The Art & Science of Deliberate Creation

5th Installment

Laying The Foundation

It’s been almost two months since my last blog post!  I’ve had a busy and wondrous time shifting and creating new things in my life.

I can really sing for joy as I begin to welcome the new, as I see signs of things long dreamt of gradually materializing.  Most of all, I welcome and embrace my “upgraded” self!  No matter where we are at, we can always go to a higher level.  And when you’ve worked for the longest time at evolving and helping others to evolve, it’s wonderful to be able to take a quantum leap, to practice what you coach – at a whole new level altogether.

It’s also true that very often, before you experience a quantum shift, it’s “darkest before the dawn”.  I had to go through the greatest stress that I’ve experienced in a long time and yet could laugh through most of it and was thankfully aware of what was truly going on beneath the external circumstances.  The nightmare of an experience was in fact a gift in disguise.  It helped me clear a major issue I’ve not been able to resolve for years and years!

And the reward for steadfastly wading through the horrors of it brought me so many fabulous joys, the greatest of all is liberation at a deeper level.  There is even lesser need than ever to be in a rush with anything.  It is a feeling of completeness, wholeness and gratitude borne out of love.

K.I.S.S & Be Wealthy

So, many new creations are also emerging from me including the basis of a new introductory workshop, which I’m calling “K.I.S.S. & Be Wealthy!”  Instead of the acronym standing for “Keep It Simple, Stupid!”, it stands for “Keep It Simple Strategies” as we ought to be always respectful of ourselves.

Wealth, in this case, refers to both inner wealth and material wealth or abundance.  It will offer the fundamentals of being happy, healthy and wealthy.  They may be fundamentals that we all know but do not incorporate in our lives and therefore not only bear repeating but are laid out in an easy-to-follow structure that we can all adopt daily.  They will form a solid foundation for all of us to shift and get on the path of becoming Master Creators.

I can offer this three-hour program to hundreds or thousands of people at a time, both online and in-person.  The workshop will be interactive, as coaching should always be and therefore I will take questions and discuss real live cases with people attending.  It will be a highly useful introduction to our more intense follow-on programs, an introduction that offers strategies and reminders that we can all adopt immediately and if done conscientiously and with heart, can produce positive results for us, as we shift our focus and energy.

Return to Innoncence

Click on this link: watch?v=qR3rK0kZFkg to watch a fabulous video I found on youtube, one that made me laugh out loud!  It’s just to remind all of us of one of the simple strategies we need to adopt daily: to not only stay positive but also to be glad about what we already have in our lives and to appreciate everyone in our lives!

As I wrote on our Transforming People Worldwide page on Facebook recently regarding strategies that bring abundance and transformation to all of us: “Be happy!  Do things daily that bring you joy.  Be silly!  Allow yourself to be lighthearted and childlike.  Return to a state of Innocence, where everything’s possible, where you dare to dream, where you’ll allow yourself to have fun and enjoy, to succeed immeasurably, where fear and the past cannot hold you back.  RELAX AND TRUST AGAIN!”

In other words, be like this happy, positive child.  Our children, the children of the world, can indeed teach us many things.  So, whether you’re a corporate high flyer, a billionaire, a government official, a housewife, a middle management executive, a creative person, a student, whoever you may be, whatever you may or may not be doing, if you wish to be the best you can be and lead the greatest life, return to basics.

Drop all skepticism, adopt a sense of fun, be open and simple, and lay a strong, unshakeable foundation for yourself in ways you already know how!!  Do this, both at home and at work, and reap the rewards.

All the very best,


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