“Ontology” comes from the word, “ontologia” and means the “science of being” in Greek and New Latin. Our ontological coaching and leadership creation approach therefore engages the entire being of those we coach, individually or collectively, and facilitates deep and real transformation. We call this special methodology, The Path of The Invincible.

For 20 years, we’ve used it to assist our private and corporate clients to embark on or fast track the path that leads them to their own greatness, optimal living/working and success. We believe in the inherent invincibility or greatness that lies in everyone and we expertly draw it out of our clients, with their collaboration.

We also believe in people and families, organizations and communities, nations and the whole world flourishing and are passionately contributing towards this end, with our coaching and facilitating!

We coach everyone, from 5 to 65 (or older), corporate leaders and their teams or organizations, people from all walks of life and beliefs, worldwide. We define “leaders” as anyone who can influence others, be it a family unit or a much larger entity, even the whole world.

Check out what this means for you and both the science and philosophy behind our powerful, results-focused coaching, leadership development and facilitation: Our Methodology