Natural Emergence of Leadership Qualities

With our own special brand of executive and life coaching, we expertly connect and align you to and with  the center of your being, wherein lies your True Greatness.

With our own special brand of executive and life coaching, we expertly connect and align you to and with the center of your being, wherein lies your True Greatness.

What I am championing is the natural emergence of leadership qualities in everyone, including all executives working in all organizations, large or small.  There is a leader in each one of us, with traits of greatness such as courage, clarity, compassion, creativity, charisma, integrity, passion and resilience, not necessarily in this order.  

When human greatness is ignited and regularly fanned and fueled, it will spontaneously grow in an organic way to reach its optimal levels.  Hence, it would emerge, take charge and accomplish wondrous things:

1. Not because we have something to prove.  And not because we are coming from a lack of self worthiness that causes us to look externally for validation and joy.

2. Not because we are morally obliged and duty-bound to do so, or because we are forced to do so in any way.  Instead, we would do so in a way that is totally natural and wholehearted.

3. And because we have a burning desire to make a difference, both for ourselves in our own lives and for the community, even all of humanity and the whole world.

True Greatness Needed In Organizations

This greatness that emerges from deep within us is then the True Greatness that I speak of and that is desperately needed in all organizations, profit and non-profit – and in all segments of our society and our world.  We need it.  We all need to see our greatness emerge and flourish.  We need to see it overflow from us and spill into all areas of not just our lives but of Life on earth.  We need to see it in our leaders.  Perhaps, we need a whole new set of leaders, in our homes, our schools and institutions, in every tiny nook and corner of every group, be it a corporation, association or movement.

This means we would use completely different yardsticks to measure success and brand new ways of operating to arrive at success in the first place.  What is evident to all or most of us is that:

1. There is very little freedom for people to be who they really are and express their true selves at work (or even in life, as a whole).  This ranges from C-suite executives to junior staff.  Even Chairmen and Presidents are not exempted.

2. At best, people are doing jobs they like but not necessarily what they love and that they would not change for anything in the world.

3. Stress levels are high for many people, to do what they have to do, to either keep their jobs or to move ahead.  Very often, they are not recognized or appreciated, and they do not feel motivated, let alone inspired.  There is a constant top-down pressure to perform and to meet what are often ridiculous targets, objectives and deadlines.  Again, even CEOs and other executives at the very top are sometimes obligated to accept impossible targets to meet and then proceed to push subordinates to do so.

In Part III of this blog series on True Greatness in All Leaders & Organizations, we will touch on our aims as human beings needing to be much higher than they are right now in order to elevate ourselves beyond our fears and evolve into the magnificent beings that we are meant to be.  We will also talk about the revolution being the mass transformation of people inhabiting our planet, such that it becomes filled with men and women whose greatness is taking charge and leading our world into enlightened times.

– Written by Helen Lee, Veteran Executive Coach & Life Coach



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