Love is the soul's light

“As taught by sages of all backgrounds, throughout centuries, we must encourage ourselves and each other to love and accept ourselves exactly as we are.” – Helen Lee

“We are as gods and have to get good at it.” ~ Stewart Brand

WE ALL KNOW THAT DIRE SITUATIONS CAN LEAD TO TRUE AND MASSIVE TRANSFORMATION FOR US.  But can we reduce the regularity and intensity of these situations by proactively and consciously shifting ourselves and stepping up to higher levels of being and operating?

It is not so much about averting or circumventing challenges that are great for our growth but about recognizing the reason that we are here, is to realize who we really are and move towards being our True Self, our Soul or Inner Self – the part of us that was made in the image of God, the Buddha within us or the hologram of the Universe.  Just as Stewart Brand advises us, that “we are as gods and have to get good at it.”

Come into Alignment

So, if we are as gods, how on earth (literally)  can we be our godly selves, when we seem so flawed and limited, when we seem so addicted to pain and struggle, when sometimes we feel as if we are drowning?  It is certainly not about an endless clearing and destruction of certain personality traits and behavioral aspects of ourselves, as if we are unworthy sinners or imperfect at best.

Quite the contrary, as we have been taught by sages of all backgrounds, throughout centuries, we must encourage ourselves and each other to love and accept ourselves exactly as we are, to surrender to the Divine within us, which means to come into alignment with that Divinity, which is both our Greatness and our Invincibility.

Matter of Identification

So, our true transformation is quite simply a matter of identification, because both our divine and human selves exist simultaneously right now.  We are Souls in physical bodies leading human lives here on earth, attempting to uncover our spiritual selves, either when our lives fall apart or when we discover a great big gaping hole of zero fulfillment after having accomplished all our material goals.

If and when we encounter our own Divinity, or at least begin to more than intellectually know that we are Souls, replicas of a higher Consciousness or holograms of the Universe, and that it is a matter of where we put our focus and a matter of perspective, it gets so much easier.  If we were to see ourselves as being Souls or powerful spiritual beings in human bodies, then we would not look upon ourselves as flawed and limited beings, constantly challenged and plagued by one thing after another.  And the moment we not only intellectually think that we are Souls but embody the fact from deep within us, our lives become Soul-led and we live our time on earth in total sync with the Divine.

We move towards not just believing but KNOWING from every cell within us that we are One with our Creator, and therefore, we can drop the addiction to pain and struggle.  Even when we find ourselves still in pain and still struggling, albeit only on the rare occasion, we can, not only completely embrace the moment and the human self, but also actually thank God, the Universe, our Creator for the blessing.  We can adopt this attitude of gratitude, only because we recognize the fact that we are moving closer to going Home, closer to being Who We Really Are – our Pure Divine Selves.

Meet your Invincibilty

We can, therefore, celebrate such intense and difficult events in our lives, even with our backs to the walls or our behinds scorched aflame by the hugest hottest fire.  Somewhere along the line, you will definitely meet your Invincibility, your Greatness, your Divinity and you will jump up and down for joy, as I did.  And even when I recently found myself needing to momentarily re-visit the experience of being pinned to the ground for a split second, I also understood why it was a great blessing, just as I embraced and allowed my human self to experience the gamut of emotions that were wanting to flow through me.

I allowed my human self to be exactly as she was meant to be, I did not bully her to be anything else but simply, non-judgmentally and unconditionally loved her, gave her all the space and breathing room she needed.  I was most suitably grateful and highly appreciative of the entire experience. What’s more, I was totally humbled and awed by the perfection and Divine order of it, and moved into even greater alignment with all of Existence, in obeisance with the Power and the Wisdom within and all around me.

Gods embodying Love

As soon as I wrote the above last week, more challenges cropped up and I found myself bamboozled into judging and questioning myself for a few brief moments, something I had not done for a very long time.  When it seemed as if I went from perfection and peace to disarray and despair, I was also given the support to return to my True Self.  It is, as if, every time I declare something, the Universe or even my own Soul is throwing me a curve ball, just to check how much of what I am declaring is truly embodied by me.  And to make sure that I remain grounded, true and pure.

I also now remember that it is I, myself, who had set me up, so to speak.  I had called upon the White Fire, the fire that is so hot it burns even the ash, to burn all that is within me that is not God, and I had also, of late, been continuously renewing a vow I first made in the year 2000, to be in total alignment with God, my Soul and my Divine Life Purpose.  I hardly ever do anything in half measures and total alignment is no less than total.

So, we can call ourselves Gods with a capital “G”, claim our Divine heritage and be our Invincible Selves, without fear of embodying Love so hugely that we are powerful and compassionate, meek and strong, all at once.  Don’t worry, you don’t have to go through what I went through to get there.  That was my role and the role of many others on the planet at this time, souls who are willing to go through whatever they need to go through, in order to pave the way and make it easier for others to follow and then, for them to lead the way for yet others in line.

Alignment with Divinity

Indeed, there is no other way other than alignment with our Divinity and there are many ways and modalities that can support us to get there.  Some people pray, go to churches or temples, mosques or other prayer houses.  Others meditate or go through hypnosis or other programs that reach deep inside themselves until they can arrive at their core. You may not be even remotely interested in any of this or in fact, abhor any discussion of it, but there will come a time when you will embrace this, if not here on earth, several years down the track, then, most certainly, when you are in your Soul state in another realm!

In my case, I was guided to create a methodology and a technique that powerfully and quickly takes people there.  Yet, I hasten to add that we cannot get there any faster than we are meant to and we must be humbled and bow down to a greater power orchestrating all of life – but not as sinners or unworthy souls, instead as Creations of the Creator returning Home, knowing that both are One and the same.

Journey Home

On this journey home, we can only get whatever help along the way, so that we feel supported and are given the tools to support ourselves as well, and if we are meant to, those tools will help us shift quickly and hugely.  This is a great part of the reason why I don’t really market what I do.  The ones who come to me are truly meant to shift quickly.

Many who come to me do shift quickly and are able to create the results that matter to them in no time, provided that they use the technique I share with them to increase and strengthen the alignment.  Even so, Divine Order will inevitably step in, if a delay is part of the greater plan.  And there is nothing to do but to embrace it and say, Thank you!

Eliz Gilbert - Jewels buried in us

“We are actually given a biology that allows us to transcend or go beyond our humanness and thrive!” – Helen Lee

Science of Being

The methodology is my own brand of ontological coaching (with ontologia meaning the Science of Being in Greek and New Latin) and I call the technique, The Golden Globe which takes us back to our Original Selves.  Basically, The Golden Globe starts its work by aligning you with your inner power and wisdom, through aligning your three “brains” or centers of intelligence – the head, the heart and the gut.

When these are aligned, you are instantly connected with a Higher intelligence, which is the essence of who you are.  And this Intelligence is also Love, which is way more than an emotion.  You would spontaneously go from stress and inner conflict to ease and clarity, from doomsday, woe-is-me thoughts and emotions to a vastly expanded, grounded, loving and joyful possibility-thinking and emoting.  You see, we are not just set up as limited human beings thrown into jungles without food, water and tools to survive,  we are actually given a biology that allows us to transcend or go beyond our humanness and thrive!!!!

And I was guided to create a methodology and a technique which takes us back to our Greatness, our Invincibility, our Godliness…  After all, we are as Gods, and have to get good at it!!  I am not here to prove to anyone that we have this Divinity within us.  I am not here to change your own belief systems or to impose anything on anyone either.  If this resonates with you, however, then I am here to expertly support you to be all that you already are, but perhaps need a helping hand to get there quickly.

I am here to support both individuals and groups to do so, regardless of their own beliefs and non-beliefs.  If there is enough common ground, I will know how to get you there.  And the lesser the resistance, the faster you get there, God willing.

In the fourth part of this article on True Transformation, I will write about the greatest strategy of all, which is Surrender – with a capital S, so that we can all be Gods – with a capital G!

Until then, practice identifying more and more with your Soul or your Inner Being, if you don’t believe in the existence of souls.  Practice loving and accepting your human self more and more.  And contemplate the idea of being as gods or Gods!!

Love to All,

Helen Lee



  1. pamela white

    Thankyou this is beautiful. I would like to know more of your technique Helen .God Bless

    • Helen Lee

      You are most welcome, Pamela! I usually share The Golden Globe with clients in workshops and one-on-one sessions. However, I may be producing a series of digital products, one of which might include the technique. Will keep you posted. Thank you so much for your interest! x

  2. Kalpana

    Thank you for tagging me Helen Lee. Today I was pondering about what this ‘Beingness’ is all about. Thanks to your post,I now have a clear understanding of what it is!!!!! As always love your wisdom and you are inspiring!!!!

    • Helen Lee

      Thank you so much, dear Kalpana!! It is my pleasure to share with you and others in my blog posts. Wishing you endless blessings!

  3. Anna Thomson

    Thank you for writing this interesting guide for inner transformation Helen. Your passion, knowledge, understanding and compassion for people experiencing the journey of inner change is heart warming and reassuring.

    • Helen Lee

      Thank you, Anna, that is very kind of you to say so! With great appreciation and love, and wishing you endless blessings! x

  4. Bill Lord

    Dear Helen Lee~

    Your articles are filled with an iron-willed tenderness before which the seemingly intractable yields to love. A wonderful invitation to undertake the Hero’s journey under the tutleage of a fierce, accomplished guide. Please write us a book (in all the spare time you don’t have :))! Thanks for your generous courage on the behalf of all! Love and light! Bless you, inspirational Helen Lee!

    • Helen Lee

      Bless you, Bill for such a lovely comment! That truly warms my heart and spurs me on to write my book/s – God willing! Thank you so much and wishing you great alignment with your True Self and immense Joy!! Blessed be. x


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