The Art & Science of Deliberate Creation

6th Installment

Magic Happens

If you conscientiously work on yourself until you strip away all layers of your false self and begin operating from your True Self, the real you, life starts becoming magical.  Your consciousness is raised, you vibrate at a much higher level (you are literally vibrating at a much faster speed of light as the density and darkness that was encumbering you has dissipated) and your perspective is completely changed.

You are transformed.  You no longer see things in the same way.  Suddenly everything is much clearer. There is either no fear or very little fear; and whatever fear that comes into your being can be dispelled quite easily. You realize who you really are, that the entire Universe is here to serve you, you can create what you desire at will, except that you are not rushing out to materialize anything and everything whimsically or to show off in any way whatsoever.

In fact, you need very little.  You are not averse to enjoying the pleasures that material wealth brings but you are not attached to having them in order to be happy or to feel safe, even momentarily.  You can find great pleasure in the simplest of things.  You are immensely grateful and joyful.  You are thankful, for instance, when you can take a walk in nature, when the sun is shining and even more so, if you are by the ocean with great company.

Thoughts turn into reality

You are powerful and getting accustomed to your power.  You notice that your thoughts turn into physical reality very quickly.  And you become more vigilant of the thoughts you think, either by reframing them whenever appropriate or better yet, by taking charge of your emotions, making sure that they are empowering ones that support you rather than negative ones that pollute your inner being and the environment around you.

When you hack away at all those bonds of fear that are attached to you and stopping you from shifting from a fear-and-ego-based life, your energy field transforms.  You literally become a beacon of light and it will show on your face and from you entire presence.  People will feel it.  They will notice how you have transformed.

Your old structures of thinking and functioning have been completely or almost completely torn down.  And you are shifting from the old way of being to the new.  There is some adjustment to be made.  Sometimes, some old issues emerge, only to be totally released so that you can be free and your new self.  Your new self is really the true you that has been there all the time, in the wings, set to take charge whenever your human self allows.

Take responsibility for quantum leap

So, obviously, what I am saying is that you are more than your fear-based, ego-based human self that seems limited and worries about lots of things that might go wrong in various areas of your life.  I am also saying that the time has come that as many of us as possible must step up and take responsibility to raise the level of our own consciousness and step into our True Self and be our True Self.

I expect leaders in all walks of life to do so, so that they can in turn change how the world is run.  We have operated in a way that has gradually improved and evolved.  And now it is time to take a quantum leap in this movement forward so that we can save ourselves rather than become extinct.  Have you not already witnessed the various crises that have occurred in recent times?  There’s more to come, more crumbling and dissolving and lots of suffering unless we step up.

And the good news is that we can step up.  The questions are: Will you do so now?  What are you willing to do?  It only requires you to do so with support that resonates with you, no matter how evolved you may think you already are.  And you are also called upon to do so consistently, relentlessly even.  Remember, you have the opportunity to step up and help lead the change.  Or you can be part of the resisting crowd that contributes to the extinction.

Everything must change

I doubt that extinction will occur.  I trust that there are or will be enough of us to influence each other and to together step up to higher levels of consciousness and therefore higher levels of being, operating and living.  Everything must change: the way our economy operates, the way governments are run, the way organizations and people do business, the way we relate to each other, the way we raise our children, the way we love, the way we eat and have fun.

It’s about conscious living, conscious or compassionate capitalism, conscious governing, conscious loving, thinking, eating and everything!  Old yardsticks of amassing and hoarding wealth have to go; think instead of abundance, which may or may not include money in the future, and it’s abundance not only for self but Abundance For All, including self.

Ask yourself, do you want to fight it, pooh-pooh it or do you want to be part of it?  Are you enough of a visionary to even envisage the possibility let alone probability of it?  Or are you left-brained, linear-thinking and far too narrow to contemplate it?  Have the courage, step into your right-brain, use your two other brains as well: your heart and your gut, and step into new territories.  Venture out, what are you afraid of? Being powerful beyond measure?  Being your Greatest Self?  Moving into a time of great peace and abundance for all?  Something totally alien that your human mind cannot conceive or hold for a moment?

Making of Masters

I leave you to contemplate.  I am merely here to instigate and support change.  Real Change.

Welcome to the making of a Powerful New World, the Making of Masters.  I look forward to working with leaders in organizations all over the world and in all fields.

All the best,


2 Responses to “The Art & Science of Deliberate Creation”

  1. KB Chua

    Thanks Helen for sharing another wonderful thought, we are all uncut diamonds, going thru the transformation cut for the brilliance to release. KB

  2. leeheiss

    Thank you for your comment here, KB! As I’ve often said, we’re actors in a play, taking on a role and we’ve become so identified with our role and forget who we really are! So, all it takes is for us to remember and be our True Self! Look forward to connecting with you soon; let me know how you are.
    All the best,


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