The Art & Science of Deliberate Creation

2nd Installment

Winds of Change

As mentioned in the first installment of this particular blog series, in order to be able to manifest easily, effortlessly and powerfully, there is a need to have both inner and outer alignment.  This means that we are subject to what’s happening within us and around us.  “Around us” refers to what’s occurring in our immediate environment or in a much larger context i.e. in our home, at work, in our country, our region, the whole world or even in the Universe.

Having said that, when we are in total alignment internally, it matters very little what is happening externally for we would also automatically be in alignment with what’s going on outside of us.  But very few people are in total alignment internally.

More than 10 years ago, when I made a vow, not merely an intent but a sacred vow to be in total alignment, everything that needed to be removed from my life at that time dramatically disappeared overnight or almost overnight!  I do not recommend this to the faint-hearted as it felt as if all safety nets were taken away from me and I was filled with enormous fear.

Tremendous pressure for many

Of course, it was a wonderful way to evolve very quickly and that experience has stood me in good stead, particularly in this great time of change that the whole world is going through.  Have many of you feel these winds of change that are upon us?  I have received many emails and phone calls from clients from all over the world who are going through tremendous pressure, where old issues and underlying fears and insecurities are being brought to the fore.

Sometimes, it all seems quite ridiculous because we feel we’ve already dealt with these challenges time and again; and can’t believe that they are still rearing their ugly heads once more and we are reacting to them with even more emotion than ever before!  Some have done their best to suppress these emotions, as a way to cope; and shifted into a quiet desperation that will have a profound effect on them at many levels, if left buried and unattended for too long.

For most people, none of it makes sense.  Those who have steadily worked on themselves over the years are doing well.  Some react with panic and despair, others turn to prayer and meditation more so than ever before, and yet others cry buckets, fall ill (even when they don’t usually get sick) or sink into depression.

I simply took time out, went into deeper silence and greater solitude, with the occasional bit of fun and leisure in between, just to lighten things up, and allowed whatever change that needed to take place to do so.  Hence, those of you who have wondered why you haven’t heard from me since my last blog at the end of March, now you know!

No one & nothing is exempt

There is more of this to come, meaning that the world is shifting in many different ways, on many different levels, and this change will inevitably affect all of us.  The changing climate affects us, the current economy and the various crises affect us, there are also subtler energies sweeping the world that are getting stronger and increasingly evident, particularly to those who are aware or sensitive (or both) and they will bring tremendous change to us, whether we like it or not.

If we do not flow with this change, the change will be forced upon us.  This means that we need to courageously and steadfastly review ourselves and our lives and change everything that needs to be changed.  The more we resist this change, the greater the suffering, immediately or in due course.  Take your pick!

What I highly recommend is to spend loads of quiet time DAILY.  Use whatever form of prayer or meditation or any powerful technique/s you are familiar with or learn new ones, and commit to getting to know yourself, to being in touch with your own Inner Wisdom and Inner Power; and with your Creator or a Higher Power, if you believe there is one. I’ve always recommended this in all my blog posts but now it is more crucial than ever.  Do it before it becomes dire!

Realize your dreams now

When you are able to sit in silence, get in touch with the innermost part of you, you will come into contact with the wisest part of you that will give you the information you need at any given moment.  You can then intend to be in alignment with this Self, with whatever it is you wish to now create in your life: Be open to allowing your Wildest Dreams to now come into fruition.

Intend also for clarity as to what needs to be changed within yourself, in order to receive these manifestations that your heart and soul long for; and intend that you are now willing to change, to drop all resistance to flourishing in every way.  Remember, this applies to both your personal and professional or business life.  Treat yourself as a whole person, not a divided self!

Organizations must transform too

It also applies to organizations, which are made up of people all going through challenges and changes.  And organizations are also subject to the various crises and fluctuations occurring globally and in different parts of the world.  They too need to take long hard looks at themselves, review what’s working and what’s not, and have the courage to make the necessary changes, not out of fear and with short-sightedness, but instead to take much broader and bigger views than they have ever done before.

The corporate world makes up a great part of our existing world.  Unless it begins to take responsibility for the choices and decisions it makes, our world might not exist in the not-too-distant future, in which case neither would the corporate world!

Far from this being a dooms-day forecast, it’s meant to be a wakeup call for all of us, to seize the opportunity to create a much more powerful world that operates in a much more sensible and enlightened way.  And for organizations, it’s not merely about adopting CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) strategies that make them look good; the level of integrity has to be deep, real and across the board, throughout the organization and in every way!

A heroic quest

The introspection and transformational work for all concerned can be challenging.  Get the best help you possibly can.  It is indeed a heroic quest, for both organizations and individuals to review themselves honestly or venture inward and face whatever needs transformation.

It also requires great perseverance and compassion with yourself (or all concerned, if it’s an organization). Remember too, that it is an ongoing process, a journey; and be patient with yourself or all those who are involved and the length of time it might take.

For individuals, the more you are able to be in a state of surrender, the more quickly you would be your Expanded Self and the more magnificently your life will reflect the New You that will emerge.  This New You is the Real You!

For organizations, this can be a truly exciting prospect, to have your people truly empowered, your teams energized, your companies overhauled, strengthened and renewed.  You can have targeted changes and corresponding timelines to systematically work towards.

Get ready!!!  Be great change agents for yourself and your world!

All the very best,


3 Responses to “The Art & Science of Deliberate Creation”

  1. Sandrine Ngo

    Hi Helen,
    I fully agree with what you wrote in your blog, I am just back from 5 days of silent & meditation retreat with many talks about mindfulness in Geneva, and what I have heard in this seminar was exactly what you have written in your blog, many thanks for sharing with us and I am so happy to see that what I have learned during this seminar was not wrong as you have confirmed here.
    They mentioned also there are more and more schools and corporations request for talks about mindfulness.

    Many thanks

  2. Roger Kalhoefer

    Hi Helen, This is an interesting post. Seems to be pointed more to shaking the earth, than pointing directions. I am sure there will be more to come – I can’t wait! It would be great if this post had a pointer (web link) to the first post on this topic! Please post again soon.

  3. leeheiss

    Thank you Sandrine and Roger for your comments.

    @ Sandrine, glad you attended the retreat; people don’t realize what wonders a few days of silence can do for them/us! Hence, most people are not willing to invest their time in going within, in being silent. They therefore often make choices and decisions from a great deal of mental noise, a lot of fear and are none the wiser that that’s what they are doing!

    This is NOT a judgment but an observation of what is the case at present. The work that we bring to both organizations and individuals is aimed at fundamentally shifting the way we think, act, live and work. There is so much more to us, as human beings, that we are not tapping. And the majority of people haven’t even begun to truly realize this yet, let alone transform this current way of being and operating!

    I will drop you an email and set up a time when we can speak soon on Skype re: your visit to Singapore and your helping me organize talks and sessions in Zurich.

    @ Roger, the world is changing, whether we like it or not! And, as I said in my blog, unless we willingly shift with it, we will be forced to do so or possibly to jump ship altogether. We have choices. Do we wish to participate fully or not? That is the question!

    I will answer your email shortly, Roger. My plate’s pretty full right now, as you can imagine…

    All the best,


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