The Art & Science of Deliberate Creation

3rd Installment

Worthiness & Our Expanded Selves

Self worthiness and self esteem are the most fundamental issues that underlie everyone and therefore everything in the world, impacting how we think and act, the choices and decisions we make, which in turn impact the way our world operates.

The level at which our world currently functions is reflective of the level of consciousness that humanity is at, presently.  And generally speaking, humanity is still in survival mode, addicted to pain and struggle, coming from lack and scarcity, fear and poverty consciousness, which all mean the same and add up to a relatively low-vibrating human race that does not hold itself in such high esteem, underneath all the various shiny badges of success.

That explains then why we need to feel we are right and someone else or some other group or country is wrong, why we cannot be big enough to make the other person or collection of people feel good about themselves, to accommodate their way of thinking and their beliefs, without having to subscribe to them ourselves.

If we don’t feel that good about ourselves, we will do everything to get to that point, often in dysfunctional ways such as chasing and gathering recognized success symbols, be they academic, monetary, material, beauty-related or by association.  In the process of striving to that end, we could do so with great integrity or with varying extents of compromised integrity.  I’m referring to being true to ourselves rather than needing to prove ourselves; as well as lying, cheating, clawing our way to get there.  Please understand that we ALL do some of this, to some extent or other, and the most ancient part of our brain, our Reptilian brain is very adept at this while our New Mammalian brain is capable of rationalizing away our deceptiveness as being the commonly done thing and therefore acceptable!

Most people do not devote time and energy to looking within themselves, to find their way to the Treasure that is within, to the Source of True Power, Real Wisdom and Absolute Beauty that is inside of all of us. HOW HAVE WE COME THIS FAR, THROUGH CIVILIZATIONS AND OVER EONS TO WORSHIP THE SUPERFICIAL AND TRANSIENT AND TO LAUGH AT WHAT’S REAL AND ETERNAL, to write it off as something that only a handful of weird people would indulge in??!

We have come to disproportionately value the rational brain.  We spend time, energy and money developing skills that we can sell and would help us not only put food on the table but gather all the material wealth we feel is important to us, our safety and happiness, our self worthiness.

So, at best, we refer to EQ or emotional intelligence, not really dedicating time to fully developing it and are very wary of SQ or spiritual intelligence, which we think has no place in organizations and governments that must be conducted in a solely logical way, based primarily on science, maths and IQ.

But which level of Science or Mathematics are we basing everything on?  What yardsticks have we been using?  Modern medicine, to me, for instance, is not very modern at all.  It’s still based on Newtonian Science when in fact, thanks to Albert Einstein and other scientists, Quantum Physics has come into being and found its way into alternative medicine.  The latter is not adopted by the majority of people, just as SQ is not considered relevant to running organizations, despite a book written on it by a highly respected author and motivational teacher, Stephen Covey.  The 8th Habit came after The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People but most don’t know about it.

Time to Evolve!

There are those who say that there is no need to fix anything.  Everything is as it should be.  Others say there will be all kinds of disasters ahead, from natural to nuclear, economic to environmental.  I strongly feel that it’s simply time to grow up!  We have come a long way but we can now take a quantum leap into being our powerful selves instead of pretending to be small and weak, therefore always needing to present a false self in order to appear big and strong.

The fact is WE ARE BIG AND STRONG; and we can drop the act and be our loving and magnificent selves.  We can therefore think and act for the greater good of all concerned.  WE ARE MORE THAN ENOUGH and we don’t need to spend time and energy proving this.  We can simply go about BEING OUR POWERFUL GOLDEN SELVES and consciously, deliberately create ABUNDANCE FOR ALL, including ourselves!

It is possible.  If there are enough of us who genuinely think and feel it is possible, and go about acting as if it is, and make choices and decisions accordingly, we will turn the tide of thinking and being in this NEW DIRECTION, allowing the New You, the Real You to emerge from within each of us, creating a NEW HUMANITY and therefore a BRAND NEW WORLD.

Who’s willing to do this?  Are you?  Are you ready to step up, work on allowing the Real You to come forth and take charge, to lead yourself and others?  Let’s GROW TOGETHER!

The Heroic Quest

As in the last installment I wrote, this journey requires us to courageously look at what drives us and discover Who We Really Are.  It demands us to examine and go beyond our wounds and what ails us, at the deepest possible levels.

I happen to have discovered how I can expertly take people and organizations there, safely and successfully. But it needs the consent, willingness and full participation and collaboration of the individual and group I am supporting for there to be resounding and sustainable success.  Unless someone or the group works with me at a deep level, the desired results are not possible.  Yet, when he, she or they do, the success can be phenomenal, astounding, magnificent.  And it is YOUR success.

I am just a willing coach and facilitator who allows powerful energies of transformation to flow through me and to and through others.  I am eager and devoted to training others to do this, to igniting the change agents in the greatest number of leaders at all levels, in all areas of life and work or business, of all ages. Contact me to express your willingness, your aptitude and motivation, which I trust is totally genuine!

All the very best,


3 Responses to “The Art & Science of Deliberate Creation”

  1. KB Chua

    Dear Helen

    You have covered a very wide range of essentials for well being. Thanks for spreading the unconditional love, the positive vibrations and the awakening within to make a new world.


  2. leeheiss

    It is both my responsibility and my joy, KB! Thanks for taking the time to comment. I trust that all’s well with you; and look forward to seeing you at some point soon.


  3. tv guy

    You gave great points here. I did some research on the subject and have found nearly all people agree with your website.


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