The Art & Science of Deliberate Creation

This is a subject that we cover in all our programs, both corporate and personal.  After all, we wish to create the results that we want in both professional and personal areas of our life.  While high achievers are able to do so, much of the time at work, they often do so at great expense to themselves personally.  Their health may get affected, or their work and/or personal relationships, or all three.

That’s primarily because they are using their will to create.  There is often an element of force involved; and this intense energy will re-appear elsewhere in their lives or even at work as well.  The solution is to create with ease and harmony, in alignment both internally and externally.  Both internal and external alignment can be easily achieved with “The Golden Globe”, which is our primary technique that we share with our clients.

There are three primary centres of information within us, each with its own neural networks, making us potentially excellent transmitters and receivers of information.  When these centres are completely aligned, we are able to send out the exact messages we wish to convey and also to receive whatever information we need.  The Golden Globe helps us to be able to do this consciously and with ease.

The Golden Globe also works on the em (electromagnetic) field around us as well as our form or physical body.  It helps you to create synchronous or coherent wave patterns that are able to attract whatever desired results you focus on.  If you do not deliberately do this, you will attract whatever your internal programming, belief system and thoughts cumulatively draw into your life, which sometimes appear as events or circumstances that you don’t want.  If you do not consciously intervene, with awareness and a powerful tool such as The Golden Globe, you will continue to repeatedly create the same type of outcomes in your life, leaving you to keep re-experiencing the same emotions.

So, even when people seem to be successful, they may not be happy, fulfilled and enjoy a sense of well being.  And, if this is the case, their apparent success will not last.  To have real and sustainable success, it has to be an inside-out process, even if it starts with outward success and moves inward to re-emerge as success with a solid foundation of great self-worth, self-love, self-belief, self-confidence, all of which you might think that all high achievers have and enjoy, but is often not the case.

It is neither good nor bad to not have this solid foundation.  It is simply the result of our personal history, where childhood experiences leave emotional imprints that cause us to think and act in certain ways, and therefore to create certain life and work situations.  The nature of the game called Life is to get to the point of sufficient awareness and willingness to recognize all of this and to go to people who can expertly support you to evolve through this. 

More than anything else, it presents an opportunity to be even greater leaders, to be able to impact our world, both our professional or business world and our personal lives in such a way that we ultimately and collectively help change the way we live and operate.

As I wrote recently on Facebook, “This is a time of challenge because it is an opportune time of renewal. The old must go and when you allow yourself to fully feel whatever emotions that come up and flow through you, with great love and compassion for yourself, you will powerfully shift to higher levels. Make full use of this time; you can gain enormous freedom and be your authentic self, one with all that is around you.”

I also wrote, “You can consciously re-invent yourself and re-design your life. By deliberately letting go of what doesn’t work in your life anymore, you will be able to welcome the new and the wonderful into your life. If you hang on to what’s familiar and comfortable, even if it causes you pain, even if you know you deserve better, then you are blocking all the joys and success that you desire in ALL areas of your life.” 

Do NOT operate as two separate selves: a business or professional self and a personal self.  That’s part of what’s not working optimally in our current accepted way of living.  The business world does not want to know about the human being that goes to work.  It values making maximum profit and beating competition.  Whatever crises we see in the world today is a result of the way we live and do business.  The personal self is being subjugated.  It will result in various ills, depending on how the person is wired. 

Ironically, we can have everything, if we are truly intelligent (not intellectual) about it.  We can have and enjoy immeasurable inner and outer or material wealth, on a personal and professional or business basis, if we individually and collectively become aligned, which means we consciously create resonant or harmonious wave patterns, in sync with all that is within and around us.   

I have a client who got a new job, only after two sessions with me and the practice of The Golden Globe in between sessions.  He wrote to me this morning, “Things are great with me. I’m loving the job and it’s still a dream come true. I have a great boss and colleagues. I have no stress and no complaints.”  He also said that his relationship with his girlfriend has improved, “I’m a lot happier with her now. I’ve learnt to be less impatient.”

When we are happier, we are much more aligned; and the energy of well being spills over into other areas of our life.  I will share with you more of my clients’ stories in future posts to show you that the same approach of internal and external alignment, which I call The Whole Mind Approach can be applied in so many ways and produce amazing results, as long as people are willing to conscientiously use our techniques and strategies.

I will not, however, expound on the science behind it, which I do so in our coaching programs but simply let you know that there is definitely a science behind it.  The Golden Globe encompasses all the laws of physics, which you don’t have to understand or figure out (it will work, if you use it conscientiously and as coached) and we coach you on the art of deliberate creation.  We make it simple for you.  It’s up to you whether you make it easy and effortless or difficult!

Have a great week!


5 Responses to “The Art & Science of Deliberate Creation”

  1. Sandrine Ngo

    Hi Helen,

    It’s really great that you take your time to write the blog and send us the update regularly.
    With the stressful and busy life, I have the tendency to forget to practice every day all what I have learned with you. With your blogs, this remind me what I need to do every day.

    It’s pity that I am not in Singapore, it would be even better and much more beneficial to work closely with you.

    Many thanks for your blogs and to contribute towards transforming the world.

    Big Hugs and Love

  2. leeheiss

    Great to hear from you, Sandrine! I think of you, from time to time and wonder how you are doing/being in Europe!! I’m glad to hear that the blogs are useful; it makes it worthwhile for me to devote time to writing them.

    The idea is to serve a large global community in the future, who know how to use the techniques I’ve shared with you, a time when there are many people living and operating (includes working and doing business) in a completely different way, a far more powerful, relaxed and enlightened way…

    You can always Skype me, you know, Sandrine! If you forget, my Skype ID is leeheisscoaching

    Lots of love to you & sending you endless waves of golden light, of sunshine and joy!
    Helen xoxo

  3. Sandrine Ngo

    Thank you Helen for your Skpe ID, I will Skpe you.

    My dream is always to come back to live in Sinagpore and I have been working on this dream since my return back to Europe but it seems very difficult to achieve this dream.


  4. leeheiss

    Hi Sandrine,

    It was great chatting with you via Skype last week! I look forward to seeing you in Singapore in June; and to seeing you in Zurich thereafter!!

    Some dreams take a little longer to materialize, either because of the lessons we still need to go through (such as letting go and allowing ourselves to have what we want i.e. a matter of believing that we deserve to have what we want and learning to put ourselves first); or because of our own resistance (some are afraid of failing and others fear their own power and greatness).

    Look forward to further chatting with you via Skype, before you make your way here in June!

    Happy Creating!
    Helen xx


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