Our Methodology


To help people have the best lives and where relevant, be great leaders as well, Helen Lee, our Founder and Principal Coach created The Path of The Invincible™ to form her own special brand of ontological coaching. She explains:

To me, our methodology which takes into account the entire being/s we coach, essentially represents, a new model of human intelligence: a higher, more coherent intelligence that can be unleashed by aligning the head, heart and gut – the three networked centers of intelligence which influence each other.”

Accessing Greatness Made Easy

Our methodology allows our clients to consistently access and be the greatness that lies in every human being but often goes unutilized and never completely realized. We support them to be able to do this in a powerful yet easy and effortless way. How quickly the results are achieved depends on the individual, team or organization. It very much depends on the level of collaboration or resistance.

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