The Art & Science of Deliberate Creation

8th Installment

Focus, Relax & Receive

How has your year started out for you? Is it going the way you’d like it to go? Are you working on what needs to be worked on, in order to go beyond any challenges that may be coming up? Whatever it is, remember that it all starts with YOU!

It’s not about external circumstances or someone being difficult with you, etc. Even when that seems to be the case, you need to always take the issue back to yourself and work on whatever internal factor/s within you that have caused these set of circumstances and person/s to show up in your life. If you insist on saying that it’s got nothing to do with you and you are just a victim of circumstances or someone being unfair or vicious, then you’re right. And you’ll stay a victim as well and continue to attract these circumstances and people into your life.

As you may already know, life will always reflect back to you what you think and believe. So, if you don’t like what’s appearing in your life, it stands to reason that you need to change your belief system and the way you think. To many, this is not so easy as old habits generally die hard.

Absolute determination to change

But it does NOT have to be difficult either. All it takes is absolute determination to change, to do whatever it takes to transform. Firstly, it starts with appreciating ALL that you do already have in your life, including the many things you may be taking for granted, including your ability to see, speak, walk and eat; your talents and intelligence, your general good health, the roof over your head, the food on your table, the many kindnesses bestowed upon you; your family and friends; your job, whatever money you do have in the bank, etc.

Secondly, you need to be and stay optimistic; and be focused on whatever you want to create rather than what’s still not working at present. You can look at what’s not working, decide on what you do want and keep your “eyes on the prize”, so to speak. You don’t even have to know all the details of what you want. And you need to be in alignment with what you want, which simply means that you have to be ready to receive what your heart desires.

Very often, we say that we want something but we don’t really mean it, in the sense that we are afraid of actually having it for fear of something or other. For example, we may long for a relationship but we stay focused on the longing or yearning rather than the having. Some part of us may be conditioned to think and feel that we don’t deserve the relationship (i.e. underlying feelings of not being good enough, for whatever deep-seated reason/s) or we may think and feel that we might lose our freedom if we had a relationship, or that we might get heart-broken yet again, or that we might have a relationship where we are fighting all the time and we’d be robbed of our peace. Or it may simply be that our real priorities lie elsewhere.

If it’s got to do with business or money, we could also be focused on the lack of it, get very anxious and stressed out because our attention is fixed on the dwindling amounts of money and the bills piling up; and so, we create more of what we are afraid of rather than allowing what we want to flow into our life.

The formula

The formula, therefore, is to unwaveringly focus on the results you wish to create, relax and allow yourself to be in a state of appreciation and joy, so that you are totally open and poised to receive that which you desire to have in your life. This works just as well for both personal and professional goals and objectives, for both individuals and groups of people of all kinds including families, teams and entire organizations.

The idea is to take responsibility for EVERYTHING that shows up in your life. Say to yourself, without any judgment of yourself and with great love for yourself, “Okay, what is it within me that is causing this to come into my life. What do I wish to dis-create and to create in place of it? What do I need to change within myself that will allow me to release this set of circumstances or these type of people in my life; and to receive XYZ set of circumstances or ABC type of people in my life instead?” And decide what XYZ and ABC are.

As previously mentioned, you don’t always have to be very precise about what you want, but you do have to be clear enough. For example, when I was running my regional public relations business and even though it was doing well, I very much wanted a business that was more spiritually fulfilling, that my soul very much needed, in order to thrive, I simply stayed focused on exactly that: the idea that I was going to create a business that was fulfilling and that fed my soul. And, even though I had already been coaching for close to nine years on a voluntary basis at that point, I never thought I could do it as a profession.

But when I stayed focused on the idea of having a fulfilling business and got myself ready to actually have it, I was led to doing workshops that got me clear and prepared, to first make coaching the core business of my company and, then its sole business. It has definitely been my soul business for many years now!

It also led me to have many experiences that stand me not only in good stead but excellent readiness to coach ANYONE in the world who is open and willing to be coached. I have since coached a huge variety of people, from multi-millionaires to the near-bankrupt (some who have experienced bankruptcy too) and the whole range in between, from age 5 to 65, from Chairmen of conglomerates to middle management executives, from high-flying corporate leaders to housewives and househusbands with causes (and some without), people of all races, nationalities, religions and belief systems, people who are based here in Singapore where I am and those who live in various cities in the world, including Los Angeles, New York, London, Paris, Zurich, Mumbai, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Chiangmai, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta and Sydney.

I continued to work on myself throughout this time in order to continuously shift to increasingly higher levels of being. And, I am pleased to say that I am very happy to be me, I absolutely love what I do, I am gearing up to do much more of what I do (even though I am almost 58 years old now) and to collaborate with kindred spirits (people who have done the inner work and have the experience of supporting others including corporate leaders to go to higher levels of being, performing and leading), and I am allowing myself to have even more fun, now that I’ve done all the hard work of laying the foundation for both myself and my coaching practice!

Applicable to individuals, groups, teams & entire organizations

I will reiterate that all that I have written above is applicable to individuals, groups, teams and entire organizations. It is quite easy to look at each person individually, look at his or her needs and wants, the obstacles or blocks and work through the gaps; as well as to do the same for a group or team. The formula and strategies are the same. It’s simply a matter of taking a broader and yet equally personalized view when it comes to more than one person!

FOCUS, RELAX AND BE OPEN TO RECEIVING THE VERY RESULTS YOU WISH TO CREATE FOR YOURSELF, YOUR FAMILY, YOUR ASSOCIATION, TEAM OR ORGANIZATION OR ALL OF THE ABOVE! Have a truly, truly amazing 2011, create results that will astound even you! And if you don’t quite know how to do so, just call or write to us; we’d be more than delighted to be of service.

Be in alignment with what you want:

Stay upbeat!

Helen Lee

7 Responses to “The Art & Science of Deliberate Creation”

  1. James

    @Helen Lee,your sharing is very enlightening and applicable to our life journey.The good thing is your sharing are above and away from religion,race,culture differences.I read your posting in FB and learn a lot about my inner world miracle!The world need good soul people like you.God bless you and your family

  2. Rayslab2001

    Thanks Helen fo the simple enlightenment. I wonder how can I get your help in my current circumstances….

  3. Angela

    Helen, what a simple and powerful message for all! Every word you wrote touches my hearts, and brings me back to perspective and stay align again. Thanks again for sharing, and we truly appreciate you for being there for us.

  4. Shireen

    Hi Mom!
    The simplicity is amazing . well for me I have finally joined the Gym will do the rest you have suggested.

  5. leeheiss

    Hi Shireen,

    You must stop calling me Mom! I don’t mind being a god mother though. I have quite a few clients who become my “god children”.

    As Einstein purportedly said, “When the solution is simple, God is answering”! What I write here is culled from my many years of personal life experience, observation of humanity and coaching innumerable people from all walks of life, of all ages and from all over the world. It has also led me to create the K.I.S.S. Formula and here, K.I.S.S. spells out Keep It Simple & Strategic.

    Indeed, the answers that work are often simple; it’s the mind that enjoys complication. We need to be smart enough to keep everything simple and strategic at the same time. And we can be real smart by daily connecting and aligning with our own Inner Wisdom. By going inward, we can also connect and align with our own Inner Power, which gives us the courage, strength and focus to do whatever our wisdom tells us we need to do!

    Helen x


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