Compassion for Self

We owe it to ourselves to practice self-compassion – to absolutely take care of ourselves as we would a child given to us to look after. – Helen Lee

THIS ARTICLE IS SPECIALLY WRITTEN FOR ALL OF US, WITH LOVE AND COMPASSION, AND THE DEEPEST DESIRE FOR EVERYONE TO BE FREE, WELL AND HAPPY. It is about true transformation for the whole world, where we move from our current way of being to much higher levels, as humanity here on earth, with vastly different systems that honor everyone and provide Abundance For All, and how we need to take care of ourselves en route.

It is, therefore, like the first part of this article, about the times ahead and the incoming energies, how we need not identify with all that is happening in the world out there, as it comes crumbling down before a new world can be created. And how we can move towards being utterly relaxed and move in unison with all of Existence, completely at ease with itself.

Practice self-compassion

First and foremost, we all owe it to ourselves to practice self-compassion – to absolutely take care of ourselves as we would a child given to us to look after; and if we desire true transformation for ourselves and the world. Every time we are inclined to put others first at our own expense, catch ourselves and stop. Ask ourselves why we are not loving and honoring ourselves more. Ask ourselves which part of ourselves are we feeding that needs to do this.

We must all get centered, balanced and strong, really really strong. More and more. Or else we will be shaken left, right and center every now and then. Either we will be affected by some mishap that is happening to somebody else, or to a group of people somewhere in the world, to us personally or to the whole world.  If it’s not a plane going down somewhere, it’s people being shot in some city or other, by terrorists or someone going ballistic.  Don’t focus on all that, on all the tragedies or horrors of our world.

Focus on YOU 

Focus on YOU, on your own inner alignment which will spontaneously raise your level of being, get you to automatically step up to a higher frequency and therefore a higher intelligence.  I will go into more detail about this in part III of this article.

It’s simply about accessing that place of perpetual peace within you and expanding it. There really is a place within us, where an oasis of peace lies.  Close your eyes, breathe deeply and slowly several times and ask yourself where within me is this oasis? When you discover this sacred spot within you, return to it daily, breathe the peace that emanates from there.

Balance in yr life is so v important

We must all get centered, balanced and strong, really really strong. – Helen Lee

Your oasis will expand

When you do this daily, your oasis will expand, until one day, it takes over. Takes over your life and pervades your entire being, every aspect of who you are and all your activities – such that no matter what happens, you can access that oasis within, no matter how large or small it may be at the time. It will always be there, constant and undisturbed, observing and listening, loving and supporting.

When you breathe deeply, eyes closed or open, you will connect with it. Breathe deeply and often. Remember that peace begins within us, within our hearts and souls, our entire being.  So, grow that peace within you.

Let Soul lead

We can also consciously choose which aspect of ourselves we wish to lead our lives and us. We can either be our human self who is fear-based and thinks limitation or we can consciously shift into letting our Soul or Inner Self lead and have our Soul show up most of the time, and peacefully align with that most powerful and wisest part of ourselves. The time is now! We need to do this NOW! More and more every day.

Every time we wish to go into a panic, say hold on, and ask: “Who is panicking here? Is it really necessary to panic? Can I let my Greatness, my wiser and more powerful Inner Self take over in this moment? If I were to breathe deeply, can that breath connect me with my Soul, with the Spiritual Being that I am? With my oasis of peace?” The same applies with anger, sorrow, hurt or any other emotion that robs you of your true power, and takes you away from being the Love that you are.

Towards mastery

Practice this, without suppressing the emotions that arise.  Feel the emotions fully and let them go, without indulging in them, just to connect deeply with yourself. There are healthier ways to do so, that will build you up rather than tear you down.  Move towards gaining dominion over your internal state, towards mastery of yourself.

Take whatever time you need to do this and enjoy life at the same time.  While it is crucial and the most important work you can do now, be lighthearted about it at the same time.  Nothing is that serious, laugh at yourself – in a loving and non-judgmental way – and laugh at the situation, knowing that you are truly greater than any challenge or circumstance.

Be the invincibility that you are

The more you practice all of this, the more you will be the invincibility that you are, the eternal self whose essence is love itself.  This love is neither romantic nor sentimental, it is the creative power that put the world, our universe and multiple universes together.

Part II of this article became so expanded, that I will have to share it soon as Part III and there will probably be a Part IV as well, as there is so much to share to support all of us on our journey of true transformation and to co-create our new world together.”

– With Love For All, Helen Lee

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