NOW IS THE TIME FOR TRUE TRANSFORMATION. It may be very challenging for many, however, as they face all that is going on within them and in our world. All the more, we are fired up to take our coaching programs that offer deep transformation quickly and sustainably to people globally, as we ourselves confront the same issues and move beyond them.

Meanwhile, in a six-part article, we’d like to share with you some fairly substantial recommendations that can either jumpstart or support your continued journey of moving towards being your Greatest Self, on your Path of The Invincible – for that’s what you truly are, invincible and eternal because of the great Light and Invincible Love that lie within you (check out the 3 videos on our “Tools for Transformation page: http://www.leeheiss.com/tools-for-transformation/).

Let It Be

The beautiful lyrics of The Beatles’ song “Let It Be” – which are displayed on the youtube video above – are perfect for the first part of this article (which I was originally inspired to write for a Facebook community two or three months ago). I hope the following words as well as the wisdom of this song written so many years ago, bring you solace and hope, supporting you to also move forward.

We are being re-calibrated and reset big time, to say the least. As duality collapses all around us, we will increasingly witness horrendous occurrences. View it as a necessity for the old to make way for the new. It has to get bad enough, before it gets better. Like the massive renovation of God’s mansion with its many rooms. It will be messy to begin with…

Step into our new world

Do everything you can and must to NOT buy into the duality of what you see. Switch off the news, don’t read the newspapers, etc if need be. Otherwise, our emotions, thoughts and energy will only serve to keep duality in place longer than necessary.

Focus instead on the fact that we have already moved into our new world. It may not be evident as yet to most. But some of us have already stepped into it. Focus on yourself, your own recalibration and upgrade. Keep surrendering, keep ascending. That is exactly what we came here to do at this time.

Send light, if not love, or both to everyone on planet earth, if you like. But if you are hypersensitive and start getting overwhelmed by the sorrow and the pain, pause or stop altogether, and focus on yourself – on your own evolvement. The rest is being taken care of. TRUST IN THAT.

Time for true transformation

As the great enlightened mystic Osho says, we are the consciousness filling the universe. We must know what we are doing, especially now when the time is ripe for true transformation. Everything has to be torn down, beginning with our own outmoded structures and ways of doing things.

Move into Love every day and ask what would Love do now, every time you feel low or you falter, as we all do. Practice loving yourself better each day, every day. Practice relaxing – beginning with your body. Tell the part that is in pain or suffering in any way to utterly relax. Massage it with essential oils and great love.

Start with the body

Start with the body and when you can master that, move onto the mind. Instruct the mind to relax. Soothe it, tell it how much you value and love it, that you cannot do without it, that it will always have an important role to play in your life. AND tell it to relax and to be still and quiet now, even if it’s only for a moment. Then, increase the length of time, you can get your mind to be silent, gradually.

Dance or do a walking or dynamic meditation, if that is your preferred way to move towards silence and being utterly relaxed. Any repetitive exercise that gets you into the zone, does the job too.

Be patient with yourself

Be patient with yourself, your mind and the process. Treat it with absolute love and tenderness, as you would a child placed in your care. But be gently firm with it, at the same time.

Try that first but remember to start with the body. Move a whole lot more slowly and deliberately, mindfully, as you have never moved before. Eat slowly, with awareness, as you have never done before. Breathe and focus on relaxing, no matter what.

More in the next article. Let me know how you’ve done with getting the body to relax. And when you have conquered that, then the mind. Share with all of us, if you like.

Remember, there will be an answer, let it be, let it be…

LOVE TO ALL – Helen Lee


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