The Art & Science of Deliberate Creation

Bioelectrography of a finger

Bioelectrography of a finger

4th Installment

Allowing & Alignment

The art of conscious or deliberate creation is ironically based on letting go, on not manipulating outcomes, making or forcing things to happen.

When we attempt to make things happen, our creations arise from our fear-based minds, our egos and therefore our internal programming of lack or scarcity.  When we create consciously, however, we do so with deliberation from the premise of trust that we will not only have more than enough but that we are enough exactly as we are; that the Universe being a friendly place** will see that we are always provided for; that we are given what we focus our energies on, provided that we also see to it that we are in resonance with the desired results.

At the same time, the art of deliberate creation is very much a science in that it engages the laws of quantum physics, the most basic of which specifies that we can impact whatever we focus our attention on. In addition, as Albert Einstein said, the sole governing agency of the particle is the field.  This simply means that our attention has to be focused on getting our own energy field to resonate or be in alignment with that which we have set our hearts on.

The reason that our coaching approach is capable of creating profound transformation and to produce amazing results quickly is that we work on our clients’ energy field, on what is beneath the surface rather than only on what meets the eye.  The success of our clients, however, belongs to them rather than to us, for we can only provide them with the opportunity to shift and arrive at materializing their goals and achieving their objectives.

Taking Responsibility

We can implement our innovative programs, share with them our powerful tool kit of techniques and strategies, use our years of expertise and experience, but only they can truly want and be ready to shift, to attain the results they say they want but may not be willing to have for some deep-seated underlying reasons.  So, our clients are required to take responsibility for their own desired results by participating fully in the sessions, consistently using our techniques and strategies in between sessions and conscientiously carrying out commitments towards their own progress in a variety of specified ways.

It is their job to be totally devoted – mind, body and soul – to their own evolution.  Indeed our coaching approach requires the transformation and the ensuing evolution of our clients.  We may desire to create certain results in our life, be they work-related or in our personal arenas.  But it stands to reason that in order for us to get to the point that we can have certain things or circumstances in the future that we do not have today, there must be a growth process that takes us to another level altogether, especially if the goals and objectives are sizable ones (whatever represents sizable to each of us in any particular area).

Palpable and Measurable

This holds true for teams and organizations too.  Both the individual members of the team or the organization as well as the entire group has to evolve in order to achieve the results they collectively desire.  A stretching of ourselves is involved and we need to do whatever it takes to bridge the gap between where we are at and where we would like to be.  Hence, while the desired results may be material or tangible, we must work on the invisible energy field, what may be unseen to the naked eye but is actually palpable and measurable.

The energies in a person’s energy field are palpable to those who are sensitive enough to feel them.  They can also be seen by those who can see beyond the third dimension.  And they can in fact be photographed and measured by the GDV camera which goes way beyond Kirlian photography and was developed by the Russian-born physicist Dr Konstantin Korotkov and his team after 20 years of research.  Today, it is certified as a medical instrument in Russia and used in increasing numbers by professionals in everyday practice and hospitals.  It is also being used in more than 40 countries for the research and analysis of clients’ energy fields.

Biological Field

According to Dr Korotkov, the biological field of all living things including human beings, is a complex energy structure of different fields, natures and origins.  They include electromagnetic fields, gravitational fields, fields of molecules and fields of unknown parameters, forming an invisible structure that co-relates its activity to create a unique and united system that forms each unique person or groups of people, plants and other living things.

New Science and Ancient Wisdom

While we do not burden our clients with the detailed science of deliberate creation as well as our coaching technology, we do want them to know that it is based on quantum physics, on the New Science, as expounded by Einstein and other physicists ages ago and is only now being slowly but increasingly embraced.

By the same token, our methodology is also based on ancient philosophy and wisdom for none of what’s universal truth can be invented by anyone as such.  It is simply a matter of discovering what already exists (just as scientists do), sharing and utilizing it in our own unique way that is practical and positively impacts our well being and our everyday lives, including our businesses, and working towards its widening usage. Our aim is for it to become the norm rather than the novel exception it is today.

Dr Korotkov explains that it is a Russian tradition to have a co-relation between both a philosophical and practical approach in science.  He says that Russian science has always been open to new ideas but even more so after the collapse of the Soviet empire when people including scientists became aware that all could change in a short time and we can only gain by being truly open.

Our coaching programs and techniques are all based on this combination of ancient wisdom and new science (not Newtonian science but Einstein’s enlightened discoveries including his famous equation, e=mc2).  Our coaching technology is capable of taking people into unchartered territory, helping them to become whole and much, much more than they realize they are, when they first come to us.

But just as the tremendous and sustainable success is theirs to claim, the onus is on them to claim it.  Just as doctors cannot heal people as such but only provide the opportunity for healing, we can only powerfully jumpstart our clients (if they are willing for even just that) and the rest is up to them, even if we do do all we can to help them stay on track and keep stepping up to higher levels.

Proud of and Inspired by Clients

I was extremely proud of as well as inspired by three of my clients recently.  One of them went way beyond his usual self where he had always previously focused on finger pointing at his life partner and could not rise above his own traits and habits which were in the way of mending and improving the relationship.  Not only was he able to make a 360 degree turnaround in approach and behavior but by doing so, he succeeded in positively impacting the behavior and well being of his partner.  This resulted in not just a quantum improvement in their relationship instead of a split, it also took both parties to a much higher level of being as individuals. How can I not be so very proud, thrilled and inspired!  Such wonderful evidence of “being the change that you want to see”!!

With regard to the second client, she too went way beyond what was her norm.  She was in the habit of panicking in certain situations; and recently, not only did she not panic when she consciously chose to quit her job despite not having a new one in hand, she did so with great clarity as to what really mattered to her at the time (which was family related), with absolute faith (that she will soon be able to create the right job for herself, which she did, shortly before her two weeks’ notice were up!) and the application of a winning combination of heightened intuition and pragmatism ((acquired through our coaching program and techniques).  To boot, she got a wonderful package with the new job and is all smiles!

The third client is a young teenager who has gone from being depressed and lost to being confident and aware of what’s going on within herself.  She will, in future, contribute hugely to the wellbeing of humanity. Of this I am sure for she is a leader in the making, discovering herself, her own power and wisdom as she consciously works through her own transformation and evolvement.  She already has a clear idea of the kind of magnificent contribution to medicine that she will be making, years down the track.  And it is an honor to be leading her in that direction.  The changes and the growth are necessary before she can so greatly add value in the future; and the wonder of it all is not as much in the future achievement but the journey moving towards it!

Bright Inner Potential of Energy

Just as Dr Korotkov speaks of how his camera has photographed the inner potential of the energy contained within a seed, recording the awakening to new life as the seed was sprouting and generating a tremendous burst of energy, we speak of how we witness and record the awakening of the powerful energy and wisdom that lies in all human beings whom we coach, as they breakthrough towards realizing their full potential and become the magnificent souls that they are, that we all are and have the opportunity to be!

He said that when the sprouts emerged from their seeds, his bio-electrographic device captured and measured the glow that became really bright and remained strong for 12 hours.  In our case, the light that is within humans can be ignited and increased for a much longer life span than 12 hours.  It can, in fact, continuously grow and glow for an entire human lifetime, changing habits and behavior, transforming people completely, people who can then help transform others and our world as we currently know it.

Principle of Permission or Allowing

But, I reiterate that it requires commitment, perseverance, total and constant participation of the client. Basically, input equals output.  The level of energy increase and therefore transformation and materialization of desired results is equivalent to how fast the person (matter) is vibrating (i.e. at what speed of light or frequency).  We can help raise the frequency and your vibration and thereby support you in getting the results you want.  First of all, we will help you get clear about what you want and prepare you to be willing to receive it.

People underestimate the importance of what I call the Principle of Permission.  We need to allow ourselves to have that which we desire; otherwise, we will somehow sabotage everything and block whatever can be ours to have and enjoy. We have to be in the habit of getting out of the way, trusting that we deserve to have the best and that it’s already on its way to us.  We need to allow more than what we can even imagine is possible, to enter into our realm instead of needing to control situations and impending outcomes in order to feel safe and powerful.

It takes far greater courage and power to feel safe in the midst of not knowing, with uncertainty all around, to dare to let go and know beyond the shadow of a doubt that all is and will be well no matter what!  We help our clients get to this high level of being and functioning; or as far as they allow us to take them for we never impose but always offer a freedom of choice.

Answers lie in the Field

Indeed, all will be well no matter what.  No matter.  Go beyond matter, go into the field instead.  That’s where all the fun, excitement, power and answers lie!  Enter into the field or the World of Endless Possibilities.  Create deliberately and joyously, with the innocence of five-year-olds, the wisdom of old souls and the imagination and brilliance of great scientists!!

Written by Helen Lee for our website blog and her forthcoming book

** It was Einstein who said that one of the most important questions we can ask ourselves is: “Is the Universe a friendly place?” And if we think it is, it will be so and the converse is also true.

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