inner power, which is the real power within us. Helen integrated and transformed my heavy load of intellectual knowledge accumulated in the last 20 years (from books and many seminars) into several simple and powerful realizations within hours. She gets right to the core, is highly effective and results-oriented. What I picked up from her four workshops are things that I can apply on a daily basis. One of the main reasons that I would highly recommend her Mastery workshops to all my friends is that they allow us to be our own masters, to be in charge, and life will just never be the same again. Thank you, Helen. You’ve made self-mastery a whole lot easier and much more fun as it brings so many wonderful things into our lives that we never thought possible before. And we begin to love and appreciate ourselves, and others more and more as we keep growing! I’ve also done Helen’s Coach Training program and am making a difference myself as a coach and trainer of my own company.
      Tham Fun Yuen
      Director, Xuan Learning, Asia
    • Going through Helen's coaching program is life changing for me. I feel totally supported whenever I have questions and issues to work on. It has been an amazing journey and her program has transformed my life. It has been a gift of empowerment and expansion into more: More of me, more that life has to offer me, and more benefits that I can bring to others. I have recently completed her Coach Training program as well and the intensity and structure of the course pushed me to dig deep within to discover not only my true values and strengths, but also ways in which I have been sabotaging and short-changing myself. As part of the program, we had Skype sessions for a year after the workshop. Having others share insights on these calls and via emails during the program, followed by supporting each other long after the program was most helpful in our continued growth.
      Angela Tan
      IT Solutions Consultant, Leading Financial Company, Singapore
    • Having worked with Helen for a couple of months, I now enjoy experiencing an unprecedented inner clarity, strength and confidence… I have learnt to respect, love and care for myself, which, in turn, is allowing me to become far more loving, caring and respectful of others. I have learnt that in each and every moment I can fully be in charge of my own emotional state, shine the sun or not. I have a clear new sense of purpose… Whenever you believe that you are stuck with knots in your life, which are disallowing you to be who you want to be, do what you want to do or have what you want to have, Helen will prove to you that everything in life is a matter of perception. And then she will simply show you how to yield the sword, simply cut through the damn knot and slay the dragons forever more. I express my deep gratitude to Helen, who not only kept my highest self-interest in mind, but also had a deep sense of who I really am, an unwavering vision of my potential and an indomitable belief in me. Having such an angel at your side, helps you shift your question from ‘Is it at all possible to move this mountain?’ to ‘Knowing that I can move any mountain, do I actually want to move this one?’ She truly masters the art of being loving, understanding, non-judgmental yet firm in your own best interest. With her refreshing personal, pragmatic and spiritual approach, she instantly gives you a sense that virtually nothing is impossible, as long as you are true to your deepest inner self.
      Christophe Horvath
      Principal Consultant & Talent Coach, Primeast, Southern Africa
    • Helen’s technique is so simple, so precise and yet amazingly effective. Her workshops are simply experiential. Whenever I have any negativity in me, I could feel an immediate and total shift after practicing her technique. I feel a lot more centered, peaceful and happy every single day. Life has been like a dream; whatever I want is as easy as a snap of the fingers. I am so excited and happy that I discovered myself reaching a new level of evolvement! I feel that I am really starting to embody love and able to send love and happiness to others around me. Thanks so much for everything, Helen! Furthermore, I am also thrilled to add that three years after attending Helen’s personal mastery programs, I did her Coach Training program and stepped up to another level of emotional and spiritual maturity altogether, ready to start making a difference in the community!
      Ying Jie Wong
      Web Designer & Coach
    • The sessions with Helen were extremely productive… My empathy skills have come to the fore and I can now relate with people on a much deeper level. My short temper has diffused itself… I have never felt so relaxed or calm. I have become conscious of how I want to live my life according to my own ideals and values, maximize on it and my own strengths. And now, I have a much clearer sense of direction and purpose. I am also carving out what is a potentially much more abundant life, both in terms of business and relationship, material and spiritual wealth. Helen, my sincere gratitude for helping me to seek the innate strength to venture down this path of discovery and happiness.
      Dominic Che
      ex-Investment Banker, Singapore
    • Being coached by Helen at her Mastery Workshop is one of the best things to happen to me. Helen’s program started me on a journey of self-discovery and self-mastery. With great eagerness, I consistently applied Helen’s powerful techniques to all areas of my life. I began to experience wonderful changes and little miracles both at work and on a personal basis. Just two months after the workshop, I manifested a promotion with a 20% pay rise, immediately followed by a new job, which gave me an additional 18% salary increase. Subsequently, two years after the workshop, I have manifested yet another big jump in my career. All in all, I have almost doubled my income in just two years, and I went from having regional jobs to a fabulous global one! On a personal level, I feel that I am growing everyday. Best of all, I have a wonderful partner and a loving relationship and I have found great joy and purpose in supporting children hands-on, in orphanages in Thailand. I love life, embrace it fully, and am grateful for all its ups and downs that bring me endless opportunities to grow. After experiencing many miracles from practicing being in alignment at many levels, I do not feel any need whatsoever to seek out other similar teachings or workshops. There is only one truth, and all I have needed to do is embrace it and diligently incorporate it into my daily life. I continued with Helen’s other coaching programs, including her Coach Training program and every single experience has brought me to a higher level of self-mastery, many rewards and great fulfillment.
      Pauline Tee
      Global Head, High Risk Portfolios Management, An International Bank, Singapore
    • I first met Helen in 2011 at her workshop on “Creating Real Success“. I then followed up with one-on-one sessions with her, to embark on her program, “The Path of The Invincible™” . Helen is a highly professional coach. She has great integrity and a wide spectrum of in-depth knowledge. Looking back at my life, I am surprised at how far I have grown, in terms of having the clarity and wisdom to live a happier life. I used to be stressed and burned out over my pursuit of happiness and success but now I feel so much more at peace as I still take on different challenges in life. This is definitely a breakthrough for me! I owe much to Helen's patience, her knowledge and deep caring. I compare the person I am today with who and where I was two years ago when I reviewed my mind set and life goals with Helen; and I consider the money well invested. She always took the extra time and patience to get the message across, as she worked through again and again with me on my problems. Helen shares a concept, knowledge and friendship with me that has made a profound impact in my life.
      Dr Tang Seok-Yee
      Telecommunications Consultant and Author turned Professional Trader
    • There were many ways that Helen has influenced and helped guide me. She opened my eyes up to the concept of ‘energy’ and how we can use our own internal energy and also the world’s energy to make things in our lives flow easier, and help us see the bigger picture. I like her concept of ‘abundance’, where she guides one to believe and create anything that is right for one in one’s life. From a practical perspective, she provided me with tools, which helped me to relax, take stock, and most importantly taught me how to listen to the ‘voice inside me’, which actually has guided me to do the right things in my life. Usually one never has the opportunity to listen and learn from ‘this voice’. And at one point when I was going through a challenging time, she helped me work back to the cause of the pain, and she genuinely cared about me feeling better. She is a broad minded and business-driven woman. She realizes the importance of providing methodologies to plan one’s future, and strategies to reach one’s goals as well. She will make you think bigger.
      Rachel Farley
      Client Principal, Wilton & Bain, London, United Kingdom
    • Before attending Helen’s workshop, I had many “ideas” of who I was and yet I felt something deep within me was unclear. It was like having pieces of a jigsaw puzzle but not seeing the complete picture. At Helen’s Abundance Mastery workshop, she helped me realize what I was “missing” in my life and gave me a greater sense of understanding of my true Self. With Helen’s tools, I’m aligned with my true purpose and nature, piecing the puzzle together to reveal my mission in life. I now live my life each day with more peace, clarity and in alignment with my destiny.
      Andrew Tan
      Entrepreneur, Singapore
    • At 20 something you’re supposed to see your whole life ahead of you as one amazing path of independence and adventure. I saw nothing beyond today and if I did, I saw it as more tears, more put-downs, more being walked on, more being caught between my family mess, more financial worries. I saw everyone around me doing whatever they wanted and me – not. I was at my absolute lowest when my mum told me of Helen’s course. And I can tell you now, I turned in exactly the right direction by doing it. There is a phrase – C’est la premiere jour du reste de ta vie. (It’s the first day of the rest of your life). And that’s what I felt leaving Helen’s workshop after that one weekend. I found my voice and I found myself. I found someone I thought I had lost when I was a kid, or maybe had lost me. You owe it to yourself to do all you can to live your life the way you see it in your mind, in magazines, in a travel program, wherever. When I walked out of there, I stood up to people I thought I couldn’t stand up to. I got the job I thought I couldn’t get. I became strong enough that I became someone who could support others, and be a shoulder to lean on. Not just the one looking for shoulders to cry on. It doesn’t mean now I am perfect. But when I find myself overwhelmed, what uplifts me once again and helps me re-build and re-invent is what I learnt that one weekend, several years ago. And again it is giving me the inner strength, balance, forward vision and faith I need to pull myself off the wrong path and onto the golden one.
      Tara Hirebet
      Head of Asia Pacific,, Singapore
    • I have known Helen for 12 years and she originally coached me in 2001 in Singapore when my business had fallen apart. Within a few years, I had built my life back up to one where not only was I successful in my job and financially, I changed my life to one that was more balanced, loving and fulfilling. I am now living permanently in Los Angeles with a new husband, my daughter who is doing incredibly well, and have a wonderful world of new friends and loving my life! To get here took perseverance and ensuring that I kept up with the tools Helen had imparted to me, and which I still practice daily. Helen is an amazing coach – her style is relaxed, although firm, and she always guides you to what you already know but have not accessed. I did Helen’s Coach Training and now am one of her Associate Coaches. Her coach training is more about how being a coach is living it daily and not just teaching it. One of the most significant impacts Helen has had on my life is how my coaching and training with her has affected not just my own life, but helped me to bring my daughter up to be a totally balanced, loving and successful young lady. When I started coaching with Helen, my daughter was 6 and I taught her everything that I learnt with Helen. What has resulted over the last 10 years of my daughter living these practices daily is that she has turned out to be an incredibly balanced teenager, with amazing grades and one that knows what she wants in life and does not let peer pressure impact her at all - and all served with a loving and warm personality that knows that her life is abundant and full. That to me, is the greatest gift that Helen has given me and for that, I am eternally grateful.
      Marina Paganucci
      CEO, 360digitaltalent, Los Angeles
    • Right from the start, Helen packed her advanced coaching program with fun and relaxing yet extremely powerful exercises. I took away many valuable ‘treasures’, which would serve me well for a long, long time. My biggest take-away was learning to really ‘let go’ and allow my Inner Self to lead, even more than what I already learnt to do through Helen’s foundational program. Life in itself is easy, life never rushes me; it is I who rush life! My experiences during the workshop in total surrendering and truly being with my own Inner Self were exhilarating. It was so easy and fun working with Helen. At the end of the first day, I came out of the workshop feeling refreshed and looking forward to more surprises on the second day! And what happened on the second day was absolutely amazing and way beyond description!! You have to experience it yourself to understand what I mean. As many of those who have worked with Helen would agree with me, Helen is an amazing facilitator. Helen seems to know exactly what each of the participants need and guide them towards wherever they would like to be. It is just truly amazing, the same program, the same exercises for everyone and yet it works wonderfully for each participant even though we were from different levels of awareness and with different needs. I strongly encourage all her clients to do her advanced programs and step into the enriching experiences they provide. I believe you will be delightfully surprised as to how much you will receive from them. I am definitely glad I did them!
      Pauline Tee
      Global Head, High Risk Portfolios Management, An International Bank, Singapore
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