Our Aims Should Be Much, Much Higher

What are we so afraid of?  Not surviving?  Not fitting in?  Not doing well because we are not ahead of the race, lagging behind in the race or not even in the race?  What are we racing towards?  More badges of success that cannot give us the happiness or the health that ought to be our primary goals?  More affluence for our children who are already suffering acutely from affluenza?

Our aims should be set much, much higher!!!  We really need to aim to be the magnificent beings that we are capable of being, where our unadulterated greatness and our goodness are evident, to ourselves and others.  We absolutely need a complete makeover, not a cosmetic or a synthetic one, which our penchant for superficiality wants to veer towards.  We need to turn ourselves inside out, have our inner greatness emanating and shining out of us and translated into what we create in our personal and work lives.

As articulated in the YouTube video above,  which is one of Nike’s fabulous 2012 “Find Your Greatness” ads, “If we faced our fears, it means we are pointed in the right direction, even if the right direction is upside down.”  I have no doubt whatsoever, that our greatness will soon not only turn us right side up but we’d be heads and shoulders above others, without any kind of stilts, and we’d be wholeheartedly supporting them to raise their level of consciousness, operating and performing.

Anyone Who Has A Desire To Step Up

Anyone who has a desire to do this can do this, if they allow us to ignite their greatness and if they do the work to maintain and grow the extent of that greatness.  It causes us to make significantly better choices and decisions, to take vastly differently actions and behave differently.  We will come across as being much clearer, much more powerful, much wiser and kinder, much more confident and courageous, much more innovative, open and honest – because we would genuinely be all that and then some.

Anyone who is willing to step up and be the embodiment of their true greatness and who has the capacity to influence others is therefore a leader.  And as a leader, we will need to take responsibility to create positive change – in a way that is wise, powerful, positive and results-focused.  In a way that totally resonates with us and not only brings the best out of ourselves but also out of as many others around us as possible, be it in our personal circles or in our offices.


So, rather than having a handful of superheroes that we worship and try to emulate, the idea is to allow our own greatness to emerge and to grow this greatness by nurturing and practicing greatness daily.  The revolution therefore is to have a world filled with men and women whose greatness has taken charge – firstly of themselves and their lives and secondly, of the world around them.  

Remember, true greatness has absolute integrity.  And true greatness – because it is powerful in its purity and magnificence – has no need whatsoever to prove anything to anyone.  True greatness is already whole and perfect, and is already true success in it very self.

This then is the inner work that we must dedicate ourselves to, for it can only be an inside-out job.  And the outer practice of it can be witnessed by all in the way we conduct ourselves at home and in our organizations, on a daily basis.  And the superhero is a collective one – it is all of us acting in unison as an extensively upgraded human race, poised to revolutionize our world as we know it.

– Written by Helen Lee, Veteran Executive Coach & Life Coach


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