Don't blame others for your suffering

“If for instance, we blame others for our own suffering, we are not taking responsibility for what’s happening in our lives, acting as if we are victims giving our power away to that person/s, event or circumstance, essentially declaring that something outside of ourselves has power over us.” – Helen Lee

Among other things, in Part V, I touched on the idea of “deserving way better” or what I call “deserv-ability”, which I would like to cover in greater depth here, as an important part of true transformation.

It’s funny that we have the word “responsibility” in the English language but not “deservability”.  Our computer auto-correct will change it to “desirability”.  And that’s exactly it.  Our society is focused on making ourselves desirable to others so that we feel better about ourselves.  It makes our sense of worthiness dependent on the external rather than teaching us to be self-determined.

Well, it is not only high time that we create a new word here, but I have also long been coaching people about what I call our Deservability Quotient™ or DQ.  When we feel deserving, when we know who we really are, we would give to ourselves only the very best.  We may have to begin with insisting if not demanding for what we long to have, whether it is directed at God and the Universe or the people around us.

This is the ability to feel that we truly deserve the very best, to not settle for anything less than we deserve, to not compromise ourselves ever (arriving at a happy compromise or a solution that meets the needs of all concerned is very different from compromising ourselves, where we are not loving or honoring ourselves at all).

So, just as we can develop our ability to respond to whatever shows up in our life and therefore develop our sense of responsibility, we can also increase our DQ or Deservability Quotient.   If for instance, we blame others for our own suffering, we are not taking responsibility for what’s happening in our lives, acting as if we are victims giving our power away to that/those person/s, event or circumstance, essentially declaring that something outside of ourselves  has power over us.

Ascend To Higher Level of Consciousness

On the other hand, life continuously presents us with opportunities to realize that whatever is occurring is actually occurring for our own growth, pertaining to our own internal circumstance – not because we are at fault but because we are meant to grow beyond a particular issue, challenge or trait that is part of the persona we adopted in this earthly life of ours.   It means that we can, indeed, take responsibility to ascend to a higher level of consciousness, a higher level of being and operating as our human self (small s) in greater communion and cohesion with our Soul or Inner Self (Big S).

The small s aligns and unifies with the Big S with the support of the Universe or Spirit (the Biggest S), remaining firmly grounded and yet vastly expanded.  You can read parts IV and V of this series on True Transformation for details of my Triple S concept.

Right alongside with taking responsibility, is declaring that we deserve the very best and this stems from our also realizing that we are truly deserving in the first place, that we are not just flawed human beings having to forever fix our imperfections in order to measure up to some ideal set by other flawed fellow human beings, that the world in its tremendous imperfections has come to worship and adore.  The only way out of this madness is to go inward and KNOW ourselves, KNOW who we really are, KNOW that what I am saying and many others are now saying, is not merely some new age mumbo jumbo.

Come To Your Own Realizations From Deep Within

Know it for yourself.  Don’t dismiss before you uncover it for yourself.  Come to your own realizations, FROM DEEP WITHIN, when you are in a state of great peace and stillness.  Not in a shockingly limited way, from your mind, or worse yet, just from your analytical, logical and fear-based left brain.  When we know from deep within us that we are, in fact, spiritual beings first and foremost, and ALLOW our Soul, our spiritual or inner selves to lead, life transforms completely.  We begin to let go of the outmoded way that human beings think and live, where we are constantly chasing external accolades and achievements, in order to feel good about ourselves, to feel important and even whole.

Identiy as Soul = key to everything

“When we know from deep within us that we are, in fact, spiritual beings first and foremost, and ALLOW our Soul, our spiritual or inner selves to lead, life transforms completely.” – Helen Lee

No matter how great the external success is, the person inevitably feels empty and far from whole, unless there is more in his or her life.  I remember coaching a European lady who came to me in her mid-sixties, more than 10 years ago.  She confessed to having a self esteem problem, even though she had run a well known multinational banking corporation across Asia.  She also told me about how she had always felt like a fraud, even though she held that position for many years.

Process of Liberation

You see, at the end of the day, it really is how we perceive ourselves that matters.  And, it is NOT that if one person has more confidence than another, that makes the person better than the other.  What it is, is that, each one of us comes with not only a set persona but a set deck of cards as to how we and our lives are going to play out.  But the WAY we play it out, is still up to us, as in our human selves.  Someone who has less confidence because of some seemingly minor incident that happened eons ago in his or her childhood, who is impacted by the cellular memory of that incident and its accompanying locked-in emotions, can consciously decide to get out of that imprisonment, embark on the journey home to the heart, to the Soul or Big S, in surrender to their own Greatness and the Invincible Love that resides within them.

When that process of liberation begins for us, with or without any professional help, we make different decisions.  We increasingly say “Yes!” to ourselves and a big fat “No” to others, not because we are being self-centered but because we have begun to love and honor ourselves, to put ourselves first.  If we have not had others do that for us when we were little, we can begin to practice doing it for ourselves now – the entire process of loving, appreciating and respecting ourselves, our needs and desires.

We will move towards KNOWING, from within us, that there is absolutely no need whatsoever to suffer.  We will not even need to insist or demand anything from anyone or from Heaven then.  We will not be in our own way or in Heaven’s way of giving to us all that we need and want.  When we keep saying “Yes” to our individual selves, the whole Universe says “Yes” to us.  And it’s not that we feel entitled, we simply feel deserving.

Get To The Point of Absolute Flow

Until we get to that point of absolute flow, we must start the process by standing up for ourselves, demanding that Heaven gives to us – the Divine, being egoless, won’t be offended – and insist that people in our life treat us right.  And if they don’t or can’t, we know that we have choices.  We know we can walk away, send them away, replace them, report them, do anything that is upright and simultaneously honors us.

Even when we want love and support from others, we have a right to ask for how we would like to have it.  Some people have the tendency to start imposing on us, just because they are helping us, or think that they are, when, in fact, they are unconsciously or consciously attempting to disempower us.  It becomes a power play between the person needing help and the person giving it.

Remember that we have the power to state clearly to all and sundry, in all circumstances, how we would like to be treated.  And the loudest declaration of the sort would be the way in which we are treating ourselves.  When we only consciously – even systematically (if need be) to inculcate a new behavior until it becomes second nature – treat ourselves with the utmost love and compassion, reverence even, we energetically tell the world how they must, in fact, interact with us.

Need someone to simply be there

“Even when we want love and support from others, we have a right to ask for how we would like to have it.” – Helen Lee

By the same token, we must also treat others the way we ourselves would like to be treated – with love, respect, courtesy and appreciation.  It would simply be unbecoming of us as spiritual beings to talk down to others, to argue needlessly or be overtly or covertly aggressive.  Ascending while being in the body is the most wondrous life path we could journey on and it encompasses the embracing of all around us, perhaps some more closely than others, but certainly all in our hearts.

Here To Be Our True Selves

If you are not quite there yet, take heart.  You can begin or further yourself on your journey home.  It is a journey we are all meant to take, the reason why we are here – just to know who we really are, just to be our True Selves, our Greatest Divine Selves, whose essence is Love, Joy and Peace.  And this journey does NOT even have to be as painful as I have seen it to be for many.

I have gone through so many baptisms of fire and created a program that makes it so easy for people to return home, unless God (or the Universe) and Destiny have other plans for you.  Even so, you can still jump through burning hoops so much more easily, with so much more Grace, and so much more quickly.  Some seem to need to prolong the pain, having been taught that it is ideal or heroic to even love it.  Accepting and embracing pain is one thing, becoming addicted to it and the struggle is another.

I am all for Ease and Grace.  Blessed be.

Once again, I have to postpone including my two poems on the Journey Home because of an incredibly long article.  So, I shall simply say, let’s see what is very much wanting to be expressed the next time I write for this series on True Transformation.  These are exciting times and I feel so privileged to be able to support those who are ready to ascend, to do so, with as much Ease and Grace as possible.

I wish you a wonderful Easter weekend, a perfect celebration of a True Master who showed us how to be the Light that we are, how to be of the highest Christ Consciousness by being the Love that we also are.  This high level of consciousness is now available to us, while we are still in the physical body, in this physical world, regardless of our religious or spiritual beliefs or non-beliefs.

And what’s more, in an hour from the time I publish this article first written two days ago, we will experience, here in Singapore, what is known as a “blood moon”, a total lunar eclipse which happens when the Sun, Earth and Moon are aligned and the Moon passes behind the Earth into its umbra, or inner shadow.  It is the culmination of a two-week window of opportunity between two eclipses, an opportunity to release our old selves and our old lives, and to step into our True Selves and our True Lives, where we can at last live the lives that we have dreamt of, because finally we have raised our sense of deservability, our knowing that we are magnificent spiritual beings ready to co-create Heaven on Earth with the Divine.

The Light within me salutes the Light within all of you.

With Great Love,

Helen Lee


Elizabeth Gilbert - I want God to play in my bloodstream

“Drop from the mind to your Heart, my friends. Be your far more powerful and wiser Soul Selves or Inner Beings.” – Helen Lee

The most wondrous occurrence for me in the last few weeks was the feeling that I was IN EVERY ONE here on earth, that I AM EVERYONE AND EVEN, EVERYTHING.  It’s exactly how it was like, many years ago, when I did an inward process, imagining I was one with everything here on earth, from being a goldfish in a tank to a huge old tree with its roots going deep into the ground, and a tribe of people in Africa.  Except that I didn’t have to imagine this time, it was a totally natural and spontaneous experience.

It was, and still is, an experience of Oneness that I can feel in each and every moment.  All of us will be this way and we will all truly love each other.  There will be no hunger, no poverty, no violence.  There will be absolute Abundance For All and an all-pervading peace and prosperity.  We will enjoy Heaven on Earth.  I have held this unwavering vision for more than 40 years now and, of course, rejoice that we can really move towards it, even if it is far from evident to most right now, as we struggle with our fear and ego-based minds.

Drop from the mind to your Heart, my friends.  Be your far more powerful and wiser Soul Selves or Inner Beings.  That Self would embrace all of You – all your three S’s and everybody else’s.  The three S’s are your human self or the small s, your Soul Self or the Big S, and the Supreme Self, God, the Universe, Source, Great Spirit, Holy Spirit or just Spirit which is the Biggest S.

Imagine 7 billion people loving each other

“I have held this unwavering vision for more than 40 years now and, of course, rejoice that we can really move towards it, even if it is far from evident to most right now, as we struggle with our fear and ego-based minds.” – Helen Lee

 Celebrate Divine Dissatisfaction!

That Self would not doubt what I am saying here and gladly rejoice with me.  But perhaps before you can join me full force, with great belief, you might need to create even greater alignment and harmony within yourself, signifying a cohesion of the three S’s.  If you haven’t yet fully surrendered and peace has not arrived as yet, if what I call Divine Dissatisfaction is the order of the day, then, I would say let’s celebrate that first!!

When you are so fed up, when you have had way more than enough and you are raving and ranting about everything, and  at whoever seems to be sending your head spinning, even God and all of Heaven…. When you swear that you are absolutely NOT going to take anymore crap, put up with anymore illness, overwork, injustice or lack of any sort, be it money, love or support, you are to be congratulated!

Purely because you are standing up for yourself.  You are honoring yourself.  You have begun to realize that you are all-deserving and you really don’t need to compromise at all, to settle for anything less than godly beings are meant to have and can rightfully command into existence.  And you are allowed to shout out loud, scream even, at God or the Universe, knowing full well that you are One and the same.  Remember you were created in the image of God, there is a Buddha within you, and that you are a hologram of the Universe, and you are meant to rise up to this Godliness, this Greatness, this Invincibility, and be the Shining Light and the Invincible Love that was implanted in you in the first place.

Tell God and the Universe exactly what you want and what you are no longer willing to put up with!  And you will be heard and immensely loved, as always.  The Angels and other Divine Beings, including your own Soul or Inner Being will celebrate with you, joyous that at long last, you are loving and honoring yourself enough, that you are finally coming home and claiming the treasure house within you, claiming all that belongs to you.

“Tell God and the Universe exactly what you want and what you are no longer willing to put up with! And you will be heard and immensely loved, as always.” – Helen Lee


The Powerful Way Forward

Say to yourself: “I Am Abundance.  I have everything I need within me and I command all that I need and want in this moment, into my life right now.  For I am Pure Divine Love and I give to myself all that I deserve.  I deserve the very best and then some.  I am now open to receive all that my heart and soul desire.

I now have perfect health and boundless energy.  I have and enjoy wonderful, fulfilling and harmonious relationships with everyone in my life.  I am so completely filled with God’s Love and God’s Bliss that I powerfully and joyously emanate it to everyone and everything, everywhere I go.  And I am so very thankful in every single moment that I exude gratitude and appreciation all the time, uplifting myself and others in the process.”

Add anything else that is significant for you such as a soulmate relationship, your marriage, a job or business, etc.  Repeat this many times, when you sit or lie in meditation until it feels real and true, until all fear and fear-based emotions leave you, and you are calm and ready to receive all that you are declaring and commanding into your realm.

White Fire & Mega Transformation

And if you are really courageous, ask for the purifying White Fire, the fire that is greater and fiercer than any other fire, that it burns even the ash, to burn everything within you that is “not of God”.

You don’t have to do this unless you are truly ready for absolute alignment with the Divine, with your own Greatness and for your life to dramatically change, to drop whatever you are called to drop.  You can continue to put up with all the things you have tolerated for years now, thinking it taught you patience or humility, and helped you to surrender more deeply.

Perhaps they did but how happy or dissatisfied are you?  That, to me, is the litmus test.  If you are happy, loving life and spreading your joy, please go right ahead, by all means.  If you are not, perhaps it is time to say enough is enough.  To say I deserve way better.  I will give to myself much, much more – everything in fact: Mega Transformation, Mega Health, Mega Vitality, Mega Love, Mega Joy, Mega Peace, Mega Wealth, Mega Fulfillment.  I am going for broke.

In fact, I am going Home – to Me, to my Heart and my Soul.  I am finally claiming my Divine Power and everything that comes with it.

Gosh, I have written so much in today’s segment of this series that I will now have to share the two poems in Part VI of Time For True Transformation.  It truly felt important to share this inner knowing with you at this point in time first, as the lead up to the Super New Moon, Total Solar Eclipse and Equinox on March 20th has left the door wide open for the next two weeks in particular, for mega change and energies that allow us to materialize all that our hearts and souls desire!  We are being totally supported to step up and be, have and enjoy all that we are meant to do so.

Go get!  Powerfully, effortlessly and joyously!

With Great Love,

Helen Lee



Golden Light is you

“When I introduce to my clients, The Golden Globe – the technique I created, I facilitate an instant internal alignment for them, between their three ‘brains’ or centers of intelligence – their head, heart and gut. ” – Helen Lee

“We are as gods and have to get good at it.” ~ Stewart Brand

IN PART III OF THIS SERIES ON TRUE TRANSFORMATION, I wrote about us, human beings, being gods and having to get good at it.  And I mentioned at the end that if we wanted to be Gods with a capital G, then the greatest strategy or tool to get us there is, in fact, Surrender with a capital S.

For those who have read Part III, please bear with me, as there is some repetition here, for the benefit of those who have not.

Surrender, the Greatest Strategy

Why would surrendering ourselves to something or someone be the greatest strategy of all?

As humans, it is our ingrained habit, our fear-based inclination to hang on to our need to control as much as we can because it scares us silly to think for a moment that we have no say over what happens to us.  And beneath that, is our fear that we might perish, as we suffer from an ongoing nightmare that we are not safe, that we can be threatened in so many different ways by so many different people or circumstances.

When we are little children, we are far more joyous, far more adventurous and carefree.  We don’t think quite so much and worry about all the horrible things that can happen to us.  But as we grow up, experience all kinds of hurt and pain, and begin to see shadows everywhere, even where there are none,  we start getting suspicious of people or imagine the worst that can happen, with lots of situations  or events in our life.  Even when things are going so well, let alone when we have hit a rough patch in our life.

The idea is to return to that child-like Innocence and yet have the wisdom of a sage, to go back to the essence of who we really are, which is the Invincible Love that resides within us, in our hearts and Souls or our Inner Beings.

The Triple S Concept

I have a theory that I call the Triple S Concept, which is, actually, way beyond a theory and a concept because it can be totally experiential and is something that I share with clients at an advanced level, when they are ready to experience their own Inner Being or Soul at a physical level.   It is a profound experience for people to go through this, as most of us are quite unprepared to feel the magnificence of our Inner Self.  Most of my clients who have experienced this are completely bowled over.  Some,  when introduced, are simply not ready to meet and feel their True Self so very deeply and hugely, as their minds are still in the way and terrified of losing control.

Let me explain the best I can via this medium.  The small s stands for our human self, which is limited, seemingly flawed, fear and ego-based.   Most of us identify only or primarily with this self and think, more often than not, that it is all that we are.  Even when we know there is more to us, that we have a Soul or a more powerful and wiser Inner Self, we are largely operating from and identifying with being a human being.

Then, there is our Soul Self – the Big S – which was made in the image of God, the Buddha within us and a hologram of the Universe, as I have mentioned before in Part III of this series.  This Inner Self is an amazing superhuman self and completely Divine in nature. It is unlimited and perfect.  It is a replica of the Supreme Self, Supreme Soul, Great Spirit, Holy Spirit or just Spirit with a capital S – the Biggest S.

The Golden Globe

When I acquaint my clients with The Golden Globe, the technique that I created, I facilitate an instant internal alignment for them, between their three ‘brains’ or centers of intelligence – their head, heart and gut.  When this alignment takes place, as I have mentioned in Part III, it immediately connects them/us with a Higher Intelligence.

This is because the internal alignment between all our three centers or networks of intelligence creates an instant alignment and cohesion between the three S’s at the same time, and for the duration of the inward process, we are our godly self.  We move from fear to Love, we are calm, balanced and in our power, we think clearly and with great wisdom, and we have access to visions and messages.  We can communicate with the Divine in various forms – depending on what resonates with us.   We can also communicate with people, alive or deceased, heart to heart, Soul to Soul.

Now, to always be able to do this, in our everyday life, we obviously have to use The Golden Globe regularly.  I prescribe twice daily, for only 10 to 20mins, which is not a great deal, as it increasingly moves us to being our most lovingly powerful and wisest self, capable of being a Master at Manifesting, among other things.  It makes the rest of our 24hrs flow beautifully because we are in an amazing state of flow and alignment.  One that brings great balance, harmony and coherence, and draws love and abundance to us because we are Love and Abundance.

Bedroom Filled with Golden Light

I have based The Golden Globe on several mystical experiences I’ve had in my life.   The first major life-changing experience was in 2000, when my entire bedroom was filled with bright golden light from floor to ceiling which I saw with eyes wide open.  This was after intensively working on peeling away many layers of the so-called False Self and my True Self spontaneously emerged, as this brilliant light from within me.  It was, essentially, an experience of absolute Oneness.

The second amazing experience was a year long, rather grueling and taught me that within all of us is this tremendous Invincibility or Invincible Love.  It is all-powerful and all-knowing.  Along with the light, it has all the godly or divine qualities that we need and want, to have the greatest life here on earth.  If we can turn our attention within, create that inner alignment, focus on sustaining and increasing it, there is truly nothing that we shall ever want, as in we will not have or experience any form of lack within ourselves and in all areas of our life.

A8 Cover - John's design

“A to the Power of 8 ™” is a powerful process created by Helen Lee that takes you from Awareness to Alignment, and both internal and material Abundance, to your True Self which is Abundance itself. You can download Helen’s e-book here for free, which takes you through the 8 A’s and talks about her even more powerful technique “The Golden Globe”: http://www.leeheiss.com/tools-for-transformation/

A Simple & Powerful Surrender

For others who do not have the benefit of The Golden Globe, there are still many ways to fully surrender.  Firstly, if you are open to the idea, begin by acknowledging that there is something greater than our fear, ego and mind-based human self, whether we believe that something greater lies within us or outside of us or both.

If we are courageous enough to do this, to let go of our human self needing to control and direct everything in our life, peace will come to us and we can remain peaceful, even in the midst of disaster.  Most religions provide this place of solace within ourselves because we believe in that particular God or Gods, although with the devotee as a lesser being compared to the all-powerful God, forgetting that we have been invited to rise up to our Godliness, our Buddha Self, our Universal Greatness, our Invincible Self for we carry the exact same parts, having these seeds of greatness already implanted within us.

We are taught that we have everything we need within us, and we most certainly do, as mentioned earlier.  In fact, we are given the biology to go beyond our humanness and seeming imperfections.  And The Golden Globe, by aligning our three centers of intelligence, thereby aligning us between our three S’s, is one sure way to get there.  There are many other approaches. Find one that suits you and works for you, or have a chat with me and I will demonstrate to you how you can increasingly be One with this Power, this Divinity that lies within you, that is who you really are.  And One with everything and everyone all around us, One with all of Existence, in fact.

All meditative processes will, of course, help you make the shift (some more quickly than others) but there is still the need to completely surrender.  Just get yourself to that state of silence and stillness, and then be willing to totally let go of control, to simply say to yourself, “Here I am, do to me what You will.” Even if you are afraid of what might or might not happen.  The irony is that when you do this wholeheartedly, the peace and the answers will come, from within you.  Your own Inner Guidance will provide the calmness and the solutions.

Our Journey Home & Alignment with a Capital A

So, basically, we are actually surrendering to our Greatest Self and we are returning to our Godliness.  And this is our journey home – to our hearts and divinity, to our Greatness and Goodness, to our Light and the Invincible Love that resides within us,  to the tremendous compassion and kindness that will take care of ourselves, others and every living thing on this planet, including our beautiful planet itself, with tremendous respect and regard for all of life, for all of Existence.

And it wouldn’t be a case of having to even try so hard.  It wouldn’t be a matter of having to get good at being gods.  It will be natural and spontaneous.  We will know exactly what to do because we are not only in touch with our Higher Intelligence, we are that Higher Intelligence.  And that can only be possible with that inner alignment with a capital A, which represents a total alignment internally, a total alignment with all that exists, which then is equivalent to absolute internal harmony and cohesion – a fact which bears reiteration.

In other words, it is Absolute Alignment within us, accompanied by Surrender to our Selves that allows us to be the Divinity that we already are, while completely embracing and loving our human selves and being all three S’s simultaneously, right here on earth.  There is a whole lot more to share but I have to contain myself for now!

Part V & Poems

In Part V, which I will soon post, are two poems I wrote on the subject of this alignment and the return to ourselves, to that Oneness that is always there and that needs to become apparent for all of us, so that we can rise up to infinitely higher levels of consciousness and be the Consciousness that we are, embodying and embracing, respecting and relishing our different shades of Divinity, in all the varying hues of personality and character that show up at all levels of being – small s, Big S and Biggest S.

It not only matters not, what shows up when, for it is all but the One having fun and forever expanding itself, it is to be entirely and endlessly celebrated!

Love to All, Love to the One –

Helen Lee





Love is the soul's light

“As taught by sages of all backgrounds, throughout centuries, we must encourage ourselves and each other to love and accept ourselves exactly as we are.” – Helen Lee

“We are as gods and have to get good at it.” ~ Stewart Brand

WE ALL KNOW THAT DIRE SITUATIONS CAN LEAD TO TRUE AND MASSIVE TRANSFORMATION FOR US.  But can we reduce the regularity and intensity of these situations by proactively and consciously shifting ourselves and stepping up to higher levels of being and operating?

It is not so much about averting or circumventing challenges that are great for our growth but about recognizing the reason that we are here, is to realize who we really are and move towards being our True Self, our Soul or Inner Self – the part of us that was made in the image of God, the Buddha within us or the hologram of the Universe.  Just as Stewart Brand advises us, that “we are as gods and have to get good at it.”

Come into Alignment

So, if we are as gods, how on earth (literally)  can we be our godly selves, when we seem so flawed and limited, when we seem so addicted to pain and struggle, when sometimes we feel as if we are drowning?  It is certainly not about an endless clearing and destruction of certain personality traits and behavioral aspects of ourselves, as if we are unworthy sinners or imperfect at best.

Quite the contrary, as we have been taught by sages of all backgrounds, throughout centuries, we must encourage ourselves and each other to love and accept ourselves exactly as we are, to surrender to the Divine within us, which means to come into alignment with that Divinity, which is both our Greatness and our Invincibility.

Matter of Identification

So, our true transformation is quite simply a matter of identification, because both our divine and human selves exist simultaneously right now.  We are Souls in physical bodies leading human lives here on earth, attempting to uncover our spiritual selves, either when our lives fall apart or when we discover a great big gaping hole of zero fulfillment after having accomplished all our material goals.

If and when we encounter our own Divinity, or at least begin to more than intellectually know that we are Souls, replicas of a higher Consciousness or holograms of the Universe, and that it is a matter of where we put our focus and a matter of perspective, it gets so much easier.  If we were to see ourselves as being Souls or powerful spiritual beings in human bodies, then we would not look upon ourselves as flawed and limited beings, constantly challenged and plagued by one thing after another.  And the moment we not only intellectually think that we are Souls but embody the fact from deep within us, our lives become Soul-led and we live our time on earth in total sync with the Divine.

We move towards not just believing but KNOWING from every cell within us that we are One with our Creator, and therefore, we can drop the addiction to pain and struggle.  Even when we find ourselves still in pain and still struggling, albeit only on the rare occasion, we can, not only completely embrace the moment and the human self, but also actually thank God, the Universe, our Creator for the blessing.  We can adopt this attitude of gratitude, only because we recognize the fact that we are moving closer to going Home, closer to being Who We Really Are – our Pure Divine Selves.

Meet your Invincibilty

We can, therefore, celebrate such intense and difficult events in our lives, even with our backs to the walls or our behinds scorched aflame by the hugest hottest fire.  Somewhere along the line, you will definitely meet your Invincibility, your Greatness, your Divinity and you will jump up and down for joy, as I did.  And even when I recently found myself needing to momentarily re-visit the experience of being pinned to the ground for a split second, I also understood why it was a great blessing, just as I embraced and allowed my human self to experience the gamut of emotions that were wanting to flow through me.

I allowed my human self to be exactly as she was meant to be, I did not bully her to be anything else but simply, non-judgmentally and unconditionally loved her, gave her all the space and breathing room she needed.  I was most suitably grateful and highly appreciative of the entire experience. What’s more, I was totally humbled and awed by the perfection and Divine order of it, and moved into even greater alignment with all of Existence, in obeisance with the Power and the Wisdom within and all around me.

Gods embodying Love

As soon as I wrote the above last week, more challenges cropped up and I found myself bamboozled into judging and questioning myself for a few brief moments, something I had not done for a very long time.  When it seemed as if I went from perfection and peace to disarray and despair, I was also given the support to return to my True Self.  It is, as if, every time I declare something, the Universe or even my own Soul is throwing me a curve ball, just to check how much of what I am declaring is truly embodied by me.  And to make sure that I remain grounded, true and pure.

I also now remember that it is I, myself, who had set me up, so to speak.  I had called upon the White Fire, the fire that is so hot it burns even the ash, to burn all that is within me that is not God, and I had also, of late, been continuously renewing a vow I first made in the year 2000, to be in total alignment with God, my Soul and my Divine Life Purpose.  I hardly ever do anything in half measures and total alignment is no less than total.

So, we can call ourselves Gods with a capital “G”, claim our Divine heritage and be our Invincible Selves, without fear of embodying Love so hugely that we are powerful and compassionate, meek and strong, all at once.  Don’t worry, you don’t have to go through what I went through to get there.  That was my role and the role of many others on the planet at this time, souls who are willing to go through whatever they need to go through, in order to pave the way and make it easier for others to follow and then, for them to lead the way for yet others in line.

Alignment with Divinity

Indeed, there is no other way other than alignment with our Divinity and there are many ways and modalities that can support us to get there.  Some people pray, go to churches or temples, mosques or other prayer houses.  Others meditate or go through hypnosis or other programs that reach deep inside themselves until they can arrive at their core. You may not be even remotely interested in any of this or in fact, abhor any discussion of it, but there will come a time when you will embrace this, if not here on earth, several years down the track, then, most certainly, when you are in your Soul state in another realm!

In my case, I was guided to create a methodology and a technique that powerfully and quickly takes people there.  Yet, I hasten to add that we cannot get there any faster than we are meant to and we must be humbled and bow down to a greater power orchestrating all of life – but not as sinners or unworthy souls, instead as Creations of the Creator returning Home, knowing that both are One and the same.

Journey Home

On this journey home, we can only get whatever help along the way, so that we feel supported and are given the tools to support ourselves as well, and if we are meant to, those tools will help us shift quickly and hugely.  This is a great part of the reason why I don’t really market what I do.  The ones who come to me are truly meant to shift quickly.

Many who come to me do shift quickly and are able to create the results that matter to them in no time, provided that they use the technique I share with them to increase and strengthen the alignment.  Even so, Divine Order will inevitably step in, if a delay is part of the greater plan.  And there is nothing to do but to embrace it and say, Thank you!

Eliz Gilbert - Jewels buried in us

“We are actually given a biology that allows us to transcend or go beyond our humanness and thrive!” – Helen Lee

Science of Being

The methodology is my own brand of ontological coaching (with ontologia meaning the Science of Being in Greek and New Latin) and I call the technique, The Golden Globe which takes us back to our Original Selves.  Basically, The Golden Globe starts its work by aligning you with your inner power and wisdom, through aligning your three “brains” or centers of intelligence – the head, the heart and the gut.

When these are aligned, you are instantly connected with a Higher intelligence, which is the essence of who you are.  And this Intelligence is also Love, which is way more than an emotion.  You would spontaneously go from stress and inner conflict to ease and clarity, from doomsday, woe-is-me thoughts and emotions to a vastly expanded, grounded, loving and joyful possibility-thinking and emoting.  You see, we are not just set up as limited human beings thrown into jungles without food, water and tools to survive,  we are actually given a biology that allows us to transcend or go beyond our humanness and thrive!!!!

And I was guided to create a methodology and a technique which takes us back to our Greatness, our Invincibility, our Godliness…  After all, we are as Gods, and have to get good at it!!  I am not here to prove to anyone that we have this Divinity within us.  I am not here to change your own belief systems or to impose anything on anyone either.  If this resonates with you, however, then I am here to expertly support you to be all that you already are, but perhaps need a helping hand to get there quickly.

I am here to support both individuals and groups to do so, regardless of their own beliefs and non-beliefs.  If there is enough common ground, I will know how to get you there.  And the lesser the resistance, the faster you get there, God willing.

In the fourth part of this article on True Transformation, I will write about the greatest strategy of all, which is Surrender – with a capital S, so that we can all be Gods – with a capital G!

Until then, practice identifying more and more with your Soul or your Inner Being, if you don’t believe in the existence of souls.  Practice loving and accepting your human self more and more.  And contemplate the idea of being as gods or Gods!!

Love to All,

Helen Lee



Compassion for Self

We owe it to ourselves to practice self-compassion – to absolutely take care of ourselves as we would a child given to us to look after. – Helen Lee

THIS ARTICLE IS SPECIALLY WRITTEN FOR ALL OF US, WITH LOVE AND COMPASSION, AND THE DEEPEST DESIRE FOR EVERYONE TO BE FREE, WELL AND HAPPY. It is about true transformation for the whole world, where we move from our current way of being to much higher levels, as humanity here on earth, with vastly different systems that honor everyone and provide Abundance For All, and how we need to take care of ourselves en route.

It is, therefore, like the first part of this article, about the times ahead and the incoming energies, how we need not identify with all that is happening in the world out there, as it comes crumbling down before a new world can be created. And how we can move towards being utterly relaxed and move in unison with all of Existence, completely at ease with itself.

Practice self-compassion

First and foremost, we all owe it to ourselves to practice self-compassion – to absolutely take care of ourselves as we would a child given to us to look after; and if we desire true transformation for ourselves and the world. Every time we are inclined to put others first at our own expense, catch ourselves and stop. Ask ourselves why we are not loving and honoring ourselves more. Ask ourselves which part of ourselves are we feeding that needs to do this.

We must all get centered, balanced and strong, really really strong. More and more. Or else we will be shaken left, right and center every now and then. Either we will be affected by some mishap that is happening to somebody else, or to a group of people somewhere in the world, to us personally or to the whole world.  If it’s not a plane going down somewhere, it’s people being shot in some city or other, by terrorists or someone going ballistic.  Don’t focus on all that, on all the tragedies or horrors of our world.

Focus on YOU 

Focus on YOU, on your own inner alignment which will spontaneously raise your level of being, get you to automatically step up to a higher frequency and therefore a higher intelligence.  I will go into more detail about this in part III of this article.

It’s simply about accessing that place of perpetual peace within you and expanding it. There really is a place within us, where an oasis of peace lies.  Close your eyes, breathe deeply and slowly several times and ask yourself where within me is this oasis? When you discover this sacred spot within you, return to it daily, breathe the peace that emanates from there.

Balance in yr life is so v important

We must all get centered, balanced and strong, really really strong. – Helen Lee

Your oasis will expand

When you do this daily, your oasis will expand, until one day, it takes over. Takes over your life and pervades your entire being, every aspect of who you are and all your activities – such that no matter what happens, you can access that oasis within, no matter how large or small it may be at the time. It will always be there, constant and undisturbed, observing and listening, loving and supporting.

When you breathe deeply, eyes closed or open, you will connect with it. Breathe deeply and often. Remember that peace begins within us, within our hearts and souls, our entire being.  So, grow that peace within you.

Let Soul lead

We can also consciously choose which aspect of ourselves we wish to lead our lives and us. We can either be our human self who is fear-based and thinks limitation or we can consciously shift into letting our Soul or Inner Self lead and have our Soul show up most of the time, and peacefully align with that most powerful and wisest part of ourselves. The time is now! We need to do this NOW! More and more every day.

Every time we wish to go into a panic, say hold on, and ask: “Who is panicking here? Is it really necessary to panic? Can I let my Greatness, my wiser and more powerful Inner Self take over in this moment? If I were to breathe deeply, can that breath connect me with my Soul, with the Spiritual Being that I am? With my oasis of peace?” The same applies with anger, sorrow, hurt or any other emotion that robs you of your true power, and takes you away from being the Love that you are.

Towards mastery

Practice this, without suppressing the emotions that arise.  Feel the emotions fully and let them go, without indulging in them, just to connect deeply with yourself. There are healthier ways to do so, that will build you up rather than tear you down.  Move towards gaining dominion over your internal state, towards mastery of yourself.

Take whatever time you need to do this and enjoy life at the same time.  While it is crucial and the most important work you can do now, be lighthearted about it at the same time.  Nothing is that serious, laugh at yourself – in a loving and non-judgmental way – and laugh at the situation, knowing that you are truly greater than any challenge or circumstance.

Be the invincibility that you are

The more you practice all of this, the more you will be the invincibility that you are, the eternal self whose essence is love itself.  This love is neither romantic nor sentimental, it is the creative power that put the world, our universe and multiple universes together.

Part II of this article became so expanded, that I will have to share it soon as Part III and there will probably be a Part IV as well, as there is so much to share to support all of us on our journey of true transformation and to co-create our new world together.”

– With Love For All, Helen Lee


NOW IS THE TIME FOR TRUE TRANSFORMATION. It may be very challenging for many, however, as they face all that is going on within them and in our world. All the more, we are fired up to take our coaching programs that offer deep transformation quickly and sustainably to people globally, as we ourselves confront the same issues and move beyond them.

Meanwhile, in a six-part article, we’d like to share with you some fairly substantial recommendations that can either jumpstart or support your continued journey of moving towards being your Greatest Self, on your Path of The Invincible – for that’s what you truly are, invincible and eternal because of the great Light and Invincible Love that lie within you (check out the 3 videos on our “Tools for Transformation page: http://www.leeheiss.com/tools-for-transformation/).

Let It Be

The beautiful lyrics of The Beatles’ song “Let It Be” – which are displayed on the youtube video above – are perfect for the first part of this article (which I was originally inspired to write for a Facebook community two or three months ago). I hope the following words as well as the wisdom of this song written so many years ago, bring you solace and hope, supporting you to also move forward.

We are being re-calibrated and reset big time, to say the least. As duality collapses all around us, we will increasingly witness horrendous occurrences. View it as a necessity for the old to make way for the new. It has to get bad enough, before it gets better. Like the massive renovation of God’s mansion with its many rooms. It will be messy to begin with…

Step into our new world

Do everything you can and must to NOT buy into the duality of what you see. Switch off the news, don’t read the newspapers, etc if need be. Otherwise, our emotions, thoughts and energy will only serve to keep duality in place longer than necessary.

Focus instead on the fact that we have already moved into our new world. It may not be evident as yet to most. But some of us have already stepped into it. Focus on yourself, your own recalibration and upgrade. Keep surrendering, keep ascending. That is exactly what we came here to do at this time.

Send light, if not love, or both to everyone on planet earth, if you like. But if you are hypersensitive and start getting overwhelmed by the sorrow and the pain, pause or stop altogether, and focus on yourself – on your own evolvement. The rest is being taken care of. TRUST IN THAT.

Time for true transformation

As the great enlightened mystic Osho says, we are the consciousness filling the universe. We must know what we are doing, especially now when the time is ripe for true transformation. Everything has to be torn down, beginning with our own outmoded structures and ways of doing things.

Move into Love every day and ask what would Love do now, every time you feel low or you falter, as we all do. Practice loving yourself better each day, every day. Practice relaxing – beginning with your body. Tell the part that is in pain or suffering in any way to utterly relax. Massage it with essential oils and great love.

Start with the body

Start with the body and when you can master that, move onto the mind. Instruct the mind to relax. Soothe it, tell it how much you value and love it, that you cannot do without it, that it will always have an important role to play in your life. AND tell it to relax and to be still and quiet now, even if it’s only for a moment. Then, increase the length of time, you can get your mind to be silent, gradually.

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Dance or do a walking or dynamic meditation, if that is your preferred way to move towards silence and being utterly relaxed. Any repetitive exercise that gets you into the zone, does the job too.

Be patient with yourself

Be patient with yourself, your mind and the process. Treat it with absolute love and tenderness, as you would a child placed in your care. But be gently firm with it, at the same time.

Try that first but remember to start with the body. Move a whole lot more slowly and deliberately, mindfully, as you have never moved before. Eat slowly, with awareness, as you have never done before. Breathe and focus on relaxing, no matter what.

More in the next article. Let me know how you’ve done with getting the body to relax. And when you have conquered that, then the mind. Share with all of us, if you like.

Remember, there will be an answer, let it be, let it be…

LOVE TO ALL – Helen Lee


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Our Aims Should Be Much, Much Higher

What are we so afraid of?  Not surviving?  Not fitting in?  Not doing well because we are not ahead of the race, lagging behind in the race or not even in the race?  What are we racing towards?  More badges of success that cannot give us the happiness or the health that ought to be our primary goals?  More affluence for our children who are already suffering acutely from affluenza?

Our aims should be set much, much higher!!!  We really need to aim to be the magnificent beings that we are capable of being, where our unadulterated greatness and our goodness are evident, to ourselves and others.  We absolutely need a complete makeover, not a cosmetic or a synthetic one, which our penchant for superficiality wants to veer towards.  We need to turn ourselves inside out, have our inner greatness emanating and shining out of us and translated into what we create in our personal and work lives.

As articulated in the YouTube video above,  which is one of Nike’s fabulous 2012 “Find Your Greatness” ads, “If we faced our fears, it means we are pointed in the right direction, even if the right direction is upside down.”  I have no doubt whatsoever, that our greatness will soon not only turn us right side up but we’d be heads and shoulders above others, without any kind of stilts, and we’d be wholeheartedly supporting them to raise their level of consciousness, operating and performing.

Anyone Who Has A Desire To Step Up

Anyone who has a desire to do this can do this, if they allow us to ignite their greatness and if they do the work to maintain and grow the extent of that greatness.  It causes us to make significantly better choices and decisions, to take vastly differently actions and behave differently.  We will come across as being much clearer, much more powerful, much wiser and kinder, much more confident and courageous, much more innovative, open and honest – because we would genuinely be all that and then some.

Anyone who is willing to step up and be the embodiment of their true greatness and who has the capacity to influence others is therefore a leader.  And as a leader, we will need to take responsibility to create positive change – in a way that is wise, powerful, positive and results-focused.  In a way that totally resonates with us and not only brings the best out of ourselves but also out of as many others around us as possible, be it in our personal circles or in our offices.


So, rather than having a handful of superheroes that we worship and try to emulate, the idea is to allow our own greatness to emerge and to grow this greatness by nurturing and practicing greatness daily.  The revolution therefore is to have a world filled with men and women whose greatness has taken charge – firstly of themselves and their lives and secondly, of the world around them.  

Remember, true greatness has absolute integrity.  And true greatness – because it is powerful in its purity and magnificence – has no need whatsoever to prove anything to anyone.  True greatness is already whole and perfect, and is already true success in it very self.

This then is the inner work that we must dedicate ourselves to, for it can only be an inside-out job.  And the outer practice of it can be witnessed by all in the way we conduct ourselves at home and in our organizations, on a daily basis.  And the superhero is a collective one – it is all of us acting in unison as an extensively upgraded human race, poised to revolutionize our world as we know it.

– Written by Helen Lee, Veteran Executive Coach & Life Coach



Natural Emergence of Leadership Qualities

With our own special brand of executive and life coaching, we expertly connect and align you to and with  the center of your being, wherein lies your True Greatness.

With our own special brand of executive and life coaching, we expertly connect and align you to and with the center of your being, wherein lies your True Greatness.

What I am championing is the natural emergence of leadership qualities in everyone, including all executives working in all organizations, large or small.  There is a leader in each one of us, with traits of greatness such as courage, clarity, compassion, creativity, charisma, integrity, passion and resilience, not necessarily in this order.  

When human greatness is ignited and regularly fanned and fueled, it will spontaneously grow in an organic way to reach its optimal levels.  Hence, it would emerge, take charge and accomplish wondrous things:

1. Not because we have something to prove.  And not because we are coming from a lack of self worthiness that causes us to look externally for validation and joy.

2. Not because we are morally obliged and duty-bound to do so, or because we are forced to do so in any way.  Instead, we would do so in a way that is totally natural and wholehearted.

3. And because we have a burning desire to make a difference, both for ourselves in our own lives and for the community, even all of humanity and the whole world.

True Greatness Needed In Organizations

This greatness that emerges from deep within us is then the True Greatness that I speak of and that is desperately needed in all organizations, profit and non-profit – and in all segments of our society and our world.  We need it.  We all need to see our greatness emerge and flourish.  We need to see it overflow from us and spill into all areas of not just our lives but of Life on earth.  We need to see it in our leaders.  Perhaps, we need a whole new set of leaders, in our homes, our schools and institutions, in every tiny nook and corner of every group, be it a corporation, association or movement.

This means we would use completely different yardsticks to measure success and brand new ways of operating to arrive at success in the first place.  What is evident to all or most of us is that:

1. There is very little freedom for people to be who they really are and express their true selves at work (or even in life, as a whole).  This ranges from C-suite executives to junior staff.  Even Chairmen and Presidents are not exempted.

2. At best, people are doing jobs they like but not necessarily what they love and that they would not change for anything in the world.

3. Stress levels are high for many people, to do what they have to do, to either keep their jobs or to move ahead.  Very often, they are not recognized or appreciated, and they do not feel motivated, let alone inspired.  There is a constant top-down pressure to perform and to meet what are often ridiculous targets, objectives and deadlines.  Again, even CEOs and other executives at the very top are sometimes obligated to accept impossible targets to meet and then proceed to push subordinates to do so.

In Part III of this blog series on True Greatness in All Leaders & Organizations, we will touch on our aims as human beings needing to be much higher than they are right now in order to elevate ourselves beyond our fears and evolve into the magnificent beings that we are meant to be.  We will also talk about the revolution being the mass transformation of people inhabiting our planet, such that it becomes filled with men and women whose greatness is taking charge and leading our world into enlightened times.

– Written by Helen Lee, Veteran Executive Coach & Life Coach




TRUE GREATNESS LIES WITHIN US and all we need to do is allow it to emerge, to live outside the figurative jar and realize the limiting sky is not the jar and we are much more than we think we are! Pix courtesy https://www.facebook.com/SoulGuidanceEachOneReachOneTeachOne

TRUE GREATNESS LIES WITHIN US and all we need to do is allow it to emerge, to live outside the figurative jar and realize the limiting sky is not the jar and we are much more than we think we are! Image courtesy www.facebook.com/SoulGuidanceEachOneReachOneTeachOne


But what is true greatness?  Do we have to do wildly extraordinary things and be amazing, out-of-this-world superheroes?  The answer is an emphatic “No”!  And yet, because greatness does really lie in each and everyone of us, it is a simple matter of drawing it out of us and PRACTICING GREATNESS on a daily basis.

Drawing it out of others is easy for me, only because I discovered how to do it some 20 years ago, took it to a whole new level in the year 2000 and have practiced and honed it for myself and as a professional executive coach and life coach, sharing my coaching tools and strategies with thousands of clients from all over the world in the last 12 years or more.

For everyone and everything, more often than not, practice does, indeed, make perfect.  And with greatness, it is the same.  Once I have drawn it out of people – both our executive coaching and life coaching clients tell us that the results are amazingly quick, significant and visible – the onus then lies on them to practice greatness.

Greatness of Spirit & Character

This holds true even if you don’t believe that greatness exists within you, as long as you actually do the work.  And before we discuss what the work is, let’s properly define what true greatness is.  

To me – and I have studied and worked on the subject of human greatness for the last 20 years or more – true greatness is quite simply the highest potential that exists within human beings.  I am referring to a greatness of spirit and character rather than great deeds because the latter is secondary.  

Also, when I speak of character, I am not merely talking about what is moral or otherwise.  Within us all lies an enormous treasure, an intrinsic part of us that is already whole, perfect, pure, magnificent, powerful and wise beyond measure.

To me, it’s utterly insane that this treasure lies there within us and we are barely tapping on it, en masse, as an entire human race inhabiting planet earth.  If we did, our planet and our world would not be in the predicament they are in today.  Our organizations would not be run the way they have been run such that huge companies can fail and impact the world’s economy the way they have in recent times. And we would have a very different set of leaders running corporations, governments and world organizations.

Nike: Find Your Greatness[jwplayer mediaid=”1800″][jwplayer mediaid=”1800″]

Struggling & Striving

On the other hand, there are many instances when we do see and celebrate our human greatness.  But too often, the greatness is demonstrated by people who have struggled and strived to achieve goals and successes because:

1.  They are looking for approval, acceptance and acknowledgement from others.

2.  They are willing to do so at enormous expense to their own wellbeing and that of others – in their immediate circle and outside it.  Wellbeing here can include physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and financial health, and in terms of moral fibre or character.

3.  Their own self worth and happiness depend entirely or almost entirely on these successes.

Nike’s 2012 “Find Your Greatness” series are fabulous and very much coincide with my own absolute certainty that greatness lies within everyone.  In Part II of this blog article, we will talk about the natural emergence of leadership qualities and true greatness being needed in organizations.

By Helen Lee, Veteran Executive Coach & Life Coach






Nelson Mandela pix for blog

The late Nelson Mandela whose spirit lives on with us to be the shining light that he was, was indeed the epitome of true greatness.

RISING TO INCREASINGLY HIGHER LEVELS OF TRUE GREATNESS in a natural and powerful way is really needed today in our homes, in companies, organizations, communities and our entire world. Both our lives and our world need to be improved in such a way that we can relax more, have personal and professional or business relationships that have far greater integrity and kindness, have much more joy and spirit in all that we think, emote, say and do.

Life can be so much easier and filled with grace. We can be so much more awesome, both individually and collectively – without the strife and the need to prove. We need to step away from many things that the world has come to glorify or even worship. There is a need to really understand what is True Greatness, which stems from within and demonstrates real courage, tenacity, nobility of character, integrity, a love for humanity (for the collective and not just the individual), a higher intelligence or wisdom, creativity or innovation, a diligence or devotion to a cause that one is passionate about and gifted to champion, etc.

As the truly great Nelson Mandela is quoted to say at his 90th birthday dinner celebration in London in 2008, “The world remains beset by so much suffering, poverty and deprivation. It is in your hands to make of our world a better one for all, especially the poor, vulnerable and marginalised.”  We have said our goodbyes to this magnificent soul and his spirit lives on with us to be the shining light that he was.

Pressure Cooker vs Return to True Greatness

But it is not just the obviously poor, vulnerable and marginalized that we need to help.  Right now, in the so-called civilized world, we mostly all live in a pressure cooker. I came across an article posted on Facebook about a young copywriter who worked for an advertising agency. She worked for 3 days non-stop, with the help of an energy drink, fell into a coma after that and died. On the other hand, it has been reported that snow has been falling in the Middle East and North Vietnam, a phenomenal occurrence, reflecting global climatic change.

And I learnt in the last two weeks an ancient science-based breathing technique that is new to me. It seems that people breathe too much, meaning that we are moving towards hyperventilating rather than needing less breaths because we are relaxed. And I am unlearning the way people have come to breathe, and allowing my body to breathe the way it originally knows how to, as babies do. Breathing the way we do now because of stress leads to a deterioration of the body and illness. We have the possibility, in fact the capability to be totally healthy when it’s time to die. We do not need to go through diseases and pain ravaging our bodies and can instead, simply close our eyes and allow our spirits to leave the physical shells that are no longer needed.

So, basically, we need to learn to live. All of us. I have a simple vision of how I can contribute towards helping people to live greater lives by accessing their own greatness. Firstly, I am touching one person or a group of people at a time through my life coaching, executive coaching and corporate coaching and facilitating programs. And even when I create online products to reach more people, if it stops there, the contribution towards global transformation would be minute and slow, on that level. However, the leverage lies in how I impact people.

Stepping Up to Our Greatness

Some time ago, as I went through my own journey of challenges and hardship coupled with joy and success, I realized that working on my own transformation is the biggest form of contribution I could make, as I continuously stepped up to increasingly higher levels of being and greatness. Simultaneously, I realized that everyone is capable of doing the same, that greatness is an intrinsic part of who we are, that in fact it is who we REALLY are.

My job, therefore, is to ignite this greatness in all those who come to me and our organization for coaching; and to provide tools and strategies for them to allow this greatness to fully emerge and take charge of them and their lives. When that begins to happen for each person, he/she/they will spontaneously go on to contribute hugely (or to whatever extent that resonates with them) in a way that is relevant to them and that they are passionate about. Their own greatness will make a difference in their own lives and the lives of others. And collectively, these people along with others who have risen to their own greatness in other ways, perhaps also touched and taught/coached/mentored by others will contribute to the transformation of our world.